Ben & Jerry's Samples The Double Rainbow. Blippy Calls "FIRST!"

Earlier this month, we pointed out that social shopping site Blippy had pretty much the best 404 page ever. It was a double rainbow all the way. Tonight, Blippy co-founder Philip Kaplan felt like he had some deja vu. Check out Ben & Jerry’s homepage.

Now, do we really think a giant national ice cream chain is copying a small startup’s 404 page? I don’t know. But between the grass, the sky, and, well, the rainbows, they are pretty similar.

But there is one key difference. “The reason the colors on our rainbow are reversed is because it is technically accurate. Ben & Jerry’s version is not technically accurate,” Kaplan notes. Okay then.

More importantly, hasn’t this double rainbow meme passed already? It’s been like three weeks (and almost 12 million views on YouTube).