Google's AdMob Seeing 2 Billion Ad Requests Per Day; Up 300 Percent Over Past Year

Google’s mobile ad network AdMob is releasing a number of staggering statistics today as the network begins its first full year under the Google umbrella. Google says that AdMob is receiving 2 billion ad requests per day, a data point which has quadrupled over the past year. To put that in perspective, as of May of 2010, AdMob was receiving nearly 1 billion ad requests per month.

To give you a picture of the current pace of mobile advertising, Google receives more ad requests in a single day than AdMob received for the entire month of December 2007 (a growth rate of 30 times in just over three years).

AdMob says that more than 100 million unique Android and iOS devices requested an ad each month, which is double the rate over the last six months. Google says that AdMob is seeing a significant amount of growth in international markets. Nine countries in the AdMob network generated more than a billion monthly ad requests in December 2010, up from just one country a year ago. In fact, the strongest regional growth in monthly ad requests over the past year has come from Asia (564%), Western Europe (471%) and Oceania (363%).

We know that AdMob has been steadily growing within Google, most recently serving its 300 billionth mobile ad since 2007 at a record-breaking fast pace for the company.

Perhaps this recent data is a sign that Google may start publishing the monthly statistics and data surrounding AdMob again (the company stopped discontinued the reports in May 2010 for “a few months”).