Goodbye BlackBerry Messenger

Just over a month ago, Emtek announced the end of BlackBerry Messenger for consumers. The once-mighty messaging service had a good run, outstripping the popularity of its hardware namesake. Launched i

The consumer version of BBM is shutting down on May 31

It might be time to move on from BBM. The consumer version of the BlackBerry Messenger will shut down on May 31. Emtek, the Indonesia-based company that partnered with BlackBerry in 2016, just announc

Uber ride-hailing comes to BBM — because some people in the world still use BBM

It’s been some time since Uber made its full service available inside messaging apps — most notably Facebook Messenger — but now it is rolling out to another one, BBM, with an eye on

BlackBerry Pushing BBM Onto Android Wearables

BlackBerry is continuing to expand the reach of its erstwhile walled garden messaging app, BBM. The latest platform it's targeting is Google's wearable focused flavor of Android, Android Wear -- demoi

BlackBerry Launches BBM Protected For Confidential Instant Messaging

BlackBerry today began the rollout of its first eBBM suite product, which tailors its BBM instant messaging service to enterprise users. Today marks the debut of BBM Protected, FIPS 140-2 cryptographi

BBM Gets Stickers, Larger File Attachments And Group Photo Sharing

BlackBerry’s dedicated messaging app is growing at a decent clip, and now has a larger active audience than Tango did when it raised its recent $280 million funding round, with 85 million users

BBM Now At 85M Monthly Active Users, 113M Registered Users, 500,000 Channels

The BlackBerry that’s in the process of reinventing itself is an increasingly cross-platform creature — retrenching to serving its enterprise core by seeking to help them manage the brin

BBM Tries Out Ads With BBM Channels On Android Beta Program

BBM is looking to monetize its messaging platform sooner rather than later, at least judging by a new preview update for the app being pushed to Beta Zone members today (via MobileSyrup). The update a

To The Surprise Of No One, BlackBerry CEO John Chen Would Take $19B For BBM

BlackBerry’s CEO made the stunning revelation that he’d accept a $19 billion (read: the price paid for WhatsApp by Facebook) offer for BBM, the messaging service that makes up one small pa

BBM Comes To New Android-Based Nokia X And Lumia Devices In Coming Months

Nokia and Windows Phone users have been asking for it -- and earlier today <a target="_blank" href="">Nokia</a> and <a target="_blank" href="http://b

BBM Adds Stickers And A Store To Try To Keep Up With The Messaging Joneses

BlackBerry is taking a page out of its messaging app rivals' books today – or should I say STICKER BOOKS. Because it's stickers I'm talking about: BBM is getting them, via a new BBM Shop being deplo

BBM Update Adds Voice Calls, Channels, Dropbox And Location Sharing For iOS And Android Users

A new update to the BBM apps for iOS and Android add a laundry list of anticipated features to the messaging platform. BBM Voice makes its first appearance on the Android and iPhone clients, allowing

BBM Chief Andrew Bocking Departs BlackBerry, Division Will Be Folded Into Global Enterprise Solutions

BlackBerry had another high-profile executive departure today, as Executive Vice President of BBM Andrew Bocking has left the smartphone and enterprise software maker. Bocking’s exit was first r

BlackBerry Wants BBM Users To Have More Friends

It’s hard to turn that D into an R if you ain’t got friends. It’s with that thought that BlackBerry just released a tool to find friends on BBM. The tool will scour your phone’

BBM Is Coming To Gingerbread Android Phones

BBM will soon be available for Android phones running Gingerbread. This is a shockingly brilliant move which allows BBM to fully compete in developing countries where BBM is already an established bra

Even BlackBerry Thinks Windows Phone Is Too Small

News is out today that BlackBerry has no intention of bringing a BlackBerry Messaging (BBM) application to Windows Phone. Comments published in TrustedReviews from the company indicate that it deems W

BBM To Come Preinstalled On LG Smartphones

BlackBerry is keeping the hope alive with a partnership with LG. Announced today, the LG G Pro Lite will ship with BBM already installed on the smartphone. This comes two months after BBM’s Andr

BlackBerry Messenger Directory Search App Lands On Android & Charts Uptick In BBM Interest

BlackBerry hardware may be languishing unloved on warehouse shelves but the company formerly known as RIM's long-in-the-tooth mobile messaging client, BBM, ain't dead yet. Indeed, it's enjoying a bit

Global Mobile Android/iOS Messaging App Map Dominated By WhatsApp — But BBM Bags A Foothold

The mobile messaging app landscape continues to be highly geographically fragmented, with different messaging services doing well in different global regions. Despite ongoing localised variety, messag

BlackBerry’s Bad Timing Buries Its Own Flicker Of Good News On BBM Android/iOS Downloads (10M In A Day)

Timing is everything. Too early and your product will shrivel; too late and it will be overlooked no matter how shiny. Just ask BlackBerry -- a company with spectacularly bad timing in recent memory.
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