Stipple Helps Gilt Spread Lady Gaga's Merchandise Across The Web

If you haven’t heard, Lady Gaga is taking over the internets with marketing and branding deals to spread the word on her new album, “Born This Way.” The pop artist just launched a new deal with Zynga for Gagaville; and today Lady Gaga is debuting a partnership with flash sales giant Gilt Groupe; offering Gaga-inspired merchandise, curates sales, access to Gaga events and more. And to help spread these deals across the web, Gilt has enlisted Stipple, a technology that allows you to tag people in images no matter where they reside on the web.

In simple terms, Stipple allows publishers to tag a person in a photo on the web, enter contextual information such as a Twitter name or Facebook name and then anyone can see their most recent social updates as overlays on that picture. But Stipple also partners with e-commerce sites to provide a way for each photo to show exactly what piece of clothing the person in the photo is wearing — to show you who makes it, how much it costs, and where to buy it. And it allows you to “Want” it (save it to look at later) or “Shop” for it via two overlay buttons right on the picture itself.

So, now when you click on Lady Gaga photos on publisher sites like TMZ and Hollywood Reporter, Stipple’s technology will enable you roll over the Stippled dots on Gaga’s images and be directed to Gilt sales links. You’ll also be able to add specific Gaga outfits and accessories to your Stipple Want list.

As we’ve reported in the past, mousing over the Stipple dot is basically an ad impression. In terms of impressions, it’s happening 12.48 percent of the time on Stipple-tagged images. And 1.9 percent are clicking the Shop button. Those are high click-though rates, and is definitely alluring for any retailers who wants to advertise their products.

The Lady Gaga partnership is a great example of how Stipple’s technology can be used by retailers to help increase conversion rates, sales and interactions with a publisher’s content.