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Tech and government: The state of our union

Tech innovators tend to operate with an ethos that they consider diametrically opposed to that of government, frequently leading to friction. Given the current regulatory, legal and political climate

As the smartphone wars reheat, the threat of chilling innovation looms

Bill Gates recently penned an open letter to the 2016 presidential candidates, imploring them to support something he hopes “every candidate will agree on in November: America’s unparalleled capac

As Samsung Tries To Get Galaxy Tab Injunction Lifted, Apple Names Eight Samsung Products It Wants Banned

After <a href="">Friday's $1.05 billion verdict in favor of Apple</a>, Samsung is now trying everything to re

The Battle Continues: Apple/Samsung Injunction Hearing Set For September 20

Oh, you thought this whole mess was over now that Samsung has to pony up <a href="">$1.049 billion in damages

Apple Now Owed Only $1.049 Billion In Damages After Jury Revisits Inconsistent Verdict

It's a good thing that lawyers from both Apple and Samsung were allowed to review the jury's verdict document after it was read, because there seem to be <a target="_blank" href="

The End Is Nigh For The Apple v. Samsung Trial

Apple and Samsung's whirlwind legal battle in San Jose, California has finally come to a head. After attorneys from both sides made their final, impassioned statements to the jury this past Tuesday, d

First Day Of Apple-Samsung Trial Yields Troves Of New iPhone, iPad Prototypes

Yesterday, in one of the <a href="">biggest tech trials to hit U.S. soil</a>, Apple

Apple Lawyer Outs Internal Samsung Documents That Claim The iPhone Is “Easy To Copy”

Today the first shots were fired in the high-profile U.S. patent war between Apple and Samsung, beginning with Apple's opening statements. And no punch was pulled — Apple's lawyer made a few