Nyko’s already got a wireless controller for the NES Classic

The NES Classic Edition is still a week or so away from release, but, like clockwork, Nyko’s already got a pair of peripherals for the eagerly awaited piece of nostalgia overload, both addressing one of the primary concerns with the retro gaming console.

The Miniboss is a wireless controller with design language just different enough to keep Nintendo from breathing down its neck. It’s got a range of 30 feet and your standard array of NES buttons, along with Power, just under select and start.

It’s available now for pre-order and will hit retail the same day as the NES Classic (November 11), along with the Extend Link, a six-foot extension cord for the system’s wired controller. The peripherals will run $20 and $10, respectively. Either or both are a pretty solid investment for the system, which is undoubtedly set to be one of the runaway hits of this holiday season.