Even BlackBerry Thinks Windows Phone Is Too Small

News is out today that BlackBerry has no intention of bringing a BlackBerry Messaging (BBM) application to Windows Phone. Comments published in TrustedReviews from the company indicate that it deems Windows Phone too small to warrant the investment. TechCrunch confirmed the statements.

According to TrustedReviews, BlackBerry’s David Proulx called the nonexistence of a BBM application for Windows Phone “entirely market driven,” and stated that the decision is not a “religious thing,” but is instead merely a choice made on the back (lack?) of consumer demand.

So, sorry Windows Phone fans, if you were pining for BBM, you must wait.

Might BlackBerry bring BBM to Windows Phone in the future? Yes, but only once Windows Phone reaches larger scale. In the words of Proulx, “as other platforms emerge, whichever they may be, we will execute on those platforms as well.” The question then becomes whether BlackBerry will still be around by the time that Windows Phone “emerges.”

This is playing as you would expect in the Windows Phone world. WMPowerUser was irked by the shade-tossing, for example:

Blackberry, who clearly has a knack for making friends, has confirmed it has no current interest or plans to bring their BBM app to Windows Phone, citing the size of the Windows Phone market.

Perhaps BlackBerry is saddened by the loss of its rank as the “third” mobile platform.

Top Image Credit: Flickr