The End Is Nigh For The Apple v. Samsung Trial

Apple and Samsung’s whirlwind legal battle in San Jose, California has finally come to a head. After attorneys from both sides made their final, impassioned statements to the jury this past Tuesday, deliberations lasted for just over 21 hours on what could be one of the most important legal decisions the industry has seen in years.

But no one (save for the jury themselves) knows what it is yet. Samsung’s attorneys have requested to review the verdict document, and Judge Lucy Koh agreed that was a smart choice. In fact, perhaps owing to the speed at which the jury arrived at their decision, Judge Koh will take a look at the form first in search of “obvious” issues. She’s poring over the document at this moment, and if there are any issues, attorneys representing both companies will be given a few minutes to review the verdict for themselves.

It shouldn’t be long now, folks.

UPDATE: The verdict is in, and Samsung just got spanked.

UPDATE 2: It turns out the jury goofed, and awarded Apple (very slightly) more in damages than it was really owed.