Tokyo Game Show: First impressions and a look at Sony's and Ubisoft's booth

<img src="" /> I just came back from this year's Tokyo Game Show and must say I am pretty disappointed with the show this yea

Shock: The Gran Turismo PSP bundle isn't half-bad

<img src="" />Credit to Sony for actually putting together a reasonably good PSP bundle. Starting on October 1, for $199, you can buy a bu

Yup, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars will be out for the PSP on October 20

<img src="" />Those of you still on The Twitter, despite Devin's recent treatise, may want to add @RockstarGames to your list of fo

Predictable rumor: There will be a Sony PSP-4000

<img src="" />Word on the street is that Sony <i>will</i> release a PSP-4000. You act surprised.

PSP Go Minis to bring 100MB games to your pocket

<img src="" />Want Fieldrunners but don't have an iPhone or Touch? You're in luck — if you've got a PSP Go. The long-overdue tiny ga

Sony shows off PS3 firmware v3.0, comic book reader for PSP announced, PSN Video Store coming soon Gamescon is currently under way in Germany and Sony has just revealed the upcoming features for the PS3’s firmware v3.0. Changes to 3.0 are mostly cosm

Pre-order bonus for Gran Turismo PSP: Bugatti Veyron, 1974 Lamborghini Countach (and more!)

<img src="" />To be honest, I've paid next to no attention to <i>Gran Turismo</i> for the PSP, primarily because I stopped with <i>Gran

Gran Turismo on the PSP

Is anyone planning on getting GT for the PSP when it comes out in October?

Anime as far as the eye can see on newly launched PSP/PSN store in Japan

<img src="" />This machine translation is a little rough, but <i>I think</i> a PSP/PSN Store just launched (or re-launched, dependin

Sony PSP Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines bundle coming in November Same ole song and dance from Sony today. The AssCreed: Bloodlines PSP bundle will drop in November with a white PSP-3000, the Bloodlines game, an unannou

There will be some sort of PSN App Store for ‘snackable’ games

<img src="" />Yup, there will be a PSN App Store of sorts. Sony admitted as much, saying that it will focus on “snackable” games.

Sony PSP, PSN has nothing to do with Google Chrome OS

<img src="" />While we're all thrilled to see Google throw a new coat of paint onto the Linux kernel, there are, in fact, other things g

Rumores españoles: Sony working on PSP2, will have Xbox1-level graphics

<img src="" />A hot little rumor coming out of Spain, where “Ronaldomania” is running wild, suggests that Sony is indeed working on the

Act now, and your PS3, PSP peripheral can receive the Official Sony Seal of Quality

<img src="" />Gamers of a certain age will remember the Official Nintendo Seal of Quality. It was a little mark placed on official

Sony working on making a PSP-phone?

<img src="" />I'm not sure I think this is such a good idea, Sony. A PSP crossed with one of Sony-Ericsson's phones probably wouldn't en

GTA: Chinatown Wars heading to PSP this fall

<img src="" alt="Chinatown" />Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars will make its way to the PSP and PSP Go this fall. It'll be available on UMD for

Activision to drop Sony PS3, PSP support?

<img src="" alt="" />In an interview with The Times Online, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick made it very clear that if Sony

PSP Go battery life worse than PSP-3000

<img src="" alt="" />Here’s some new PSP Go info in case anyone wants to know. There will be three new features on the Go that aren’t

Pretty much every PSP game released after October 1 will be on PSN

<img src="" />Quick and easy: Sony says that “that just about everything hitting after October 1 will be available for download.”

And the award for most prescient "artist's conception of" goes to…

A few weeks back when the specs of the PSP Go were leaked, 1up made a little mockup that reflected what they felt the new slider handheld was going to look like. Sure, all signs pointed to the thing b
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