JetSmarter puts a jet in your pocket, and is happy to see you

If traveling first class is just a teensy bit too plebeian for you, JetSmarter has you covered. The company lets you book a private jet from your smartphone, and announced today it is expanding into E

New FAA Guidelines Permit More Device Use, All The Way From Take-Off To Landing

For years now, most of us have been quietly not turning off our phones and devices at landing and take off, and merely putting the screens to sleep and stuffing them in seat pockets instead. Now, we'l

Members-Only Airline Surf Air Raises Series A From Anthem, NEA & Others (Including Jared Leto)

<a target="_blank" href="">Surf Air</a>, a new membership-based air service providing short jaunts between California hot spots like Palo Alto, Monterey, Santa Barbara and L.A.,

TSA To Save Print Media? No Electronics On International Flights? What A Joke.

<img src="" width="150" height="200" />Before I begin, let me just state that TSA has yet to confirm any of this