Facebook’s tracking of non-users ruled illegal again

Another blow for Facebook in Europe: Judges in Belgium have once again ruled the company broke privacy laws by deploying technology such as cookies and social plug-ins to track internet users across

Facebook Faces Fines Of $268K Per Day For Tracking Non-Users In Belgium

Facebook is facing fines of €250,000 per day unless it alters the operation of tracking cookies in Belgium after a data protection court ruling. Facebook has said it will be appealing.

Facebook Faces Privacy Lawsuit From Belgian Watchdog

Facebook is being taken to court in Belgium by the national data protection watchdog over the tracking of non-users via social plugins. Last month the Belgian data protection authority (DPA) issued a

Internet Privacy Is The Wrong Conversation

On April 2, the Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook is in hot water with government regulators in six European countries over its practice of tracking users’ movements across the web to sell

Tidal, The Hi-Fi Music Service Jay-Z Is Buying, Expands To 22 More Markets, Reports Only 12K Users

Where Neil Young’s Pono may have flopped with critics, another hi-fidelity music service soon to be owned by a music superstar is hoping to fly. Tidal, a new hi-fi streaming service from Norwa

Retail Software Startup LightSpeed Now Caters For Restaurants After Buying Belgian Startup POSIOS

LightSpeed, a Montreal-based startup that provides point-of-sale software for retailers, is expanding into the restaurant and hospitality industry. The company, which last month bagged a $35 milli

Apple’s Warranty Practices Under Fire In Europe Again As Belgian Watchdog Agency Files Complaint

Apple's warranty plans have drawn the ire of a Belgian consumer watchdog agency, Test-Aankoop/Test-Achats. The group has filed a complaint against the company over how AppleCare is sold and marketed t