• Pioneer's SE-CLX50 earphones have Flex Nozzles, for comfort!

    The latest in earphone design, as seen in the Pioneer SE-CLX50? What the company calls Flex Nozzle, which allows the ‘phones to be moved about in several directions. Makes them more comfortable to wear, apparently. The earphones will be available in the three colors you see right up there when they’re released in November for around $73. That seems an awful lot of money for, shall… Read More

  • Dell releases snazzy Studio Desktop towers

    The latest in Dell’s Studio Desktop lineup sheds the trendy digs of the Studio Hybrid for a more conventional tower look. These ‘puters are aiming for the entertainment crowd with optional Blu-ray drives, TV Tuners and HDMI-outs. The choice is yours between the mini and mid-size tower as it seems they can both be configured with the same options. Prices start out at $549 and as… Read More

  • Swoopo: "Entertainment Shopping" or Scam?

    There has been some rumbling about an auction site called Swoopo, suggesting that it is either money-making scheme on the part of the German parent company, formerly Telebid, or a new way to get gadgets cheap. Interestingly, it could be both. The auction is considerably different than other sites – EBay included. It works like this, if I understand it correctly: you “buy”… Read More

  • Girth-y extended battery for HTC Shift

    HTC Shift owners (see our review here) who have a little extra coin and don’t mind adding some relatively substantial girth to their device may find solace in a $240 extended battery from Mugen. Paul from Modaco posted a video of the battery itself and how it looks when added to the Shift. The included battery cover is a nice touch. The Shift’s standard battery is 2700mAh and is… Read More

  • Spurned By Google, Digg Taps VCs For $29 Million C Round

    After being passed up by Google for an acquisition in the $200-million range, social news site Digg is going it alone with a fresh $28.7 million infusion of capital. The C round was led by new investor Highland Capital Partners, which as joined by existing investors Greylock Partners, Omidyar Network, SVB Capital. That brings the total amount the company has raised to $40 million since it… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson Bluetooth watches still have no reason to exist

    These new ladies watches, dubbed the MBW-200, come in multiple styles and pair with most Sony Ericsson phones. They have a mini OLED display and buzz when your phone is ringing and also let you control music playback. I played with the first generation of these a few years ago and I just couldn’t understand what they were trying to offer here. It’s a watch that buzzes. Why… Read More

  • Video of the T-Mobile G1 Google Android Phone

    [Update: So I just confirmed with with T-Mobile: One thing that seems to be a dealbreaker that it has no in-built video recording capability, which seems to be an astounding omission. Had the “gPhone” added this, it would have looked pretty good against the iPhone. It can play video through a dedicated YouTube app but, it appears, not inside the browser. Update II: I just… Read More

  • Guinness certifies Panasonic's EVOLTA as the longest lasting AA alkaline battery cell

    I’m sure when Panasonic claimed that its EVOLTA AA batteries where the longest lasting on the market, you rolled your eyes. Right? ‘Cause how many times have you heard that pitch. Now Panasonic has a fancy certificate from the Guinness World Record folks to shove in the face of all the haters proving that its AA battery is alkaline battery cell in the world. Read More

  • Evri Unleashes An Open Beta, But Falls Short On Results

    Evri, a site that uses semantic searching to help users discover more Web content in the shortest amount of time, has added a number of new product features today to mark its open beta. The site now features a content recommendation engine that publishers can add to their sites to let visitors browse Evri’s listings and profile pages where Evri will collect all the related content on… Read More

  • Commenter of the day: I hate Steve Jobs edition

    Commenting on the new Microsoft commercials, Nate proclaimed his disgust for Steve Jobs & Co. His trust fund baby mentality doesn’t help. He’s got a good point though and Jobs handicap parking job above helps Nate’s point.   Should have said in commercial: “I’m not a Mac, I’m not a PC… I am part of the 90%+ of people that realize having the ability… Read More

  • Capacitor banks are not toys

    In the grand tradition of “let’s but this M80 into the toilet,” this video shows a group of miscreants firing a capacitor bank in a way that is both maniacal and dangerous. When capacitor banks are outlawed, only outlaws will have capacitor banks. Read More

  • Summizer v1.1 hits the App Store, price dropped

    When we mentioned Summizer, a Twitter search application for the iPhone, a few days back, I noted that the 1.1 version of the application I had been using for the review hadn’t yet made its way through the App store approval process. Sometime last night, said version was approved and made available (iTunes link). One of my only gripes with the application was that it cost $4.99. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Wii light gun for $8, free shipping

    When it comes to snap-in Wii accessories, you can’t pay too little. After all, it’s basically just a hunk of molded plastic. Paying over $10 is probably paying too much. So, here’s the Detachable Light Gun for Nintendo Wii for $8 with free shipping from Meritline. It’s normally $9.99 but until September 26th, you can use coupon code AC2470882OFF to knock another two… Read More

  • Dell now selling the monstrous M6400 Precision Mobile Workstation

      The powerhouse M6400 was announced last month and Dell is finally shipping the ‘laptop.’ This mobile workstation will put many desktop rigs to shame with a Core 2 Duo Quad Core Extreme, 16 GB of Ram, and up to 1TB of storage spread over two 500GB disks in a RAID setup. The 17-inch LED back-lit screen even features 100% of the RGB color gamut and potential buyers can configure… Read More

  • LG Xenon QWERTY Slider and 8 megapixel LG KC780 details leaked

    You just know a company isn’t having a good day when they’ve got two unrelated product leaks on the same day. On left is the LG Xenon, a QWERTY slider that looks to be borrowing some facial aesthetics from the LG Dare, though there doesn’t seem to be a touchscreen. It’s on its way to AT&T, and it’s got a 240×480 2.8″ LCD, 3 megapixel camera… Read More

  • By the power of Amun-Ra, chargeth thine iPhone!

    Someday I’ll tell my son about how we used to have to “plug” things in to the wall, at which point he’ll roll his eyes and speed off on his Back to the Future Part II hoverboard to go hang out with the creepy old Doc Brown. Oh the adventures those two will have! Ted, don’t forget to wind your watch! Wait, that’s not the right movie. Read More

  • SmartShopper digital list maker gets $50 price drop

    Back in July of 2007, some of you may recall that your good buddy Doug wrote a post about the $150 SmartShopper device titled SmartShopper Needs $147 Price Drop to be Competitive, wherein I compared the utility of a device that voice-records your shopping list to that of a $3 pad of paper from OfficeMax. My general position was that $150 was too much to pay for something that keeps a list… Read More

  • Skyfire mobile browser now open to everybody

    After months of private beta, Skyfire, a free mobile browser lauded for offering support for Flash, AJAX, and other goodies generally reserved for PC browsers, has opened its doors to the public. Just in time for the resulting stampede of new users, they’ve also introduced a fresh release of the browser for Windows Mobile complete with a handful of new features. (Update: Though… Read More

  • Dell going Green with the help of LEDs

    Environmentally friendly products are all the rage these days and Dell’s determined to help with LED back-lighting. Never mind that retooling production lines and importing the “green” material generally carries a higher carbon footprint than the current material, but still, it’s nice to feel like Captain Planet sometimes. Read More

  • Final 50 Tickets to the TechCrunch Austin Ventures Meet-Up are Available NOW

    We are releasing the final 50 tickets to the TechCrunch Austin Ventures Meet-Up today. If you act quickly, you will be able to join us this Thursday, September 25 at Pangaea to mix it up with local tech start-ups, TechCrunch editors and our fabulous sponsors. Details for this Austin event may be found here. This will follow my Web Starts At The Grassroots Roundtable, which is sold out. … Read More

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