The Magic Connector Unifies The Apple Wireless Keyboard And Magic Trackpad

<img src="" />The Magic Connector is a lot like the <a href="

Nyko Releases Intercooler STS Cooling System For Xbox 360 Slim

<img src="" />We haven't heard about too many heat issues with the new slim <a href=""

M-Edge's Case Designer Lets You Customize Your iPad, Kindle, Or Nook

<img src="" />This is pretty cool if you're at all the type who puts stickers and graphics on your devices. Pick your device (<a h

Belkin Announces Its First Set Of iPad 2 Accessories

<img src="" />We did a little <a href="">accessory roundup</a> on t

The Mantis LED Light Is Great For Traveling

<img src="" />One thing we night owls know about working at night is that <a href="http://www.crunchgear

Another iPhone Telephoto Lens, Like Having A 500mm Sigma

<img src="" />Looking to get a bit more zoom on the <a href="">iPhon

Powertrekk Fuel Cell Charges USB Powered Devices

<img src="" />We've been hearing about using fuel cells as batteries since <a href="

Somebody Buy Me This Oak And Ostrich Leather Arcade Stick, Pronto

<img src="" />Every once in a while I get a hankering to burn through a few virtual quarters playing <em>Samurai Shod

Nokia DC-14 Battery Charger Now On Sale, Charges Your Phone While You Pedal

<img src="" />When <a href="">Nokia</a> showed off their cell phone charger by pedal power <a

Kickstarter: The aTrackt Improves Apple’s Keyboard And Trackpad Ergonomics

<img src="" />I wasn't convinced this particular project was worth its salt, but a little reflection convinced me. I don't use A

Nintendo 3DS Starter Kit: Headphones, Styluses & Cleaning Cloths

<img src="" />A quick “this exists” for your Monday morning. It's a Nintendo 3DS Starter Kit, from Icon. The $20 kit contains a numbe

NZXT's Bunker Locks Down Your USB Devices So LAN Rogues Won't Steal Them

<img src="" />If you spend a lot of time at LAN parties, or maybe have a dorm room with its door constantly open, you might be a lit

MA-Touch1: Sanwa's Magic Mouse Clone For Windows PCs

<img src="" /> Apple’s <a href="">Magic Mouse</a> has obviously inspired

Now Go Home And Get Your Cole Haan Shinebox

<img src="" />Looking for a good way to put down the high roller in your life? Get him a shinebox, so whenever he gets out of line, you

Now Go Home And Get Your Cole Haan Shinebox

<img src="" />Looking for a good way to put down the high roller in your life? Get him a shinebox, so whenever he gets out of line, you

C-Loop Camera Mod Gets Kickstarted

<img src="" />A few weeks ago, we pointed out this interesting little camera mod, the <a href="

C-Loop On Kickstarter: A Simple Mod To Improve Your Camera Strap

<img src="" />While I don't share this inventor's enmity towards the traditional camera strap, I can certainly see the benefits of the C-L

Flashpoint iBoard Is A Value-Add Bluetooth Keyboard For iOS

<img src="" />Is Apple's vanilla Bluetooth keyboard too minimal for your taste? Maybe this blinged-out one is more your speed. It

Sony Announces the RDP-X50iPBLK, a 3G Certified Speaker Dock for iPod/iPhone

<img src="" />Sony sure knows how to name their products, don't they? "RDP-X50iPBLK" easily rolls off the tongue and instantly transm

iPad Case With Built-In Keyboard Hitting US Soon

There’s an iPad case available in the UK (though unfortunately out of stock at the moment) that has a Bluetooth keyboard built right into the cover. Adds a little weight, but if you do more than
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