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Black founders still care for Silicon Valley Bank

Silicon Valley Bank was in Austin at AfroTech this week, sponsoring and hosting parties in an effort to rebuild trust among Black founders.

Nex Cubed partners with HBCUvc to launch scout program

HBCUvc said it hopes the partnership leads to more opportunities for HBCU students and alumni to tap into tech.

Black founders received 0.13% of capital this Q3

Funding to Black founders is only getting worse after the promises made in 2020.

The fight for venture equality heads to court

Equity won't come just via a gesture of goodwill; it now must be ratified in the courts.

Here’s what the Fearless Fund lawsuit could mean for venture

The American Alliance for Equal Rights winning could result in more litigation overall against businesses, universities and government agency programs.

Commentary: The old guard in venture reigns supreme

Black founders have never raised more than 2% of capital in any given quarter.

Fund of funds could be the perfect vehicle for backing diverse, emerging fund managers

As the role of the fund-of-funds model changes, this new version could prove to be the perfect vehicle to help diverse and emerging fund managers.

What’s going on with Greenwood and The Gathering Spot?

The turn of events hasn’t been received well by Black professionals who were part of the TGS community.

What’s it like being a Black founder in France?

Partly due to a historical "color-blind" policymaking regime, the French startup ecosystem for Black founders is shrouded in mystery.

There’s a growing desire in the UK for more Black specialty venture funds

There is an increasing number of funds saying they are dedicated toward backing diverse founders.

SoftBank launches new fund to raise and invest $150 million in Black and Latino-led startups

The new fund hopes to deploy the $150 million within three years, and has appointed Paul Judge as its managing partner.

Without Black representation in climate tech, ‘the planet will burn’

The lack of funding and dearth of DEI data suggests that the venture community writ large is overlooking a vast amount of untapped potential.

At 0.69% in Q1, the dip in funding for Black founders ‘no longer evokes an emotional response’

The data set shows that in Q1 2023, Black founders raised an estimated $312 million out of the around $45 billion Crunchbase totaled for the quarter.

VC Office Hours: 5 questions with investor Lauren Maillian

Maillian talks about power in the industry, the changing landscape for Black women and Latinas, and what her next act will be.

For Black founders and investors, ringing Nasdaq’s opening bell symbolizes progress

“We’ve come a long way, but we still have a long way to go," one investor told TechCrunch about the event.

Nex Cubed launched $40 million fund targeting Black colleges and universities

The fund seeks to foster and invest in startups where at least one founder is an HBCU student, alumni, or faculty member.

VC funding to Black web3 founders popped last year, bucking trends

Funding for Black web3 founders has only increased, and the crypto winter proved the most fruitful year.

Spatial Labs, a web3 infrastructure and hardware company, closes $10M seed round

“We’re going to be responsible for catalyzing a completely new generation to be more conscious of their environment; more conscious of how they spend and how they buy," Sandu said.

Funding for Black founders remains dismal — where do we go from here?

Where do we go from here? Is the next step looking at alternative funding, or is it staying on the battleground, always ready to fight?

Black founders still raised just 1% of all VC funds in 2022

In total, U.S. Black founders raised an estimated $2.254 billion out of the $215 billion in U.S. venture capital allocated last year in 2022.
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