• Why Twitter cut SMS in Europe: Interview with Evan Williams

    I chatted with Evan Williams, co-founder of Twitter about their recent decision to cut SMS services in Europe for a special ‘news’ edition of the Butcher’s Bunch podcast (on iTunes) listen below. If the player doesn’t work here is the MP3. Read More

  • Lenovo has no interest in Dell's factories

    Lenovo’s CEO William Amelio told reporters earlier today that his company had no interest in purchasing Dell’s factories. Makes sense considering Dell sold them to cut costs. Amelio went on to say that Lenovo was content with their capacity and that the global economy’s weakness would lead to less spending by tech companies. So that’s that. Read More

  • ROFLCOPTER: ‘Thumb’ drive, get it? ‘Thumb’ drive?

    Oh, Brando. You are the living end. Here’s an 8-gigabyte USB thumbdrive that looks like a real thumb. It’s actually almost a little creepy how detailed it is, right down to the cuticle. I find the length of the thumbnail to be the creepiest part, though. The 8GB USB (Thumb) Drive can be yours for $40 and a little slice of your dignity. Read More

  • PlayStation to get Star Wars: The Force Unleashed next week

    http://www.viddler.com/simple_on_site/e51267fb That’s right, fanbois. Lucas Arts long awaited new title is getting ready for deployment next week on the PlayStation platform. Check out the video with Haden Blackman Executive Producer for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. It’s a pretty cool video interview with lots of insight into the development of the game. Read More

  • Sony wants to stop lying to us about battery life

    We all know that laptop makers have been using misleading figures for battery life for years now. The packaging would say 10-12 hours, but when you started using the thing you wouldn’t get anything near that and Sony is fessing up. Most venders use the Japanese tech association Jeita’s method, which is the average of power depletion when idle and playing a movie file. This seems… Read More

  • High capacity 1.8-inch HDDs announced by Toshiba

    Just in time for the holidays. Wait. Who are we kidding here, Toshiba? Is anyone remotely excited about a 240GB 1.8-inch dual-platter HDD or a 120GB single-platter HDD? Yeah, I didn’t think so, but we’ll probably see these invading our PMPs, camcorders and UMPCs in the coming months. Read More

  • Rumor: Ensemble to dissolve after Halo Wars [Update: Confirmation from Microsoft]

    Isn’t this a kick in the pants? Shacknews is reporting that Ensemble Studios will cease to exist once the RTS based on the Halo franchise is finished. Moreover, employees not working on Halo Wars were let go today while incentives were offered for those on the project to stay on until completion. The RTS is due to come out in the first half of 2009. Update: Microsoft has just confirmed… Read More

  • TonchiDot: Tagging your world one iPhone at a time

    Sekai Camera (World Camera in Japanese) is an iPhone-exclusive social tagging service developed by Tokyo-based mobile application provider Tonchidot. The presentation (and following Q&A) was pretty hard to understand because of the language barrier but Sekai Camera turned out to be a crowd-pleaser nonetheless. Read More

  • TC50: AlfaBetic Translates Your Blog For A Worldwide Audience, Free of Charge

    AlfaBetic is a translation service that offers publishers a free way to have their content translated to ten of the web’s most popular languages, which it says will expose them 842 million potential new readers. The service first runs text through a computer, which is similar to the web-based translation systems offered by Google Translate and a number of other sites. After generating… Read More

  • Google backs company aiming to internet-ize the rest of the world

    I know people complain about not getting high-speed internet in their neighborhood, or having interference on their Clearwire or whatnot, but there are bigger problems. No, not global hunger and warfare, those are a little too big. I’m talking about the people in rural Argentina who have no access to the internet at all and no prospect of it. There’s something we can address! And… Read More

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