• Blippy Returns With A Brand-New GIF Keyboard For iOS 8

    Blippy Returns With A Brand-New GIF Keyboard For iOS 8

    Ready for another GIF keyboard for iOS 8? Blippy has returned today with a new app that lets you create, save and discover new GIFs to use when messaging with your friends on your iPhone. The app serves to replace the earlier, also GIF-focused, Blippy iOS app, that was pulled from the App Store back in September. Those with long Internet memories may remember the name Blippy as being… Read More

  • Blippy Team Launches Tophatter iPhone App With Surprisingly Fun Live Auctions

    Blippy Team Launches Tophatter iPhone App With Surprisingly Fun Live Auctions

    The team behind share-your-purchase-information startup Blippy has started talking about its new direction. After pivoting from Blippy to another e-commerce project, it has pivoted again and is now working on a live auction website called Tophatter, and it launched an iPhone app today. Like Blippy, Tophatter is a social shopping product. The vision, according to CEO Ashvin Kumar and COO… Read More

  • Blippy Redux? Mine Launches A Service For Sharing Your Purchases With Friends

    Blippy Redux? Mine Launches A Service For Sharing Your Purchases With Friends

    Today, a company simply called Mine is launching its online and mobile directory of people and purchases, backed by $600,000 in funding from Michael Dearing’s Harrison Metal. Using an email importer functionality as well as manual entry, Mine allows users to selectively share their online and offline purchases with their friends on the network, and those friends can then click through on… Read More

  • Blippy's New Direction? Daily Deals For Artisanal Goods At

    Earlier this summer we wrote a post on purchase sharing site Blippy’s decline, titled “The End Of Blippy As We Know It.”  While Blippy CEO Ashvin Kumar didn’t want to reveal what the team’s next step was at the time, we’ve now got a few more details to share as to what the company’s pivot new venture will be —, a daily deals site… Read More

  • Hornik on Blippy: "Apparently I Was More Interested in Sharing Credit Card Purchases than the Average Person" (TCTV)

    Let’s be honest: One of the reasons David Hornik actually agreed to be on camera at All Things D is that he didn’t have a startup about to file to go public any second. So we talked about some of his more high profile investments that haven’t always lived up to the hype. Hornik explains why reports of Blippy’s death have been greatly exaggerated, and why he says the… Read More

  • Stipple Helps Gilt Spread Lady Gaga's Merchandise Across The Web

    If you haven’t heard, Lady Gaga is taking over the internets with marketing and branding deals to spread the word on her new album, “Born This Way.” The pop artist just launched a new deal with Zynga for Gagaville; and today Lady Gaga is debuting a partnership with flash sales giant Gilt Groupe; offering Gaga-inspired merchandise, curates sales, access to Gaga events and more. Read More

  • The End Of Blippy As We Know It

    So it turns out that almost nobody wants people to check out their purchases. And also that just adding a social element to a feature isn’t enough to make it useful. The lessons of user adoption are sometimes learned the hard way. Thus is the story of the failure of Blippy, a product that launched in private beta in December of 2009 and that we breathlessly fawned over again, and again… Read More

  • Voyurl Is Climbing In Your Browser Window, Snatching Your Surfing History Up

    It was back in July of last year that we first wrote about a service called Voyurl with the headline: It’s Hard To Tell If Voyurl Or Their Ads Are Creepier. You see, at the time, the still-in-stealth startup was targeting angel investors via Google ads get their attention to hopefully talk about their product. That’s actually pretty smart. So we had to give the edge to the… Read More

  • Sephora Smelt It, Blippy Dealt It. Fragrance Retailer Takes Shopping Social

    If you haven’t tried out Blippy since the company rather infamously launched last year as the social network for sharing credit card purchases, you should go back and give it another look. Things are quite a bit different now. And a new partnership showcases that. Blippy has partnered with Sephora to create a version of Blippy specifically tailored to the fragrance and beauty… Read More

  • Blippy Users Sharing More Than $500K In Purchases Per Day

    Users on Blippy, the controversial service which lets you share purchases and purchase prices with your friends, are sharing $500,000 in purchases per day, according a Tweet posted by co-founder Philip Kaplan. To put this in perspective, users were collectively sharing more than $1.5 million worth of purchases every week in May (or $214,000 per day). Back in December, Blippy was showing $1… Read More

  • Blippy Founder: 40% Of Shared Purchases Are iTunes, But Ping's No Threat (TCTV)

    Over the weekend Philip Kaplan, co-founder of social purchasing site Blippy tweeted out a link to Steve Jobs demoing iTunes Ping, with the added sly comment “Looks like Blippy.” Curious about what Jobs’ movement into the social sharing space means for Blippy, we brought Kaplan into the TCTV studio and grilled him on what exactly Jobs did or did not copy, how often iTunes… Read More

  • Ben & Jerry's Samples The Double Rainbow. Blippy Calls "FIRST!"

    Earlier this month, we pointed out that social shopping site Blippy had pretty much the best 404 page ever. It was a double rainbow all the way. Tonight, Blippy co-founder Philip Kaplan felt like he had some deja vu. Check out Ben & Jerry’s homepage. Now, do we really think a giant national ice cream chain is copying a small startup’s 404 page? I don’t know. But between… Read More

  • Blippy Has Pretty Much The Best 404 Page Ever. What Does It Mean?

    Blippy Has Pretty Much The Best 404 Page Ever. What Does It Mean?

    Creating 404 pages (the error page you get when a page on a site cannot be located) has become something of an artform. Startups can earn major bonus points in the geek community for having a humorous one. And Blippy has just tapped a perfect meme for their’s. As you can see here, Blippy’s 404 page features a glorious rainbow. And while it’s not exactly a double rainbow, the… Read More

  • It's Hard To Tell If Voyurl Or Their Ads Are Creepier

    A few weeks ago, we were alerted to a new site currently in stealth mode called Voyurl. As the name implies, the idea behind it is to make it so you can see what other people are looking at on the web (and to make your clickstream seen). It sounds creepy as hell. It’s like Blippy but with more potential porn. I love it. But when I tried to sign up for the service, they sent me a note… Read More

  • WeShop Blends Q&A With Purchase Data To Socialize Shopping History

    WeShop is hoping to shake up the online shopping space with its platform that allows consumers to share purchase information on a free and anonymous basis. In private beta, WeShop allows consumers to pool their purchasing information which is available to other WeShop members. WeShop then analyzes and sells this data for vendors. Here’s the catch-consumers have to give WeShop access to… Read More

  • Oh, So That's What Blippy Does (Video)

    When Blippy was looking for a little help creating an overview video for their service, I recommended that they take a look at Mountain View based Transvideo Studios. I know executive producer Rico Andrade there fairly well and have seen some of the work they’ve done for Gmail (another),, Facebook, (very dramatic) and others. It’s high quality stuff, and can be… Read More

  • A "Blippy For Voicemail," Audioo Is A Fun Privacy Disaster Waiting To Happen

    Audioo bills itself as the “Blippy for Voicemail”. As you’re probably aware, Blippy lets users share information that’s considered to be really private by most people (credit card transactions) with others – and sometimes, much more than just transactions. Audioo basically lets you do the same thing, but with voice mails. Read More

  • Blippy Swipes Back At Swipely With API Announcement

    Today, a new service named Swipely launched with $8.5 million in funding to make everyday purchases more social. This, of course, is a direct competitor to Blippy, the controversial service which lets you share purchases (and purchase prices). This afternoon, Blippy is swiping back at Swipely with the launch of its API. Co-founder Philip Kaplan has just announced the feature today at the… Read More

  • You Could See Swipely's $7.5 Million Round On Blippy, But You Won't On Swipely

    While it’s easy to rag on Blippy for their controversial model (making credit card transactions social), and their security slip-ups (making credit card numbers social), it’s hard to deny that there is something compelling behind the idea. If there weren’t, no one would use the service. Enter Swipely, a service that also aims to make your purchases more social. But rather… Read More

  • Offermatic Is The Freak Love Child Of Mint, Groupon And Blippy

    The best way to describe Offermatic is this – imagine if Mint, Blippy and Groupon went off to Vegas for the weekend, got wasted and ended up in bed together. Nine months later, out pops Offermatic. Like Mint, Offermatic is a front end user interface to Yodlee’s robust financial network. And the service digs through your credit card transactions just like Blippy does (although… Read More