• Bioshock Creator: New Consoles Would Be "Bad For Everybody"

    Ken Levine is best known for having created Bioshock, one of the more cinematic and high-production-value franchises out there. So it seems a little strange at first to hear him saying that a new generation of more powerful consoles would be such a problem. But when he actually explains it, things start making sense. Read More

  • Trailer: BioShock Infinite

    Bioshock Infinite: It’s like BioShock in the clouds but it’s not. Want more info? Click over to Techland where our old buddy Peter Ha has an interview with the creator. Read More

  • BioShock movie to be rated "hard R," provided it gets made in the first place

    Unlike io9, I have zero interest in seeing a BioShock movie, primarily because I already played the game—that’s good enough for me. I probably shouldn’t even be concerned given how much trouble the film’s producers are having. They want the film to be a “hard R,” which would necessarily limit its exposure. You can’t get a Happy Meal or action figure… Read More

  • And now begins the BioShock MMO rumors

    Any of y’all beat BioShock 2? Me neither. Played it for, eh, 20 minutes, then moved onto Napoleon: Total War. Don’t worry, though: the game is on my “to do” list. Also on my “to-do” list: whinge about an MMO based on BioShock. Read More

  • On Amazon: Buy BioShock 2, get BioShock 1 for free

    Pretty neat deal on Amazon today. When you buy BioShock 2 (for Xbox 360), and add BioShock 1 to your shopping cart, you end up getting the latter for free. Or, in English, buy BioShock 2, get BioShock 1 for free! $60 for two pretty good games isn’t a bad deal at all. I don’t see the deal mentioned on the site anywhere, so you’ll have to add both to your cart to see the savings. Read More

  • And here's a video of a guy carving BioShock's Big Daddy out of wood with a chainsaw

    Take a trip to the American Mid-West and chances are you’ll run across some sort of convention with a grizzly man carving random animals outside the main entrance with a chainsaw. There will likely be teenage boys onlooking, too. I can’t tell you why this man has dedicated his life to the chainsaw arts, but he’ll likely carve anything you’ll like as long as it’s… Read More

  • Wherein tenuous links are made between BioShock and two new Ayn Rand biographies

    Working under the assumption that many of you have played BioShock, I point you in the direction of this week’s issue of The New Yorker, which has a quick review of two Ayn Rand biographies that may interest you. It’s pretty funny because while the game’s story, which is unreservedly great, is in part inspired by the Rand novel “Atlas Shrugged,” the New Yorker… Read More

  • The rest of you can stop making Big Daddy costumes now

    Because this guy’s sewed it up pretty tight. Working drill, platform diving shoes, nuts, bolts, and everything. To the creator of the costume: that’s pretty savage, man. I guess you do this stuff for a living, but still, this sucker is something we can all be proud of, professional or not. Read More

  • BioShock movie drops Pirates of the Caribbean director

    Any hope you had of the BioShock movie not being a total piece of garbage can now safely be thrown out the window, onto a pile of pointy things that hurt a lot. The movie has a new director in the form of Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, of 28 Weeks Later fame. He replaces Gore Verbinski, the guy who directed the fun-for-the-first-time Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Read More

  • BioShock 2 won't be launching in Q1 of 2010 [Update]

    Joytiq is reporting out of GamesCom that 2K will not be releasing BioShock 2 in Q1 of 2010. According to an unnamed 2K rep, a new trailer for the hottest game of 2010 will be shown at PAX East, which runs the last week of March. That makes me sad. Oh well. Update: Bloops. Update: Call it a failure in translation. The representative meant PAX in Seattle and not PAX East in Boston. The… Read More

  • With silly putty and sparkles, you can make a BioShock belt buckle

    Well look at that, a BioShock belt buckle. And, if you’re handy with all sorts of machinery I’ve never heard of (read: TechShop), you can make your own. Read More

  • For now: Budget concerns stop production of BioShock movie

    Bad news, BioShock fans. It looks like Universal Studios has temporarily stopped production of the upcoming Verbinski-directed movie because of budget concerns. Apparently Universal, consulting with its money men, need Verbinski to create the film on a much smaller budget, preferably by taking advantage of tax breaks that can be found outside the U.S. (London is a possible destination.) Are… Read More

  • Director of Pirates of the Caribbean movies will direct BioShock movie

    The director of those not-too-badPirates of the Caribbean movies has told Disney, the films’ bankroller, that he’s done; he won’t be directing the fourth movie in the series, which is scheduled for release next year. What’s his next project then? A movie based on BioShock. Let’s cross our fingers! Read More

  • Crazy Bioshock commercial from Japan

    Babies controlling our fragile world! Scary babies! Fear! Actually, this Japanese commercial for Bioshock (click through to view it) is quite compelling. Sadly, we all know what the game is about by now so it kind of spoils the fun but I guess if you’re Japanese and don’t read the popular gaming press you’d be excited to believe that the game is something akin to Japanese… Read More

  • November 20: BioShock DLC for PS3

    Hey there, BioShock-playing PS3 gamers. Take-Two has announced the DLC options for the game, which they call “Add-On Game Content,” no doubt just to be different from those jerks over at Xbox 360. (I kid, of course.) Starting November 20 you can download the pack for $9.99, which consists of three Challenge Room environments, whatever those are. Note that the game came out for the… Read More

  • Bioshock 2 trailer

    Does this trailer do anything for you? And what’s up with the butterfly? (I haven’t finished the first one, so if it has anything to do with the first one then I wouldn’t know.) Read More

  • Welcome to Rapture, PS3 fans: BioShock is now available

    [ In case you needed extra incentive or reason to pick it up for your PS3, PlayStation: The Official Magazine and GamePro Magazine both gave it a perfect score. Anyone purchasing it? Read More

  • BioShock demo to PS3 on October 2nd

    In case you hadn’t heard, BioShock is coming to PlayStation 3 in October. In case you also hadn’t heard, don’t play the game alone at night! It’s scary! Seriously. If you can’t wait for the October 21st release, the demo will hit the PlayStation Network on October 2nd. Download it and play it during the daytime with all the lights on. Read More

  • PS3 owners will have to wait out 10-minute Bioshock install

    [ Yikes. Eurogamer is reporting that PS3 owners must sit through a 4.98GB install that will take approximately 10 minutes to load up, but you’re used to that sort of thing, right? Before entering Rapture you’ll have to listen to eerie music and be subjected to Rapture ads. Joy! Read More

  • PS3 owners enter Rapture October 21

    That’s right, folks. 2K just announced that you, PS3 owners, will get Bioshock on the 21st of October. Headlining the list of new features is the inclusion of the Survivor difficulty mode, Trophy support and the addition of all-new Add-On Game Content. Created exclusively for the PLAYSTATION 3 system version of BioShock, the Challenge Rooms will test the mettle of new and seasoned gamers… Read More

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