Scosche Adds To Your iPhone 5 And iPad Charging Options With New Lightning Line

Once upon a time I thought I would be very short of charging solutions for my iPhone 5 thanks to the switch to Lightning. Now, for various reasons, I have an abundance of Lightning cables. One might even say an overabundance. But they do lack variety, and that’s what a new line of charging accessories from Scosche aims to address.

The new Scosche line offers both 5W and 12W dedicated car and wall chargers, an industry first for Lightning cables. The car chargers in particular are a nice addition to the line, since they’re designed to be low-profile with curled cables to keep them out-of-the-way when not in use, which has an advantage in a car versus a combination standard-issue Lightning cable combined with a car outlet adapter.

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Finally, a retractable model fills out the new line, hiding a 3 foot charge and sync cable that remains coiled in a small package when not in use. I know a lot of gadget aficionados who will appreciate a Lightning version of this design, which has propagated like an unchecked bunny population in ideal mating circumstances over the past few years.

The Scosche cables range in price from $24.99 to $34.99, and are available from Scosche’s website and also from AT&T, Wal-Mart, Staples, Fry’s and other retailers soon. They’re MFI-certified, too, which means Apple has given sign-off on their designs, unlike a lot of the knock-off chargers and cables coming from Chinese accessory manufacturers. I may already have an overabundance of cables, but let’s be honest, you can always have more.