Google: AdMob Saw 8 Billion Tablet Ad Requests In November, Up 700 Percent From Last Year

Tablet use has skyrocketed over the past year, so it makes sense that advertisers are flocking to these devices and platforms to reach consumers. Google tells us that in November 2011, AdMob saw 8 billion ad requests coming from tablets, an increase from 1 billion in December of 2010, and a 700 percent increase in the past year.

To put that number in perspective, AdMob sees nearly 3 billion ad requests a day globally. In May, Google introduced new formats for tablet ads, allowing advertisers and publishers to serve full-screen interstitial ads built with HTML5 on smartphones and tablets.

A few weeks ago, Google launched a number of new tablet ad formats, including ways to interact with a specific product, feature a collection of products or promote foot traffic to a specific store location.

In its mobile roundup post for 2011, Google revealed that AdMob saw a 440% growth in traffic from tablets in November 2011 compared to December 2010.