Take-Two (finally) makes EA do a re-do

EA has been after Take-Two since late last year. The process went public in February with Take Two letting EA’s offer expire five times. Now, EA has finally given up on its attempts to acquire Take

Video: Bioshock trailer for PS3 Bioshock is arguably one of the best FPS games and it’s also one of the scariest f’in things to play too. I started playing Bioshock again last night an

2K talks about PS3's Bioshock survivor mode

Attention PS3 owners- Those of you waiting for the month of October to roll around so you can get your hands on Bioshock are in luck, sort of. The 2K Marin crew have detailed a new mode that’s e

E3 2008: Bioshock teaser trailer for PS3 [Update] This one i

Live: 2K briefing

Bioshock This isn’t a press conference, but I’m hearing about a whole new slew of games from 2K . I missed the beginning of the Bioshock demo, but it looks like there will be DLC very soon

BioShock’s lead programmer talks about the failures behind making the hit game

At this year’s Paris GDC Chris Kline, the lead programmer at 2K who worked on BioShock, talks about how the game should have failed. As we all know the game didn’t fail, but Chris goes on to expla

2K removes BioShock install limit (but SecureROM still present)

2K Games has removed an annoying piece of its DRM restrictions in the PC version of BioShock, a game I refuse to play because of its violent content. While SecureROM and all that other DRM goodness re

Source: BioShock coming to iPhone

I’ve been saying for awhile now that the iPhone and iPod touch are going to make a fantastic gaming platform after WWDC next month. The motion tracking and multitouch are just perfect for casual

First screen shots of BioShock for PS3

Oh, hey, look at that, it’s BioShock for the PS3. Looks exactly like BioShock for the 360. FAIL. via Joystiq

2K officially announces BioShock for PS3

Now it’s official, folks. PS3 fanboys will have to wait until October, though. Full release after the break.

Further details on BioShock's PS3 debut revealed

Not the actual cover art I still play BioShock during the day with all the lights on. It’s a freaky game that continues to make my heart beat like mad. As a 360 owner I can brag to my friends wh

BioShock for PS3 confirmed

There aren’t exactly any details at the moment to back up this claim, but the UK’s Playstation magazine, PSM3, is promising an in-depth preview along with screenshots according to CVG. No

Hell yes: Gore Verbinski to direct Bioshock movie

Basically, I’m just glad that Uwe Boll didn’t get it. The director of Pirates of the Caribbean, among other films, has been signed on to direct the Bioshock movie, and will be working with

CrunchArcade: Bioshock coming to PS3?

Several pieces of evidence point to an eventual port of Irrational’s magnum opus to the Playstation 3. Most compelling is the bit of code in the PC port listing PS3 settings. It’s expected


Ok, maybe I’m not that excited but Take-Two/Rockstar is planning to release Bioshock 2 and another “major” sequel in 2009. Folks are postulating it will be Max Payne, which I kind of

BioShock 2 confirmed for Q4 2009

Take-Two announced today that 2k Marin is slated to release the sequel to BioShock, which has sold 2 million copies since August, in time for the holidays in 2009. That is all. Press Release

Ben Heck turns Xbox 360 into laptop, again

Ben Heck can mod like a mofo, but is he a one trick pony? Don’t get me wrong. I was thoroughly impressed by his modded Xbox 360 laptop last year, but transforming an Elite into a laptop, again,

Big Daddy suit for sale on eBay

The Big Daddy suit has now come full circle. From an odd Halloween costume to a VGA-feted wonder-thing, it has been through a lot and now it’s for sale on eBay. Bidding starts at $999 but expect

Spike Awards special guest: Big Daddy

My buddy Nathan Sharratt, the guy who made the Big Daddy/Little Sister costume with his girlfriend last Halloween just showed up on Spike TV last night, helping accept BioShock’s Best Game award

An interview with Big Daddy I actually know this guy. We used to work together. I never realized he was such a good crazed-undersea welder/Lit
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