Boxee Brings The SOPA Protests To Living Rooms

SOPA protests are everywhere today. The Internet is collectively up in arms about the proposed legislation. Major sites are shut down, banners are everywhere, but that’s online. Boxee is taking the fight to living rooms.

Turn on a Boxee Box today and you’ll be greeted with three large black boxes that clearly state STOP SOPA. There’s no way to miss them. Featured videos generally occupy the prime real estate on the home screen. But not today. Today they direct viewers to a Vimeo video (embedded below) explaining the downfalls of Protect-IP.

Boxee would be uniquely affected by the proposed legislation. The company is built around the idea of open video sharing. SOPA and PIPA could utterly disrupt this practice. Most of Boxee’s video sources are legitimate but many of the service’s apps would no doubt fall victim the purposed legislation’s murky wording.

Boxee’s message is mostly preaching to the choir at this point. Chances are owners of Boxee Boxes are well aware of the horrors of SOPA. But it shows the sheer depth of today’s movement. The message is everywhere: Stop SOPA.