And here's a video of a guy carving BioShock's Big Daddy out of wood with a chainsaw

Take a trip to the American Mid-West and chances are you’ll run across some sort of convention with a grizzly man carving random animals outside the main entrance with a chainsaw. There will likely be teenage boys onlooking, too. I can’t tell you why this man has dedicated his life to the chainsaw arts, but he’ll likely carve anything you’ll like as long as it’s a perched bald eagle or black bear.

Then there’s the guy in the video above. He must be some sort of rare hybrid woodsmen and gamer who fell in love with Big Daddy from BioShock. There likely isn’t many like him so he should be treasured and encouraged to carve more iconic video game characters. Let me suggest that his next chainsaw carving be of Gordan Freeman smashing a headcrab with his crowbar.