Blippy Users Sharing More Than $500K In Purchases Per Day

Users on Blippy, the controversial service which lets you share purchases and purchase prices with your friends, are sharing $500,000 in purchases per day, according a Tweet posted by co-founder Philip Kaplan.

To put this in perspective, users were collectively sharing more than $1.5 million worth of purchases every week in May (or $214,000 per day). Back in December, Blippy was showing $1 million in purchases total, so the service is definitely growing. Kaplan also says that users are posting more than 1,000 reviews on the site per day.

While some think Apple’s Ping is a threat to Blippy, Kaplan doesn’t seem to think Ping is a direct competitor. While 40 percent of total purchases shared on Blippy are iTunes purchases, Kaplan says iTunes is only one of 250,000 stores on Blippy.

Blippy has raised $13 million in funding, and is valued at nearly $50 million. And if you are confused about what Blippy actually does, here’s a helpful video that explains the service.