• All kinds of Mega Man 9 video goodness goes live

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=38234 Mega Man 9’s step back to the golden days is exactly what the series needs. Seriously. It has been years since I’ve been this excited about getting frustrated and throwing my controller at the wall. Sneak peaks at two of the game’s levels showed up online today, along with the opening cinematic shown above. Though… Read More

  • The Zero Sum Games

    Dare Obasanjo does a good job of gathering together the sad sack stories of a number of startup acquisitions. The rule of thumb he suggests is that rewriting in the acquirer’s technology base destroys the confidence of the startup’s developers, who trigger a cascading loss of faith by users as the founders abandon the company. He cites Fred Wilson’s frank assessment of his… Read More

  • Broadband adoption slowing down

         Photo Source: Flickr American households aren’t hook’n up to broadband access like they used to says Wired. The adoption rate here in the States is at a seven year low and it seems that prices are to blame. With $4 gas and Ramen Noodle dinners, high-speed access mustn’t feel like a necessity anymore. So what’s a struggling provider to do? How about… Read More

  • Chotto Shot PSP camera said to be overheating

    We’re seeing a rumor flying around about the PSP camera, Chotto Shot being too hot to handle. Apparently, the little 1.3 MP camera has been overheating and poses a fire hazard. Known as the Go!Cam in Europe, the camera has never been directly for sale in here in the States. PSP Fanboy is reporting on a recall. And indeed, Play-Asia does not have the camera available. Amazon still has… Read More

  • VC Firm Subpoenas TheFunded For Negative Review

    TheFunded, the site that lets startup founders leave anonymous reports on VCs they’ve encountered, has been issued a subpoena by a small Michigan based VC firm called EDF Ventures. The firm is apparently going after an anonymous user who posted the following on TheFunded on October 12, 2007: “Worked with these people on several deals and they are to be avoided unless you are desperate. Read More

  • Go to your local Sheraton tomorrow to play with a Surface

    Microsoft is rolling out the Surface into a bunch of Sheraton Hotel lobbies tomorrow. Unfortunately, it’s not the Surface Sphere, but from what I saw back in June, the flat one should be quite enough to keep people’s attention. It’s free to use and of course free to look, so stop by a lobby tomorrow on your lunch break and give the thing a touch. If you haven’t seen… Read More

  • HTC Touch Diamond ROM 1.93 now available for all

    While HTC Touch Diamond owners in Hong Kong have been running 1.93 for a few weeks now, folks everywhere else in the world have been out of luck and out of date. Until today, that is. With the release of V1.93 ROMs for the UK and most other European countries, just about everyone can get to patchin’. According to Coolsmartphone, known changes include “camera navigation, text… Read More

  • Another take on E3: Mirror's Edge sucks, Fable 2 rocks

    No, that’s not my opinion. I’m looking forward to both, but this guy from Variety thinks that Mirror’s Edge is gimmicky — “a hot chick in the future who does parkour” — and talks up Fable 2 like it’s, well, what everybody wanted Fable to be. We’ll see. I think Mirror’s Edge has a great team behind it, and despite the hype (I… Read More

  • Charged batteries are like bacon, you can never have enough

    Notebook computers are starting to outnumber desktops in many schools and work settings. Keeping these laptops charged and ready to go can be a real challenge for a lot of IT people. The problem is more common in the schools, since students could lose or forget their power cords. To solve this problem some teachers or IT peeps may consider Oncore’s 6-Bay Battery Charger for Apple… Read More

  • Chrysler to offer $499 EVDO car routers

    Instead of being stuck behind some A-hole driving 20 miles per hour under the speed limit while talking on his cell phone, you’ll soon be stuck behind a very similar A-hole trying to balance a laptop on his dashboard. According to Twice.com, Chrysler’s parts division will begin selling “a Mopar car cellular/Wi-Fi hot spot, expected to be the first of many Internet offerings… Read More

  • 10 Days of CrunchGear: Der SlingenBoxen

    Next in our 10 Days of CrunchGear giveaway we have the Sling Media Package including: Slingbox SOLO: $179.99 value SlingPlayer Mobile: $29.99 value
    The SlingPlayer Mobile registration key will be good for a Windows Mobile, Palm OS or Symbian S60 or UIQ phone. Also, if they you want it to be for BB or iPhone at a future date, we can do that. SlingLink Turbo 4-Port: $149.99 value Yeah… Read More

  • NVIDIA's PhysX-on-GPU demos go live

    Those special PhysX-enabling drivers and demos we told you about a couple days ago are now live on NVIDIA’s site. If you have a GeForce card of any recent vintage (think 8-series and higher), go get set up now! I can’t from my MacBook Pro, but as soon as I get home I’m going to throw down on a little Warmonger; the new Red Faction whetted my appetite for destruction and… Read More

  • A little more about the Dell Latitude E4200 and E4300

    We got some more info on those new ultra portable Dell laptops, the E4200 and the E4300. I got some hands on time with the little guys at today’s press conference in San Francisco. Both are small, just 12.1” for the E4200 and 13.3” for the E4300. Lightweight for sure, weighing in at 2.2 lbs and 3.3 lbs, respectively. While the size difference may not seem like much, I found… Read More

  • What's eating the iPhone's 3G?

    When reception is low, the first one up on the ranter’s chopping plate tends to be the carrier. Such is the case for AT&T; since the iPhone 3Gs launch, much flack has been sent their way over lackluster 3G signal, slow speeds, and dropped calls on the device. Thing is, AT&T doesn’t seem to be the one we should be pointing a finger at. Complaints of poor 3G reception have… Read More

  • Car cigarette lighter with four USB connections

    Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes. For $22.99 you can charge four USB-powered devices plus another regular DC-powered device in your car. It’s only $22.99 – roughly the cost of one or two device-specific DC adapters. Since just about everything charges via USB nowadays, this is a pretty obvious choice for any gadget fiend who spends a lot of time on the road. Car Charger with 4… Read More

  • Here’s a video interview with the new Lara Croft

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?umid=251271 You know, the new Lara Croft that we told you about yesterday. Enjoy… Read More

  • ‘40 Year Old Virgin’ supporting actor suspected of stabbing girlfriend

    Photo Credit: Indophile.net Remember this guy from The 40 Year Old Virgin? Haziz? From the very Circuit City-like Smart Tech store? Apparently he’s been arrested in connection with the attempted murder of his girlfriend. His name is Shelley Malil in real life and he’s being held on $2 million bail after hopping on a train from Los Angeles to San Diego in order to meet with his lawyer. Read More

  • Plasma TVs face tough 'green' regulations down under

    Most gadgetphiles know that plasmas use more energy than LCDs but the Australian government want all of their citizens to know too. The government is rolling out a system currently in place for other household appliances but aimed this time at televisions. The vast majority of plasmas aren’t going to fair very well, and even some might be banned from sale. A Panasonic director indicated… Read More

  • Yahoo Fire Eagle Launches Geo-Location Platform To The Public

    Today at Yahoo’s Brickhouse, a team of developers, press, and Yahoo execs including co-founder David Filo converged for the release of Fire Eagle, Yahoo’s geo-location platform. Fire Eagle allows allows developers to include positional data in their applications with a minimal amount of work. The platform was originally announced in November, and has since been deployed by a… Read More

  • AMD taking the bullet train to Splitsville?

    Advanced Micro Devices is apparently getting set to split up into two companies, according to TG Daily. There are two fluffy, happy, candy-cane strategies currently in place, one called Asset Light and one called Asset Smart. It looks like each may become more than just a strategy, though, as they’re expected to split into two distinct companies in a matter of weeks. The two companies… Read More

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