• Aviary For Education Gives Students A Safer Way To Get Creative

    Aviary, the startup that makes a suite of impressive web-based creative applications, including editors for images, vector graphics, and audio recordings, is targeting a new class of customers: school teachers and their students. Today the company is launching Aviary Education, a product that allows educators to encourage creativity on Aviary in a safer (and easier to manage)… Read More

  • Aviary Now Free As A Bird

    Aviary is easily one of the best online image editors out there — maybe the best. But to take full advantage of all it offers, you had to pay for its full suite, which cost you $24.99 a year. Well, that is until now. Starting today, the full service is now available for free to all users. While there has always been a free version of the service, you could not do some of the more… Read More

  • Aviary's Chrome Extension Proves That These Add-Ons Are Going To Be Awesome

    I have something to admit: I’ve never been a big extension guy. When I was still using Firefox, I liked them, but the downside, browser bloat, turned me away. But now that we’re starting to see the first steps of true extension support in Chrome, I think I could be swayed. While people have been developing extensions for Chrome for a little while now, none were officially supported. Read More

  • Bands Should Really Take Advantage Of Aviary's Myna Remixing Tool

    One of the cooler things that Nine Inch Nails has done in recent years is release the audio files for many of its tracks for fans to use to create their own remixes with Apple’s GarageBand software. It’s a great idea to get fans more involved in the music, but unfortunately it does require that you have a) GarageBand and as such, b) a Mac. With Aviary’s new Myna audio… Read More

  • Aviary Launches Falcon, A Browser Based Image Editor

    Aviary, the small New York-based startup with the ambitions of recreating Adobe Photoshop’s most popular design tools in the browser, has launched a simple, free tool, called Falcon, that lets you quickly grab and edit images within the browser. Falcon, since it is web-based and works in any browser, can be used on a Mac or PC. Skitch, another similar fast, simple editing tool, is a… Read More

  • Aviary Encroaches On Adobe Illustrator With Raven, The First Vector Graphics Editor For The Web

    Aviary is a small New York startup with the ambitious goal of recreating (and expanding upon) Adobe’s most popular design tools in the browser. Since we first covered the company about a year and a half ago, Aviary has kept most of its 15 planned tools (at least those that have seen development at all so far) in private beta. Only three have become publicly available: Phoenix, an… Read More

  • Hold Your Own Photo-Design Contests With Aviary's W1K

    Whether you realize it or not, you’ve probably come across the handiwork of Worth1000, a site that invites readers to use their image-editing skills to do everything from crafting new logos, to creating vintage ads for modern products or adding monsters to otherwise tame photos. The site has run over 200,000 contests since its inception in 2002, and now has galleries teeming with… Read More

  • Another Fun Tool From Aviary: A Photo Time Machine

    When we hear from Aviary it’s bound to be something entertaining and fun. The New York based company remains in private beta but adds to its suite of image manipulation products regularly. The newest tool is called Dodo, a web-based time machine. A video demo is below. You upload an image to the service and it will “age” it based on user input. An example: upload a picture… Read More

  • Aviary Invites Readers To Try Their Online Design Suite

    When I first saw Aviary I called it an incredibly ambitious art project. Aviary is creating a online creativity ecosystem that consists of a Flash based graphics suite tied to a marketplace where artists can sell their creations. For the suite, the New York based team of 12 has been developing over 14 graphics tools ranging from pattern generators to vector based graphic editors. They’ve… Read More

  • Aviary's Incredibly Ambitious Art Project

    The guys behind Worth1000 and Plime have been tooling away at a new venture called Aviary (although it’s confusingly hosted at CreationOnTheFly.com). With Aviary, the New York based team is aiming at the rather ambitious goal of not only creating a marketplace for multimedia artwork, but a suite of robust collaborative online applications with which to create the works. The obvious… Read More