Flipboard deepens its ties to the open source social web (aka the fediverse)

Flipboard users can now see their new followers and other activity around the content they share in the fediverse directly in the Flipboard app.

@Potus just joined the fediverse via Instagram Threads

The fediverse — the name for the social network made of interconnected servers, like Mastodon and others — got another boost of legitimacy Tuesday as the @Potus (President of the United St

Mastodon users can now share their profiles via QR code on Android

Decentralized social network Mastodon has updated its official app for Android to let users easily share their profiles with QR codes. This could be useful in loud places like event and hotel lobbies

Spam attack on Twitter/X rival Mastodon highlights ‘fediverse’ vulnerabilities

A spam attack that impacted the open source X rival Mastodon, Misskey and other apps highlights how the decentralized social web, also known as the fediverse, is open to abuse. Over the past several d

Flipboard just brought over 1,000 of its social magazines to Mastodon and the fediverse

The fediverse just got a little bigger today as Flipboard has now launched over 1,000 of its social magazines across the decentralized social web, allowing its curators and publishers to reach new aud

Threads will allow you to follow Mastodon users by year-end, according to Meta meeting details

Threads’ roadmap for integrations with the fediverse, aka the network of decentralized apps that includes Twitter/X rival Mastodon and others, has been revealed. A new blog post by Tom Coates, t

Flipboard becomes a federated app with support for ActivityPub

Instagram Threads isn’t the only app joining the decentralized social web, which includes Twitter/X rival Mastodon and other apps, with its newly added support for the networking protocol Activi

Meta starts testing Threads integration with ActivityPub

Mark Zuckerberg said today that Meta has started testing a feature to show Threads posts on Mastodon and other ActivityPub protocol-supported networks. “Making Threads interoperable will give pe

Tumblr’s ‘fediverse’ integration is still being worked on, says owner and Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg

Despite delays, the plan to connect Tumblr’s blogging site to the wider world of decentralized social media, also known as the “fediverse,” is still on, it seems. Over a year ago, Au

Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg details Tumblr’s future after re-org

This week, owner Matt Mullenweg confirmed his company would be shifting the majority of Tumblr’s workforce to other areas at parent company Automattic in light of the social bloggi

WordPress blogs can now be followed in the fediverse, including Mastodon

In March, owner Automattic made a commitment to the fediverse — the decentralized social networks that include the Twitter rival Mastodon and others — with the acquisition of

Standard protocol: In a post-Twitter world, Mastodon and Bluesky need to get on the same page

In a week that has seen Twitter’s continued decimation with read limits and TweetDeck trundling behind the Great Blue Paywall, there has been renewed interest in alternatives, as those still cli

Adam Mosseri says Meta’s Threads app won’t have ActivityPub support at launch

Meta is set to launch its text-based Twitter rival Threads tomorrow. However, Meta briefly made the platform live on the web before pulling the links. During that time, users could already read posts owner Automattic acquires an ActivityPub plug-in so blogs can join the Fediverse sites now have an easier way to integrate with the Fediverse, including Mastodon. Automattic, the company behind, Tumblr and other web publishing tools, is the new owner of

Flipboard joins the Fediverse with a Mastodon integration and community, plans for ActivityPub

Magazine app Flipboard is joining the Fediverse — the group of interconnected servers powering a range of open source, decentralized applications, including the newly popular Twitter alternative

Flickr weighs support for ActivityPub, the social protocol powering Twitter alternative Mastodon

On the heels of Tumblr’s decision to integrate with ActivityPub — the social protocol powering the open source Twitter alternative Mastodon and others — it appears that photo-sharing