• UK's Directgov Giving Change.gov A Run For Its Money

    Directgov.com, the UK government’s one-stop supersite for citizens, has opened up idea generation by allowing developers around the country to share ideas on how to build a word-class online hub for all national government services. The Directgov site, which launched in 2004, reportedly receives more than 11 million visits a month. Unlike President Obama’s digital initiative… Read More

  • Can you explain to me again why I should trust Google?

    Some of you may have noticed that Google went a little haywire yesterday, labeling every site under the sun, including google.com itself, as potentially harmful to your computer. (This label is usually reserved for sites reported to contain malicious code—think shady warez and porn sites laden with virus and trojan-laced pop-ups.) Drudge’s characterization—GOOGLE GONE… Read More

  • LaunchBox Digital '09 Now Taking Applications

    LaunchBox Digital a startup incubator similar to Y Combinator that offers founders small amounts of seed funding and a mentorship program in exchange for equity stakes of around 4-8%, is now accepting applications for its class of 2009. The incubator will accept up to ten startups, who will be invited to a 12-week program in Washington D.C. where they’ll receive advice from a number… Read More

  • What's so hard about the DTV switch, my grandparents get it?

    The family and I stopped by our grandparents house for a visit yesterday. It was a nice trip and we had a great conversation about the upcoming DTV switch. They seem to get it. Read More

  • Crack your iPhone apps, share the iFun

    Crackulous is a homebrew iPhone app for jailbroken iPhones and Touches and can crack and share paid applications. It’s available from the Hackulous Cydia Repository (add cydia.hackulo.us) to Cydia in sources. The program basically strips copy protection which, in a way, is not very nice to the good folks to actually make these things. $1.99 isn’t much to pay for an app you like… Read More

  • Twitter comes clean

    Twitter developer manager Alex Payne has updated the Twitter FAQ with the actual, real, honest story on the return of Track to its users. First, the relevant text: When will the firehose be ready? By late January, early February 2009. For at least Q1 2009, the “firehose” (the near-realtime stream of all public status updates on Twitter) will only be available to a small group… Read More

  • Robotic stepping stones, so you never have to touch the pavement again, m'lord

    What do you get the man who has everything? How about his own private sidewalk? No better way to avoid the gum and dog doo — plus, the robot pavement is scary enough that people will move out of your way, kneel, and say: “Stranger — though you are nothing like mortal men in shape or stature, but are as the deathless gods — hail and all happiness to you, and may the… Read More

  • One more: The Super Bowl Star Trek trailer

    Got to be honest, it looks great, but I’m more pumped ’bout the G.I. Joe movie after that trailer. Still, this Star Trek one looks amazing in HD. Read More

  • RIP BlackBerry 7130e

    My trusty and durable BlackBerry 7130e is finally dead after a Vernors bath thanks to my son. The phone has been at my side for nearly three years and has proved to be a damn good phone. Sure, it doesn’t have a camera or expandable memory, but I gave it hell and it kept on kick’n. It survived falling of my roof a few times, my kid kicked it around like a toy, and it was even ran… Read More

  • Super Bowl teaser trailer for Transformers 2 "leaked" online

    The first teaser trailer for Transformers 2 – Revenge of the Fallen, which was to debut during the Super Bowl later tonight, is already available online. And it looks awesome. Trailer after the jump. Read More

  • CrunchGear/TechCrunch Meetup in Tokyo

    Ba Da Da Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding. Greetings from the Land of the Rising Sun, Hello Kitty, Ninjas and all sorts of sexual fetishes. Serkan and I are talking about having a meetup here in Tokyo on Tuesday night. Please drop a line in comments or e-mail me at peterha at crunchgear dot com and let us know if you’d like to join. I’m staying in Ebisu and plan to have the meetup around… Read More

  • Google Chrome Not Cool Enough For Google Docs, Facebook (If You're Browsing Incognito)

    Google’s Chrome browser has this neat little feature built-in that lets you browse the web in porn incognito mode, which essentially means it will refrain from storing any information when you visit web pages. According to this help page explaining the feature, you can switch to browsing incognito if you want to “plan surprises like gifts or birthdays” in stealth mode. Except… Read More

  • So Bad It Hurts: Classic Hits By Microsoft Songsmith

    When we first came across Microsoft Songsmith, it was the promo video that made us cringe. But the song-making software is inspiring a whole new genre on YouTube where people alter famous music videos and concert footage by stripping out the original instruments and replace them with tinny keyboards or folk banjos, and keep the vocals. The results are a twisted breed of classic hits that… Read More

  • Betfair Gives Steelers 69 Percent Chance of Winning Super Bowl

    The Superbowl is in 17 hours, but many people think they already know who will win. The odds on betting site Betfair give the the Pittsburgh Steelers a 69 percent chance of winning versus the Arizona Cardinals. Both were seen as long shots at the beginning of the season, when the Steelers were given a 4 percent chance of winning the Super Bowl, and the Cardinals were only given a 1… Read More

  • Windows 7 works on a 600MHz UMPC – let's try a Game Gear!

    Windows 7 has proven to be an excellent scaler, as it seems to run excellently not just on top-end hardware but on hardware so outdated as to be laughable. This U560 UMPC, which I’m sure is an excellent little machine for playing King’s Quest IV on, actually worked quite well with 7 despite only sporting a 600MHz Atom A100 processor. I’m beginning if I’ll be able to run… Read More

  • Crappy flash game lets you splash land in the Hudson

    That took surprisingly long! I would have expected a game like this (tasteless certainly, but not necessarily distasteful) to have occurred mere hours after the crash. If you can believe it, it took almost a week for a developer to put together a couple sprites, a smoke effect, and the gameplay from Top Gun on NES. Read More

  • Hey, Digg Users! A Lego Turing Machine

    Hey, hyper-intelligent man-boys! Want to create an early form of artificial intelligence using colored blocks? Watch the video and learn the majesty of Turing Machines and thrill to the strains of the A-Team theme. This is a perfect storm for social bookmarking. via BBG Read More

  • Jimmy Wales Quietly Launches Wikianswers

    Here’s a question for you. How many Q&A sites does the Web really need? Already, there is Yahoo Answers, WikiAnswers, Mahalo Answers, Linkedin Answers, ChaCha and dozens beyond. But Wikia (and Wikipedia) co-founder Jimmy Wales thinks there is room for one more. We learned from a tip that he has quietly launched Wikianswers, a Question & Answer site that attempts to create… Read More

  • Blue Monster guy laid-off at Microsoft

    The poor bastard who got a tattoo of the motivational “Blue Monster” has been laid off. Blue Monster Man, Dan Woodman, writes: Working at Microsoft has been the greatest experience of my life and I have no desire to forget about it. And even if I don’t get back into Microsoft right away (which is, by the way, my plan!), then I have a reminder that even outside of Microsoft… Read More

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