One of the big problems companies face as they try to use data to solve business problems has been the lag between the time the data comes in and when…

Artie helps companies put data to work faster with real-time syncing

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Threads as a gaming hub? Artie is counting on it

Meta’s Threads has become a household name shortly after its debut earlier this month. Within a week of its launch, it attracted over 100 million users worldwide. The platform also recently achieved one-fifth of Twitter’s weekly active user base globally. Now a startup named Artie is exploring new possibilities for the Twitter alternative by bringing…

10:13 am PDT • July 17, 2023
Threads as a gaming hub? Artie is counting on it

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Spiraling costs are killing the mobile gaming space

The moat between new developers and the establishment is prohibitively wide and deep, and it starts with costs.

11:00 am PDT • April 4, 2023
Spiraling costs are killing the mobile gaming space

When you play a game, how do you play it? Monopoly or Settlers of Catan around the dining table? Mario Kart on your Nintendo Switch? Assassin’s Creed on your Xbox?…

Artie sidesteps the app stores by putting high-quality games in your browser

For this year’s STEM toy gift guide we’ve split out our recommendations by age for easier navigation.

Gift Guide: 20+ STEM toy gift ideas for aspiring young builders

Artie, a startup looking to rethink the distribution of mobile games, announced today that it has raised $10 million in funding. There are some big names backing the company —…

Artie raises $10M for app-less mobile games

If you spend enough time scrolling through manicured photos of manicured lives on social media, you might come to the realization that maybe the fakeness of the online world has…

Artie aims to bring you closer to your digital idols with autonomous AR avatars