BeReal gets more social with ‘friends of friends’ feature

BeReal is trying to be real. And if we’re being real, what’s the point of that Discovery feed, anyway? The once-a-day, spontaneous photo-sharing app BeReal differentiates itself from other

TikTok kills BeReal clone TikTok Now after less than a year

TikTok is discontinuing TikTok Now, an in-app feature and standalone app that mimics BeReal. BeReal invites users to take a front and back camera photo at a random time every day, designed to capture

BeReal is adding a messaging feature called RealChat

BeReal is working on a chat feature, which will begin with a test among users in Ireland. At launch, users will be able to message one on one with friends, send them a private BeReal (no time limit, j

Bonus BeReal comes to UK, lets users post more than once a day

BeReal is piloting its new Bonus BeReal feature in the U.K. Expected to roll out soon in other countries, this allows users to post more than once per day — you get two Bonus BeReal posts if you

Your BeReal posts can now include what you’re listening to on Spotify

Spotify is launching a new integration with BeReal that lets users include in their BeReal post what they’re listening to on Spotify. BeReal encourages users to take a photo everyday at a random

Meta is internally testing a BeReal-like ‘Roll Call’ feature in Messenger

Meta is internally testing a BeReal-like “Roll Call” feature in Messenger, the company confirmed to TechCrunch on Wednesday. The feature, which was first spotted by social media consultant

This Week in Apps: Twitter alternative winners and losers, BeReal declines, iOS web apps to get notifications

This week's theme seems to be a decline in growth for some much-buzzed-about apps, including a group of Twitter alternatives, AI photo apps and even the BeReal. Let's dive in.

This Week in Apps: Kanye to buy Parler, TikTok’s adult-only streams, BeReal’s B round

Welcome back to This Week in Apps, the weekly TechCrunch series that recaps the latest in mobile OS news, mobile applications and the overall app economy. Global app spending reached $65 billion in th

Sources: BeReal raised $60M in its Series B earlier this year, now has 20M DAUs

BeReal, the photo-sharing app, has been a huge hit with Gen Z and beyond. Now with other big social apps rushing to clone some of its no-frills ethos, it’s put together a war chest to work on it

Wow, Booritos are on Booreal now

Private social networking app BeReal isn’t known for brand advertising, but early BeReal adopter Chipotle is looking to change that. The brand is celebrating its return of the Boorito, Chipotle&

BeReal tops 53M installs, but only 9% open the app daily, estimates claim

Gen Z social media app BeReal encourages its users to take a photo every day — a format designed to create a daily habit. But only a small number of the app’s users are currently doing so,

BeReal gets its own Saturday Night Live skit

At this point in the BeReal hype cycle, you might’ve seen some wild things in your friends’ once-per-day snaps (personally, I’ve seen a couple of “sitting on the toilet”

BeReal experiences a multihour outage, refuses to explain

Gen Z’s favorite social app BeReal experienced a lengthy outage today, which the company only acknowledged with a brief — and fairly vague —  tweet, stating: “yup, we’re

TikTok’s BeReal clone is now available as standalone app outside the US

TikTok over the weekend launched its BeReal clone, TikTok Now, as a standalone mobile app across global markets outside the U.S., largely on iOS. The app offers a similar feature set to the TikTok Now

BeReal reportedly considers paid features in lieu of advertisements

The viral photo-sharing app BeReal has accomplished something incredible, quickly racking up 15 million users in a super saturated social market. It’s so popular that Instagram, TikTok and Snapc

TikTok just launched a BeReal clone called TikTok Now

TikTok launched a new feature today that is basically just a copy of BeReal, the buzzy French social app that’s been steadily gaining popularity. BeReal invites users to take a front and back ca

Snapchat’s Dual Camera feature isn’t quite a BeReal copycat

Snapchat is bringing its “Dual Camera” feature front and center on the app’s main camera toolbar. Starting today, the feature will be available for iOS users on iPhone XS/XR or above

Instagram’s latest feature test is about being BeReal

The unwritten rule of the internet is that “if there’s a new social media feature, Instagram will copy it.” In the latest example, the Meta-owned social network is testing a BeReal c

FWD: fwd: From the CEO: BeCareful while you BeReal!

TO: FROM: Dear colleagues, I wanted to reach out to you today to talk about the BeReal app (yes, I know what that is — I have teenage ki

Instagram’s Dual camera feature copies BeReal, but misses the point

We know the drill: Snapchat adds the Stories feature, Instagram nabs it. TikTok gets too popular, Instagram pivots to short-form video. Now, here’s another one for the list. This week, Instagram
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