With A New API, Aviary Wants To Become The Twilio Of Photo Effects (Video)

Mobile apps like Instagram and PicPlz made photo filters popular, and now every photo app needs to have filters and effects. But not every developer wants to spend the time and resources to come up with his own effects. Online image-editing service Aviary hopes to fill that need with a new photo effects API it is launching today. Alex Taub, head of business development for Aviary, took me through a demo of the new APIs and what they can do in the video above.

Developers can choose from a variety of effects and filters—everything from red-eye reduction to “Bad Ass” (which makes photos look like Andy Warhol prints). There are also effects like Toy Camera, black and white, or adding a logo. watermark. Aviary hopes to become the Twilio of photo effects for developers (much like Twilio gave rise to apps like GroupMe through its SMS and telephony APIs). Aviary will be at the Disrupt NYC Hackathon this year showcasing this new API.

The API is free now during a beta period. Aviary will eventually implement a tiered pricing plan. Aviary also revamped its homepage to better highlight its different products.