• Confirmed: Wikia Cuts 10% Of Workforce

    Update: Wikia has confirmed that about 10 percent of its workers have been laid off, but points out that it is still trying to hire for open positions. At the beginning of this year, Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales officially launched his attempt at a human-powered search engine, dubbed Wikia Search. TechCrunch was not impressed initially, to say the least. Although it has come a long way… Read More

  • Gears of War 2 leaked, all over BitTorrent, Usenet

    Wow, Gears of War 2 has now leaked and can be found all over the place. I just checked Usenet, and it’s there waiting for you. It’s also on private and public torrent sites if you feel like risking a hefty fine (maybe). The game is scheduled to come out three weeks from now on November 7. It can’t be too long before Epic and/or Microsoft make a comment about its leak. Read More

  • Test Your Inner Sleuth With 5 Minute Mystery

    As a boy I fell in love with Whodunnits – mystery stories that weave subtle clues into the plot that allow the reader to solve the crime alongside the story’s protagonist (usually a brilliant detective). Novel-length whodunnits are still alive and well, but many of us would prefer more bite-sized mysteries, which are surprisingly hard to come by. In the 90’s Salon published… Read More

  • Major Nelson hints that NXE may be coming next week in some way, shape or form

    Major Nelson, doesn’t he look cool, is hinting that NXE may be coming as early as next week or this week (not sure), but it won’t be the full fledged update. It’s more than likely going to be a beta release or he’s just looking for page hits like Destructoid hints at. Either way, be sure to check out his blog for deets! Lame. via Destructoid Read More

  • Not So CrunchDeal: MacBook Air with 64GB SSD for $1,799

    Well stuff a finger up my nose and call me stupid. The Apple Store is selling the refurb MacBook Air with 64GB SSD drive for $1,799. Since the laptop once cost a ball-numbing $3,098, it’s pretty clear that the SSD option was pretty much a failure. I just bought the older 80GB Air for reasons I will not go into here, but let’s just say that I’m pissed especially since the… Read More

  • PSA: Wii Music is now available

    [blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/ih_CtTiJ5FQ%5D There’s no getting around the fact that the Wii is as popular as balloons at the zoo, so let’s keep our musings about how it’s a refreshed Gamecube at bay. Actually, it’s a great console whether it’s next gen or not doesn’t seem to matter since it clearly doesn’t compete with the Xbox 360 and PS3 on that level. Read More

  • RIM/T-Mobile FINALLY release v4.5 software for the Curve

    Get it here, folks. This Handheld software includes: 1. Video recording capability.
    2. HTML email for internet email accounts.
    3. Music and Video Streaming video capabilities.
    4. New browser home page design.
    5. Improved downloading experience.
    6. Improved UMA and data performance.
    7. Attachment downloading and document editing.
    8. Free/Busy calendar look-up and… Read More

  • New gecko-based glue is inconceivably sticky

    This awesome new adhesive is, as you can see from the picture there, pretty damn sticky. Not only that, but it is a “dry” glue that grabs on without permanently bonding to something — so you can stick and unstick as much as you want. Apparently a square inch of it will hod up an entire CrunchGear editor, and that’s no mean feat. It’s a sort of nano-level… Read More

  • Spore now has cuboid planets – just like real life

    Will Wright expressed some regret that Spore turned out to be less simulation than toybox. His original vision was less cutesy and more scientifically accurate (it’s been accused of covertly approving of intelligent design). Well, looks like somebody didn’t get the memo! These cubic planets are allegedly the result of a new patch (1.02 if you must know), and are possibly intended… Read More

  • ‘Zune Tattoo Guy’ now has an anti-Dick Cheney tattoo

    Let’s not spend a second longer on this than we need to. The “Zune Tattoo Guy”—right up there with Magellan, I tell you—got mad at Microsoft’s handling of the Zune, so he elected to obscure his original Zune tattoo. He now has this delightful “Evil Dick Cheney” tattoo. We wish the man well on his future endeavors. Read More

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