First Day Of Apple-Samsung Trial Yields Troves Of New iPhone, iPad Prototypes

Yesterday, in one of the biggest tech trials to hit U.S. soil, Apple called longtime Apple employee and designer Christopher Stringer to the stand as its first witness. Testifying that Samsung “ripped them off,” Stringer showed off dozens of images depicting various iPhone and iPad prototypes that were developed by Apple. There are over 60 images, some of which we’ve seen before, and some of which are brand new.

In one iPhone prototype, Apple included a thin little shelf at the bottom that’s just the opposite of the Droid line’s chin. There are also models that look incredibly similar to the Lumia line, with flat tops and bottoms and rounded sides, as well as prototypes that have flat sides and rounded tops and bottoms. There’s even a model shaped like an elongated octagon.

Clearly, the iPhone was a risky move for Apple, and according to Stringer’s testimony, even Steve Jobs had doubts. This explains why the company went through so many different design iterations from 2003 until 2007, to make sure the revolutionary mobile phone would be “something that people can love.”

You’ll also see various iPad prototypes, including ones with ridges along the edges of its backside to help with grip and others with sharpened corners.

In any case, the trial is set to continue at 9:00AM PST, so we’ll keep you up to date as things progress. In the meantime, get a little insight into Apple’s design process below:

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[via The Verge]