Google & Facebook fed ad dollars to child porn discovery apps

Google has scrambled to remove third-party apps that led users to child porn sharing groups on WhatsApp in the wake of TechCrunch’s report about the problem last week. We contacted Google with the n

Google is launching playable in-game ads

Maybe you’ve seen this kind of ad in a game you have played: your character dies and then the game asks you to watch a short video ad in return for an extra life. That’s actually a feature acquired for $900M in mega ad-tech deal

The flow of Chinese capital into foreign ad-tech companies increased this morning with the acquisition of for $900 million USD. A consortium will be paying cash for the startup with key o

Google Debuts New AdMob Tools For Ad Targeting, Native Ads, Scaling Apps And More

In addition to new products and media partnerships aimed to help app developers grow and manage their businesses, Google today also announced a new set of AdMob tools to help developers better target

Google Expands Its App Promotion Business With “Universal” App Campaigns And New Media Partnerships

Google announced today a number of new tools and updates designed help app developers better promote their applications across Google's own network, as well as measure ad performance across a broader

Google Fixes AdMob Bug Affecting Windows Phone Apps’ Ad Revenue For Weeks

A problem that led to Windows Phone app developers seeing declining ad revenue from Google's AdMob ad network has now been resolved, says Google. Earlier this week, news emerged that a number of Windo

Google Launches New Analytics, Monetization Tools For Android Game Developers

Google today announced a couple of new tools for game developers on its Android platform. These include new analytics to help developers better understand in-game player behavior, as well as a number

Google Announces New AdMob Features To Expand Support For In-App Purchases

Google is announcing a number of updates today to its AdMob mobile ad platform — the most-requested ones, according to Jonathan Alferness (Google's direct of product management for mobile ads), are

Google To Shut Down Mobile Ad Aggregator AdWhirl Sept 30, Points Developers To AdMob Mediation

<a target="_blank" href="">Google</a>, the <a target="_blank" href="">world

Google Announces Rebuilt AdMob Developer Tools With Smarter App Promotion, Local Currency Support

Mobile app developers using Google's AdMob ad network will start seeing a new version that has been rebuilt "in a ground up sort of way," according to Jonathan Alferness, director of product managemen

Opera Snaps Up Mobile Theory, 4th Screen For $26M In Mobile Ad Push

Mobile browser company Opera today announced that it has acquired the mobile ad networks Mobile Theory and 4th Screen Advertising. The move is not just another sign of the ongoing consolidation in tha

Google: AdMob Saw 8 Billion Tablet Ad Requests In November, Up 700 Percent From Last Year

Tablet use has skyrocketed over the past year, so it makes sense that advertisers are flocking to these devices and platforms to reach consumers. Google tells us that in November 2011, AdMob saw 8 bil

AdMob To Stop Serving Ads To Mobile Web, Google Pushes Developers To Use AdSense

When Google bought mobile ad network AdMob for <a href="">$750 million</a> in 2009, the company was clearly trying to capitalize on the growing

Google 'Sunsets' AdMob's Cross-Promotion Download Exchange

<img src="">It looks like Google is sunsetting a cross-promotion feature that mobile ad network AdMob previously offered. The <a href="http:/

AdMob Ad Requests More Than Triple In Past Year; Debuts New Tablet Ad Formats

<img src="" class="shot2">It's been exactly one year since mobile ad network AdMob was <a href="

A 17 year-old high school drop out tackles mobile advertising with MobFox

<img src="" class="shot" />The great thing about building successful software applications is that you don't really need a proper educa

Google's AdMob Adds Windows Phone 7 SDK; HTML5 And Tablet Support For iOS And Android Ads

<img src="" class="shot2"><a href="">Google-owned</a> mobile ad n

Mobile: It's Not Too Late To Be Early

<img src="" class="shot2"><em>Editor's Note: This guest post was written by <a href="">Jason Spero,</

Google's AdMob Seeing 2 Billion Ad Requests Per Day; Up 300 Percent Over Past Year

<img src="">Google's mobile ad network AdMob is <a href="">releasing</a> a number

The AdMob Exodus Continues; Sales Exec Leaves Google For Mobile Ad Firm Mojiva

<img src="" class="shot2">There have been r<a href="">eports floating around</a> that mobile
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