Video: Fix your broken NES in no time

If that old NES of yours has died, odds are the culprit is a 72-pin connector. Luckily, it’s easily fixed, as this video from Wired shows. And how’s this for an embarrassing admission: I n

GTA: NES See more funny videos at CollegeHumor I actually don’t recall many ultra-violent games for the NES. Am I mis

Old 486 desktop + ingenuity = dedicated NES emulator

Here’s something I didn’t cover in my Emulation Orientation a few weeks back, though I did mention NESticle. A couple guys have decided the most noble job for a venerable 486 is to run the

Giant working NES controller coffee table

Yama hama. For my friends and family out there who have complained that I’m impossible to shop for, the above video contains an example of the type of gift that I’d really, truly enjoy. Al

Lamp made from old-school Nintendo Zapper

This is a cool looking lamp, yes? What’s even cooler is that the girl who put this together made that Duck Hunt cartridge out of cardboard because a standard Nintendo cartridge didn’t prov

FC Mobile: Full, portable NES

Meet the FC Mobile, a really interesting looking cloned NES console that’s perfectly portable. But unlike most NES clones, this one takes old school NES cartridges, so you can dust off the ones

CrunchArcade: Bionic Commando remake multiplayer footage I think I&

NES mod puts NES into NES cartridge

This is one of the most fun casemods I’ve ever seen. Someone — apparently a Frenchman — was able to cram all the guts of an NES clone into a Super Mario Brothers cartridge shell. It&

River City Ransom available on Wii Virtual Console

Ah, one of my most favorite Nintendo games of all time, “River City Ransom,” hit the Wii Virtual Console this morning. So long, five dollars! Have a safe trip. You’ll recall that bro

Duck Hunt tattoo should be discouraging, and it is

[photopress:dhts.jpg,full,center] Normally, if I were to meet a girl with a tattoo from an NES game, I’d likely fall in love. But man, this is just mean: The Duck Hunt dog laughing. If you see t

It's Wednesday, time to waste your employer's money

Friends, a lot of you said it couldn’t be done: the Internet couldn’t get any better. Well, I’m here to tell you it has. Feast your eyes on this list of 100 Flash-emulated NES games

Videooo: Final Fantasy VII on NES

Someone, for some reason (probably “because I can”) ported Final Fantasy VII over to the NES. Apparently it’s the entire original, wildly overrated PlayStation game in one small ROM.

Fly's new cell phone brings lineup of Nintendo favorites with it

[photopress:2162_about_coffee_black.jpg,full,left]Fly has a new handset, the MC100, that has built-in support for NES, SNES, and Gameboy games, along with built-in game downloading. It’s saying

Solar-powered handheld with built-in NES emulation

Portable NES and Game Boy emulation without having to stop for batteries? I like. You can also use the solar panels to recharge your cell phone and other small devices. There’s a 3.5-inch screen

Gen-X Console: NES + Genesis = Retro-awesome

How come I don’t find things like this before Xmas? This is the Gen-X Dual station, likely the weirdest console I’ve ever met. It’s an NES and a Sega Genesis combined into one, but t

Familator lets you play Famicom games on your DS Lite

If the Game Boy Advance slot on your DS Lite isn’t getting much use, this adapter might be just the thing to bring it out of its funk. It’s called the CYBER Familator Lite and it allows yo

Giant NES controller houses normal, working NES

Here’s a giant NES controller for your amusement. It has a working Nintendo Entertainment System inside of it. The buttons on the big controller are functional but due to its size, you need a fr

Nintendo is officially ending NES support

I may give Nintendo a lot of crap for the Wii, but every other system that company has made is gold sans Gamecube. Now, after 22-years, Nintendo of Japan is officially dropping support for the origina

'Sneaker Pimps' pimped out NES sneaker

Oh wow. We’re looking at what appears to be a working Nintendo Entertainment System built into the bottom of a shoe. This photo was apparently taken last night in New York City at the end of the

NES Emulator Hits The iPhone

BITCHIN’! Now you finally have a reason to get an iPhone! Sure, it may not have 3G or Adobe Flash support, but that’s fine. Someone made an NES emulator for the iPhone that actually loads
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