BioShock movie to be rated "hard R," provided it gets made in the first place

Unlike io9, I have zero interest in seeing a BioShock movie, primarily because I already played the game—that’s good enough for me. I probably shouldn’t even be concerned given how much trouble the film’s producers are having. They want the film to be a “hard R,” which would necessarily limit its exposure. You can’t get a Happy Meal or action figure deal with an R rated movie.

The other problem with an R rated movie: money. If you can’t sell the movie to kids, then you can’t count on all of those kid-dollars. That trickles down to a smaller movie budget.

But—problem! How do you create a film on the cheap where the star is Rapture, the great underwater city? You’re either looking at terrible CGI or a series of cardboard cutouts with painted macaroni on there.

Let’s save everyone a great deal of stress and simply say, “Nice idea, but let’s just let the game(s) stand on its own.”