• Marvel execs: Comics coming to our cellphones?

    When you think about it, the idea of comic books on cellphone screens is something of a no-brainer. The individual panels of a comic are just the right size for a mobile’s small screen. Using the standard nav keys could scroll you through an adventure effortlessly. Marvel sees this, and is apparently working to bring X-Men, Spider-Man, Iron Man and others to the small, small… Read More

  • Live: Yang, Decker Talk Yahoo At D6

    Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang and President Sue Decker were on stage at the D6 conference in Carlsbad this afternoon. First questions from Walt Mossberg: “Where do you stand with the Microsoft negotiations?” Yang’s answer: “Microsoft is no longer interested in buying the company. They want to talk about other things, and we’re listening.” Yang says that Microsoft… Read More

  • Guitar Hero World Tour shown off at All Things D

    Bobby Kotick, CEO or Activision, makers of the game-changing Guitar Hero series, showed off Guitar Hero IV today at the All Things D conference. Officially called Guitar Hero World Tour, the game features the familiar guitar controller, but also includes Rock Band-like drums, a bass, and mic. Activision is going head-to-head with Harmonix’s Rock Band. And he had help, with Tony Hawk… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Gears of War special edition comes with picture packs, trailers

    New, exciting info on the upcoming special edition of Gears of War for the Xbox 360. The special content is split into two halves, GoW junk and GoW 2 junk. (I use the word “junk” with only the upmost of sincerity.) As far as the GoW</i< stuff goes, gamers can expect picture packs (!), themes (!!), a special message from CliffyB (!!!), and two multiplayer map packs (~!). As… Read More

  • Apple updates OS X to 10.5.3

    Today, Apple released an update to Leopard and the list of tweaks is quite long. Unfortunately, I can’t restart in the middle of the day so I’ll have to wait until tonight to update, but let us know how it is. Read More

  • D-Link's ethernet-to-coaxial adapter kit: useful but expensive

    Those of you not lucky enough to have the time and money to have outfitted your home with ethernet jacks all over the place probably still have coax cables in the major rooms. A couple tests or a look at some records could tell you the layout of the cabling, then buy this coax conversion kit from D-Link and presto, you’ve got yourself a home networking solution! Assuming wireless… Read More

  • ComScore Buys M:Metrics For $44 Million to Measure the Mobile Web

    Web measurement firm comScore is going mobile. The company is buying M:Metrics for $44.3 million plus 50,000 options of comScore stock. M:Metrics measures mobile Web usage, and will give comScore the ability to track mobile visitors, pageviews, and ads clicked. Its three major products are (from the press release): MobiLensTM, a syndicated monthly online survey that captures overall mobile… Read More

  • Bezos: Kindle, she is my passion

    Dan Farber wrote up a nice piece on the Mossberg/Bezos talk-off at All Things D. He basically tells the tale of how they “out-booked the book” by adding new features to a 500 year old technology. He admitted that the Kindle amounts for 6% of sales of 125,000 titles that are available online and in print on Amazon. Nothing earth-shattering: just two gods sitting down and talking… Read More

  • New York finds Dell guilty of false advertising, fraud

    New York judge Joseph Teresi has found Dell to be guilty of fraud and false advertising, saying… “Dell has engaged in repeated misleading, deceptive and unlawful business conduct, including false and deceptive advertising of financing promotions and the terms of warranties, fraudulent, misleading and deceptive practices in credit financing and failure to provide warranty service… Read More

  • Be careful with those energy drinks, coders: May encourage 'risky' behavior!

    Might want to find something other than Red Bull or Cocaine for those up-all-night coding sessions, fellers. It seems they may not be too healthy for you, and they may encourage “risky” behavior. Oh my! The Journal of American College Health recently published a study that shows a strong link between the consumption of energy drinks—Red Bull, Amp, Monster, Cocaine… Read More

  • Yahoo Unveils Webtop Plugin, BrowserPlus, Before It's Ready

    As Web and desktop applications merge, Yahoo doesn’t want to be left out of the Webtop party. That’s especially true as Adobe Air and Google Gears apps begin to gain some traction (for instance, see the MySpace-Gears announcement from earlier today). It turns out that for the past year Yahoo has been working on BrowserPlus, a browser plugin that lets developers add… Read More

  • Helio's Ocean 2 surfaces?

    Those of us here at CrunchGear who use Helio’s excellent Ocean (which is most of us) are thrilled up at the prospect of the rumored Ocean 2, or OZ2, which is purportedly set to drop on or around June 20. We know the phone has significant upgrades to the OS making it much faster and more responsive that the first-gen version, and we also hear there’s a better camera and… Read More

  • World's smallest humanoid robot available at Hammacher Schlemmer for $200

    Looking for a friend this summer but can’t stand the thought of direct sunlight and/or human interaction? Then try the i-SOBOT. It’s a six-and-a-half inch robot that comes pre-programmed with almost 200 individual movements and can be programmed to perform up to 240 additional movements, should you get bored of the stock motions. Best of all, it’s small enough that it… Read More

  • Google Earth's 3D Goodness Comes to the Browser

    At the Google I/O conference today, VP Engineering Vic Gundotra stressed the supremacy of the browser among all internet-enabled platforms. So it should come as no surprise that the Google Earth team has announced on the same day that it has ported the Google Earth desktop client’s 3D mapping technology into the browser. Website developers are now able to embed 3D maps, which can be… Read More

  • SezWho Seeks Context With An Acquisition

    Call it a mini-merger. SezWho, which tracks the reputations of commenters across the blogs and other discussion platforms that have installed its plugin, has acquired a startup called Tejit that specializes in contextual analysis. SezWho tries to establish reputations for people based on their areas of expertise. So if you make insightful comments on a sports-focused blog, your reputation… Read More

  • ImportGenius: The Disruptive Shipping Database

    What if you could monitor the goods and raw materials that any company imports the day it crosses customs? At first glance ImportGenius, a startup out of Arizona, doesn’t sound particularly exciting: It’s a website that tracks the import/export activity at America’s shipping docks. But according to ImportGenius’s Managing Director Ryan Petersen, this is the first… Read More

  • That didn't take long: Atom chips going dual-core

    DigiTimes is reporting that “Intel is planning to start the mass production of dual-core versions of its Atom processors in the second week of July, according to sources at PC makers.” The current Atom platform will be able to support the new chips via a simple BIOS upgrade, too, which is good news for manufacturers. Bad news for manufacturers, though, is that few people are going… Read More

  • Tesla Roadster getting upgrades

    We’re fans of the Tesla Roadster, the all-electric hot rod that may well change attitudes towards electric cars as well as luxury cars. And the sports car is getting an update, with a new powertrain that replaces the 2-speed gearbox with a 1-speed box for a smoother ride and faster acceleration. It’s also more power efficient, though to what degree isn’t clear. The electric… Read More

  • New white papers reveal more XPERIA X1 specs

    Sony Ericsson recently pushed a new white paper, shining some more light on the drop dead gorgeous QWERTY/Touchscreen slider. While much of the spec sheet just outlines known or otherwise humdrum details (Yes! Emoticon support in e-mail!!), there are a few notable points: 256 MB of SDRAM 512MB of NAND flash 10 Hour talk time on GSM, 6.5 hour talk time on UMTS 3.1 Hour video call time 1500… Read More

  • Speaking of Productivity: Speech recognition is ready

    Maybe I’m a late bloomer, but I haven’t used PC or Mac speech recognition since 1998. I remember strapping on a headset and telling Microsoft Word 98 to write “I like corn.” The result was something like “I lake crone,” which was close enough given the power of my PC but still fairly useless in terms of getting any real work done. I know I’m not alone… Read More

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