With silly putty and sparkles, you can make a BioShock belt buckle


Well look at that, a BioShock belt buckle. And, if you’re handy with all sorts of machinery I’ve never heard of (read: TechShop), you can make your own.

The computer work isn’t so difficult: a little bit of PhotoShop, a little bit of Solidworks (which reminds me of my high school AutoDesk Inventor class). But then you need access to a CNC machine, which I couldn’t identify if my life depended on it… maybe Matt could?

Fear not, though, because if this belt buckle steams your clams, then the creator will be selling them on demand for a bit.

Imagine walking into, I don’t know, Local Discotheque, and people freak out. “Whoa, is that BioShock?”

And… scene.