• The Magic Connector Unifies The Apple Wireless Keyboard And Magic Trackpad

    The Magic Connector is a lot like the BulletTrain adapter. It creates a union between the Apple Wireless Keyboard and the Magic Trackpad, making it one single unit, except without the extra bulk. Video after the break. Read More

  • Nyko Releases Intercooler STS Cooling System For Xbox 360 Slim

    We haven’t heard about too many heat issues with the new slim Xbox 360, but for those who run the console 24/7 it may be worth looking into a cooling system. Nyko just recently announced their Intercooler STS system made exclusively for the slim Xbox. Thankfully, the system is smart and only runs when it needs to, keeping noise levels down. Power comes from USB and it looks like the… Read More

  • M-Edge's Case Designer Lets You Customize Your iPad, Kindle, Or Nook

    This is pretty cool if you’re at all the type who puts stickers and graphics on your devices. Pick your device (iPad, Kindle 2 or 3, or Nook), add some pictures, patterns, text, and so on and you’ve got yourself a case like no other. As you can see, I’ve gone all Zelda on mine. Read More

  • Belkin Announces Its First Set Of iPad 2 Accessories

    We did a little accessory roundup on the day of the iPad 2 announcement, but other companies were a little slow on the draw (or didn’t want to get buried) and their stuff is trickling out now. Belkin, maker of fine Mac accessories, has just dropped a bundle of cases and stands. Let’s take a quick look. Read More

  • The Mantis LED Light Is Great For Traveling

    One thing we night owls know about working at night is that lighting is key. Too much or too little can cause some serious strain. That’s why people come up with versatile clip-on LED task lights like the Mantis. The Mantis lights up your workspace by clip mounting the light anywhere. You can also use it as a free standing unit. The Mantis has 11 LEDs in a sort of rocket ship… Read More

  • Another iPhone Telephoto Lens, Like Having A 500mm Sigma

    Looking to get a bit more zoom on the iPhone? Tired of pixelating your photos with the terrible digital zoom? Then check out this iPhone Telephoto Zoom over at Photojojo. It’s basically a case that attaches to an iPhone — Verizon compatible, too — that has a place to screw on an 8X telephoto lens for closeups. When you don’t need the zoom power, just unscrew the lens… Read More

  • Powertrekk Fuel Cell Charges USB Powered Devices

    We’ve been hearing about using fuel cells as batteries since fuel cells existed. So far, nothing too interesting has come out. But if you’re interested in getting in on the tech early, check out the Powertrekk. The Powertrekk is a fuel cell and rechargeable battery in one. Similar to those portable battery chargers, the Powertrekk can charge your devices over USB from energy… Read More

  • Somebody Buy Me This Oak And Ostrich Leather Arcade Stick, Pronto

    Every once in a while I get a hankering to burn through a few virtual quarters playing Samurai Shodown or Metal Slug X on a NEO-GEO emulator, but the truth is I get little satisfaction out of it when I have to use a keyboard. Sure, I could use my 360 controller, but it just feels wrong. No, to truly get the feel of the classics, you need an arcade stick. And this is probably the fanciest… Read More

  • Nokia DC-14 Battery Charger Now On Sale, Charges Your Phone While You Pedal

    When Nokia showed off their cell phone charger by pedal power concept, they underestimated the response from customers. Why wouldn’t it get popular? It makes a lot of sense: transferring human energy to a more efficient gear setup, a bicycle, and running electronics off it. The idea of using a bike to power electronics isn’t new, in fact, most bike lights years ago used this method. Read More

  • Kickstarter: The aTrackt Improves Apple’s Keyboard And Trackpad Ergonomics

    I wasn’t convinced this particular project was worth its salt, but a little reflection convinced me. I don’t use Apple’s dainty little desk accessories — I always go back to a nice, meaty mechanical keyboard and high-performance mouse, because Apple’s keyboards are like toys and the trackpad is no good for gaming. But hey, some people like ’em. The trouble… Read More

  • Nintendo 3DS Starter Kit: Headphones, Styluses & Cleaning Cloths

    A quick “this exists” for your Monday morning. It’s a Nintendo 3DS Starter Kit, from Icon. The $20 kit contains a number of items to make your 3DS-ing all the more pleasurable come March 27 when the system is released. Rumor has it you’ll find a copy of Fernando Torres’ transfer request in there! (No you won’t.) Read More

  • NZXT's Bunker Locks Down Your USB Devices So LAN Rogues Won't Steal Them

    If you spend a lot of time at LAN parties, or maybe have a dorm room with its door constantly open, you might be a little nervous about someone making off with your sweet new hundred dollar mouse or headphones. This accessory for your case lets you lock them into your case, preventing them from being unplugged and nicked by unscrupulous LANgoers or undergrads. Read More

  • MA-Touch1: Sanwa's Magic Mouse Clone For Windows PCs

    Apple’s Magic Mouse has obviously inspired Japanese accessory maker Sanwa Supply: the Tokyo-based company is offering the MA-Touch1 [JP], a wireless mouse with a multi-touch enabled top shell. The main (technical) difference is that the Sanwa mouse doesn’t support Bluetooth but works via a wireless USB connection instead. Read More

  • Now Go Home And Get Your Cole Haan Shinebox

    Looking for a good way to put down the high roller in your life? Get him a shinebox, so whenever he gets out of line, you can pull a Billy Batts, though hopefully without all the stabbing. Seriously though, this is a nice-looking accessory for anyone who cares about their leather. Read More

  • Now Go Home And Get Your Cole Haan Shinebox

    Looking for a good way to put down the high roller in your life? Get him a shinebox, so whenever he gets out of line, you can pull a Billy Batts, though hopefully without all the stabbing. Seriously though, this is a nice-looking accessory for anyone who cares about their leather. Read More

  • C-Loop Camera Mod Gets Kickstarted

    A few weeks ago, we pointed out this interesting little camera mod, the C-Loop, on Kickstarter. It’s a replacement for a regular-style camera strap that allows for free rotation of the camera, and may be more convenient for some shooters. I wouldn’t use it personally, but it’s a cool idea and a well-made little thing, so I’m all for it being on the market. And now it… Read More

  • C-Loop On Kickstarter: A Simple Mod To Improve Your Camera Strap

    While I don’t share this inventor’s enmity towards the traditional camera strap, I can certainly see the benefits of the C-Loop project, which moves the anchor point of the strap to the tripod mount. While I feel certain shortcomings of this configuration are downplayed, I have to say that the system has some really obvious applications, and would probably sell a bunch if made. Read More

  • Flashpoint iBoard Is A Value-Add Bluetooth Keyboard For iOS

    Is Apple’s vanilla Bluetooth keyboard too minimal for your taste? Maybe this blinged-out one is more your speed. It comes with a bunch of stickers for assigning app shortcuts to this or that key — you know, in case you didn’t want to extend your finger to launch that app. Read More

  • Sony Announces the RDP-X50iPBLK, a 3G Certified Speaker Dock for iPod/iPhone

    Sony sure knows how to name their products, don’t they? “RDP-X50iPBLK” easily rolls off the tongue and instantly transmits the notion of “iPhone speaker dock!” This speaker dock does all you’d expect from an iPhone or iPod speaker dock: it plays your music, charges your device, and sports a remote control. There’s also a line-in jack in case you want… Read More

  • iPad Case With Built-In Keyboard Hitting US Soon

    There’s an iPad case available in the UK (though unfortunately out of stock at the moment) that has a Bluetooth keyboard built right into the cover. Adds a little weight, but if you do more than a little typing on that thing, you likely will appreciate having physical keys. It’s going through the FCC right now, so expect it on our shores shortly. Of course, the KeyCase costs £60… Read More