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The scoop on Gen Z and how they are rewriting the rules of the internet

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Wing Cloud is building an open source, unified cloud programming language

Running a multi-cloud strategy where you use different cloud vendors for different workloads helps companies avoid vendor lock-in and lets them use the best-of-breed tools across different platforms.

Landlord-focused insurtech Obie lands $25.5M led by Battery Ventures

Obie, a real estate-focused insurance technology company, has raised $25.5 million in a funding round led by Battery Ventures. Since the company’s last raise — a $10.4 million Series A —

Enterprise companies and generative AI: Just looking?

A look at what generative AI means for enterprise buyers; as well as some notes on why your company may want to be like Figma, and how the investing side of the market is adjusting to down rounds.

Fairmatic raises $46M to bring AI to commercial auto insurance

With inflation sparking an increase in the cost of repairs, labor and claims, fees for insurance are similarly spiking across the board. Car insurance premiums rose 13.7% nationally over the past year

On cloud marketplaces, nobody knows you’re a startup

Enterprise cloud spend is holding up well, but large companies are looking into vendor consolidation. This makes cloud marketplaces an increasingly relevant sales channel for B2B startups.

The sky isn’t falling for cloud software spend

New data from Battery Ventures helps those building software startups orient themselves to the present day.

InfluxData lands $51M to grow its time series database offerings

In late 2013, Errplane, a Y Combinator-backed startup, began developing an open source project called InfluxDB for database performance monitoring and alerting. After raising several million in financ

Protect me from what I want

Buy now, pay later is an alluring option for consumers. But with rising debt and inflation, perhaps the focus should be on companies that help protect borrowers from digging themselves into a hole.

Coefficient wants to bring live data into your existing spreadsheets

With the explosive adoption of software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps, the average company now has more than 100 SaaS apps to manage — leading to data being siloed across countless different systems.

Unicorns face 5-1 odds as they wait for public markets to warm

Many unicorns are likely now trapped between changing investor preferences and a general compression of the value of software companies.

Are investors really paying more for profits than growth today?

Battery Ventures recently dropped a new report (the “State of the OpenCloud 2022”) that includes some fascinating data on the profit/growth conversation.

With $67M in new capital, NorthOne is doubling down on SMBs as some fintech companies pull back

It’s common knowledge, especially to those who work in financial services, that the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically increased demand for digital banking globally. A flurry of fintechs emerged in hope

Construction tech startup Kojo rebrands, expands and lands $39M in Series C funding

Kojo, a startup that aims to help construction companies in the U.S. manage their materials supply chains “seamlessly,” has raised $39 million in a Series C round of funding led by Battery Venture

TechCrunch+ roundup: Why you should go APE, H-1B lottery tips, how to check references

All schadenfreude aside: learning from our own mistakes is useful, but learning from someone else's is optimal.

ARR per employee is the North Star efficiency metric you’ve been looking for

If you want your business to become more efficient, at the end of the day, your employee base is the place to start.

25 French unicorns, 25 French unicorns, do I hear 100?

French President Emmanuel Macron hopes there will be 100 French unicorns by 2030. Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire, 10 homegrown decacorns. But shouldn't we all dream of centaurs instead?

Neuron7 raises $10M to help customer service agents find solutions

In the customer service arena in particular, enterprises are facing a historic labor shortage. Owing to burnout, flexibility and customer satisfaction challenges, agents are quitting at a faster rate

LogRocket nabs $25M for ‘intelligent’ app analytics

LogRocket, a provider of software frontend monitoring and analytics services, today announced that it raised $25 million in a Series C round co-led by Delta-V Capital and Battery Ventures. CEO Matt Ar

Growing up enterprise for SaaS startups: 7 lessons on doing it right

A lot of founders make the mistake of thinking that hiring a bunch of highly paid account executives (a fancy name for salespeople) is the same as "going enterprise." It’s not.
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