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We make paper batteries that are more sustainable, safer, and cheaper to use than lithium batteries.

Singapore, Asia TechCrunch Disrupt 2023


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Carlo Charles Founder

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Flint wants to disrupt the battery industry with paper

Rebecca Bellan

Lithium-ion batteries have become the standard in the electrification revolution. In fact, they’ve become so unquestionably integral to the development of batteries that everyone from government to automakers to big oil is rushing to shore up access to the mineral. The only problem is, lithium is expensive, time-consuming and labor-intensive to extract. And that extraction […]


Introducing the 2023 Startup Battlefield Top 20 onstage at TechCrunch Disrupt

Neesha A. Tambe

I’m thrilled to announce the Startup Battlefield 20 companies, pitching at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023. After last year’s big hit, TechCrunch editorial hand-selected 200 startups, out of thousands of applicants, to comprise the Startup Battlefield 200. This year, TechCrunch saw the highest number of applications across the largest spread of countries and industries. Of the 200, […]


Crypto startup Pillow, backed by Accel and Quona, to discontinue all services

Manish Singh

Singapore-headquartered Pillow plans to discontinue all its services and app in the coming weeks, it warned customers Friday, citing regulatory uncertainty that has claimed countless other crypto startups in recent quarters. Pillow allowed customers to invest in Bitcoin, stablecoins and altcoins, and promised returns of up to 18% — a figure that dropped to 14% […]


How to help Californians whose tap water is tainted

Jonathan Shieber

Karen Lewis knows about water problems. The 67-year-old lives in Compton, where the water coming out of her tap is tinged brown by manganese, a metal similar to iron, from old pipes. The water is supplied by the troubled Sativa Los Angeles County Water District. The district has been plagued by administrative scandal and charges of mismanagement, and it hasn’t been able to generate the money needed to fix the brown water.


A Flint, MI university turned vacant land into autonomous vehicle proving grounds

Matt Burns

Kettering University unveiled this week an automotive proving grounds in a bid to lure companies and students to the Flint, MI area. The test track is on the school’s grounds, housed on land that once contained a massive General Motors’ manufacturing facility that was torn down and left abandoned. The Kettering University GM Mobility Research […]

TC announces $250,000 in grants for the Flint, Michigan water crisis

Matt Burns

Google’s charitable arm is today announcing several grants and donations aimed at helping the residents of Flint, Michigan respond to their ongoing water crisis. With a total amount of $250,000, the funds will be used to pay several local researchers and address health concerns connected with drinking the poisoned water. The cash won’t solve the […]


To Prevent Another Flint, Make All Open Data Machine Readable

Henry Pickavet

The lead poisoning of the entire city of Flint, Michigan was preventable and should never have happened. Numerous pundits and industry experts have said this. Most of them, however, explain that if government had functioned properly, the environmental agencies would have properly communicated to their higher-ups and the problem would have been spotted much sooner. Those with a more cynical view intone that the government in Ann Arbor was not terribly interested in the plight of the largely poor residents of long-beleaguered Flint, a casualty of the Rust Belt Collapse.

Biotech & Health

Stop Throwing Tech At Flint. It Won’t Help.

Jonathan Shieber

I advise a lot of water tech entrepreneurs because I’m a masochist and because water tech is my first love. Recently, a lot of them are coming back to me with the Flint Water Crisis front and center in their pitch decks. So are a bunch of new water startups, all touting filters, sensors, or some gadget promising to solve the current emergency and prevent others like it from happening. Guys. Stop.

Biotech & Health

Toxic Water, Toxic City

Matt Burns

The water in Flint is toxic. The state of Michigan inadvertently poisoned the city's well, and it will take years to flush the system. And that might not be the worst part. The state has yet to reveal how it will repair Flint's image.


Mobile Payments Service Flint Adds $2M More In Series B Funding From Verizon, Rolls Out Passbook Support, Invoicing

Sarah Perez

Flint Mobile, a mobile payments startup which unlike Square or PayPal Here uses the phone's camera instead of a dongle to "scan" credit and debit cards, announced this morning an add-on in Series B funding from Verizon Investments, the investing arm of Verizon Communications. This brings Flint's total Series B raise to date to $8 million.

Media & Entertainment

Mobile Payments Startup Flint Raises $6M Series B Led By Digicel Group

Chris Velazco

Mobile payments startup Flint has been keeping a low profile for much of this year, but it's looking that quiet period is finally over. The company just recently launched support for Android in a bid to widen its reach, and today the startup has confirmed that its raised a $6 million Series B round led by Digicel Group that SVG Partners, Storm Ventures, and True Ventures also participated in.

Media & Entertainment

Flint Exits Beta To Take On Square With Its Camera-Based Mobile Payment App

Ingrid Lunden

Flint, a small business-focused mobile payment app that does away with dongles and NFC and instead uses the camera on a phone to "scan" a card's numbers, has come out of beta. The iOS 6/ iPhone 5-compatible app is now available to download in the U.S. App Store. In development for the last 18 months, Flint first launched as an invite-only service in May 2012, at the same time that it announced $3 million in funding from True Ventures and Storm Ventures.


Flint, MI's biogas facility gets city approval; construction to begin soon

Matt Burns

Quick note for those four of you that are interested in the future of Flint, MI’s biogas facility: It has a green light. The city council voted 6-1 last night, paving the way for America’s first human waste to biogas facility. Eventually, the plant might produce biomethane, which could be used to fuel municipal vehicles such as […]


Flint, MI will hopefully soon get its own biogas facility

Matt Burns

There isn't a spot in the country that has been harder hit by the financial meltdown than Flint, MI. Forbes recently labeled Flint as the city that has the longest road to recovery too. It's bad in the birthplace of General Motors and the financial climate is bad there right now - really bad. I know this first hand. That's where I live. But the city might soon lead the nation with the country's first biogas plant. This plant will be built with the help of Swedish Biogas International and eventually help fuel the city's municipal vehicle fleet, which in turn should save the city millions of dollars. That is, if the plant ever gets built.