The rest of you can stop making Big Daddy costumes now

bdadBecause this guy’s sewed it up pretty tight. Working drill, platform diving shoes, nuts, bolts, and everything. To the creator of the costume: that’s pretty savage, man. I guess you do this stuff for a living, but still, this sucker is something we can all be proud of, professional or not.

If you’re curious (or jealous), take a look at the detailed step-by-step he’s posted. I have a feeling a lot of previous costumes sacrificed detail and accuracy in the name of lightness and maneuverability, but Harrison won’t have any of that.

Those little sisters look a little older than the ones in the game. I guess it’s not a suitable project for your real little sister to take part in.

High res photo over at Scene Missing Magazine’s Flickr stream, where there are a ton of great… wow, that’s a hot Max.

[via Reddit]