BBM Gets Stickers, Larger File Attachments And Group Photo Sharing


BlackBerry’s dedicated messaging app is growing at a decent clip, and now has a larger active audience than Tango did when it raised its recent $280 million funding round, with 85 million users engaging with the platform on at least a monthly basis. It’s not resting on its laurels, however; the network introduced new features via an update today, including bringing stickers to the general BBM user population (it had been available in the dev channel) as well as expanding the file size limit for transfers and making it possible to share photos with a group chat.

Max file size for attachments is now 16 MB on all BBM platforms, and the group chat thing brings BBM to the technologically advanced age of MMS. The sticker packs work with the new BBM Shop, which is one of the ways BlackBerry is monetizing BBM. Packs are either free or $1.99 to start, but this could change as BlackBerry and its partners play with pricing models.

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 9.41.09 AM

The update should be percolating out to users on BlackBerry 10, Android and iOS so everyone can join in on the fun. The fun of sending virtual stickers to each other in lieu of authentic human interaction.