Leaked ZuneHD screens show newish UI

There are a bunch of new shots of the upcoming ZuneHD out there all of a sudden, in advance of an official announcement expected later on. They show not only a Black ZuneHD (I kind of like the silver one but hey), but some interface tweaks that make it a very good-looking device indeed. The Zune interfaces, from the website to the player to the device, have always been sexy, but the devices always got the minimalist end of the stick. No longer!

Although the screen is less than spacious, it is supposed to be extremely crisp, bright, and responsive, so it’ll show off album art, visualizations, and videos to their best advantage. You can see the rest of the pictures over at Cruleworld’s Lifestream, but they’re mostly variants on what you see above, in similar sizes. When there’s bigger stuff out there, we’ll let you know. The rumored September 8th release date is really creeping up on us now, so be ready.

[via Electronista]