• Zune Pass troubles? Users report Zune purchases are busted (update?)

    Zune down! The Zune support forums are awash with users claiming various issues with Zune subscription media. Songs are not showing up, or if they do, they aren’t playing. Sounds like an authentication issue to me, and those happen every once in a while — but for weeks on end? Any of you fine folks out there having trouble? I’ll see if I can scare up any info from the Zune… Read More

  • Gadget surgery: hack a 32GB SSD into your old Zune body

    Worried that your venerable Zune 80 is going to kick the bucket some day? That spinning hard drive can only take so much abuse, after all. Well, if you’ve got the stomach to tear it apart and feel like dropping a bill on a little 32GB SSD, you might just be able to keep on Zunin’ until the sun blows up. Read More

  • Review: Zune HD

    But what did he see in the clear stream below? His own image; no longer a dark, gray bird, ugly and disagreeable to look at, but a graceful and beautiful swan. —The Ugly Duckling It’s been a long, brown trip for the Zune: from its early days (mocked and abject) to its awkward years (deemed a dead end and money pit) it’s been embattled and criticized, and rightly so. After… Read More

  • Zune HD's UI: the full tour

    The Zune HD is upon us, and whether you love it or hate it, you have to admit that it is devilishly good-looking. I happen to think it’s also a great media player, based on my day with it and on previous demos, but the final judgment will come in a day or two with the full review. In the meantime, I’m sure a lot of people have been waiting on a decent walkthrough of the Zune… Read More

  • Zune update in 60…59…58… (now)

    Reminder! That Zune HD launch is hitting tomorrow, and I guarantee they’re going to be at least trying to roll the new 4.0 software out at midnight. I’m spending my Monday night drinking beer and refreshing zune.net, why aren’t you? All right, I also watched Gossip Girl. On accident! Anyway, the new stuff they’ve got coming is hot. I’ll post a full unboxing and… Read More

  • Le Zune HD, c'est seulement aux Etats-Unis cette année

    Zut! Oui, it’s true. The Zune HD we’re all pumped for will not be hitting Europe this year, if indeed it does at all. Microsoft France’s entertainment division director has said during and interview that “for now, we have no intention of marketing (it here)” or, to be precise, “pour le moment, nous n’avons aucune intention de le… Read More

  • The Incredible Shrinking iPod Prices Undercut The Zune HD

    We’re still hours away from Apple’s event today in San Francisco, but that apparently hasn’t stopped the company from releasing some changes in its own store. The main thing to note is the prices of the various iPod lines, especially the iPod touch. Yesterday, a 32 GB iPod touch was $399. Today? $279. Yesterday, a 16 GB version was $299. Today? $249. The 8 GB one is now… Read More

  • Original Zunes go towards the light

    I think we all knew it was coming. After all, the new interface, while aesthetically similar to the old Zune UI, is totally incompatible with the old hardware. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, unfortunately — though I would add, that doesn’t mean you have to throw away the dog. Click on through for a great Zune-in-heaven photoshop. It’s the subtle glow that sells it. Read More

  • Zune HD going on tour; go be a groupie at your local Best Buy

    We’ve had our hands-on, but that’s because we’re an elite media group that knows everything eons ahead of time. I’ve had a Zune HD for almost two years now; I’m just waiting on the new holographic interface that comes with the Zune VR. Oops, I’ve said too much. Or I’m lying. Which is it? Whatever the case, the Zune HD is making its way around the US… Read More

  • Meet The Fune, Microsoft's New Smart Phone (It's Really Hot) – Humor

    “It’s a phone that runs Windows Vista, and it connects to the Internet through America Online.” Let’s end the religious war waging between iPhone and Android fanatics right now and all get our hands on the Fune, Microsoft’s new smart phone. I’m sure the Fapp Store is right around the corner. This is the latest video from UCBcomedy.com, and it made me laugh… Read More

  • Zune HD TV interface: slick as hell

    It looks like the Zune HD’s aspirations go beyond simply showing HD video on your TV. It is, in fact, a home theater PC in your pocket. I don’t to sound like I’m shilling here, but it really is a pretty serious advance in PMPs, unless (and this is certainly possible) there are ones already doing this equally well over in South Korea or Japan. It looks quick, sharp, and easy… Read More

  • The Zune HD: September 15. Apple iPod Event: Likely September 8.

    A lot of people today are excited about the new Zune HD. And that’s great news for Microsoft, as it has been attempting for a few years now to even just steal some buzz from Apple in the MP3 market, if not sales. Well, they’ve succeeded in the first part, but the second? That could be much more difficult. Microsoft’s new device sounds great: OLED screen, HD radio, HD video… Read More

  • Hurricane Zune continues: pics of display stuff, release date from Best Buy

    I’m beginning to wonder whether someone is conducting this concert of Zune madness. The whole thing has been leaked, from the original unveiling to the specs, the approximate date, the pricing and models, and now the preorder tokens. On reflection, that last one isn’t exactly big news, but it does pin down the release date: September 15th. We had September 8th penciled in, but… Read More

  • Hands-on with the Zune HD

    Can Microsoft’s latest Zune, the Zune HD, take down the king? It depends on which king you’re talking about. As it stands, the iPod Touch is a whole different beast because of the App Store. What Microsoft has done with the Zune HD is nothing short of spectacular, but who is it really competing with? My BlackBerry can play videos and show me pictures taken on a recent trip. The… Read More

  • Video: Another Zune HD UI video

    Ooh la la. Damn, I need to load Windows onto my Mac. Read More

  • Zune HD gets a once-over — so far, so good

    Good news for Zune fans. CNET spent a little time with the upcoming Zune HD and came away mighty impressed. Big points were awarded for the 3.3-inch screen, 720p video playback, audio quality, music playback features, and — gasp! — a great web browser? Read More

  • Leaked ZuneHD screens show newish UI

    There are a bunch of new shots of the upcoming ZuneHD out there all of a sudden, in advance of an official announcement expected later on. They show not only a Black ZuneHD (I kind of like the silver one but hey), but some interface tweaks that make it a very good-looking device indeed. The Zune interfaces, from the website to the player to the device, have always been sexy, but the… Read More

  • What's the real reason Microsoft has delayed its streaming music service?

    Well, July came and went and we saw no sign of Microsoft‘s much-anticipated new streaming music service. So I did a little digging around, and over the weekend word reached me through a friend in the music industry that the delay has nothing to do with technical problems, as some have suggested. According to my source, Microsoft “has no label deals”. And a streaming music… Read More

  • Woot! Refurbished 80GB Zune + home AV dock for $150

    Forget media-streaming set-top boxes and plunk down $150 on this 80GB Zune with free Home AV Pack deal that Woot! has going on (today only). Read More

  • Video: Cheech & Chong "Tron for it"

    If you haven’t been watching Mean Mag’s Cinemash series then you’re doing it wrong. Cheech and Chong + Tron = Amazing. Kind of NSFW and don’t watch with the kids. Thanks for reminding me about this, KLash! Read More