• Update your online life using your real life

    Savvy NYU Computer Science major Shirley Palma wanted to be able to update her friends about her mood on twitter without having log on to her computer or mess around with text messaging, so she rigged a handkerchief to do it for her. Read More

  • An affordable electric car coming soon

    Get ready for the return of the electric car. Philadelphia steel wholesaler Barry D. Bernsten has created BG Automotive Group with the purpose of bringing an affordable electric car to market. The first roll out will occur later this year in October and the new company hopes to hit sales marks of 4,000 cars. More of an introduction to the concept and the company, the cars will be marketed… Read More

  • Greystripe Monetizing iPhone Games With Ad Platform

    The current iPhone App Store revenue share model – a 70/30 split for the sale of apps, generally in the $0.99-$9.99 range – doesn’t exactly reward developers for producing addictive games. Greystripe, an advertising network for mobile games, has stepped in to compensate developers for every time their games are played, not just for when those games are initially… Read More

  • Smart Berry is not RIM’s new handheld, it’s a toy for girls

    If you like spoiling your kids and buying them things they will use for a week and then lose, then Bandai’s Smart Barry is worth a look. If you’re wondering why I’m being so hard on this device/toy, read on. The Smart Barry is a game/text messaging device that allows you to send messages to 4 other devices that are no more the 10 meters away. On top of that your message can… Read More

  • Geek-out: Watchmen trailer and Star Trek cast photos

    Fanboys, start your whingeings! First, Entertainment Weekly’s latest issue has a few large shots of some of the primary characters from the upcoming Star Trek movie. They go together to form this composite image; looks pretty cool except for the tattoos on the Romulan Nero. Could they make them any more tribal and generic? Secondly, the trailer for our beloved Watchmen is live. Read More

  • Homebrew Wiimote-Controlled Lego Robocar

    From the “Preposterous Headline” Dept:
    This looks like fun. This guy has put together a C# program that takes input from a Wiimote and passes it to a Lego NXT car with a wireless interface. The program looks pretty powerful and customizable and the car certainly responds right (although there is a little lag). I’d like to think these are the projects I’d do if I were… Read More

  • Anthropologists look for appropriate uses for mobile devices in developing countries

    High-tech companies are looking to help close the digital divide by determining what people in developing countries need from mobile devices. The role of the anthropologist is well suited for helping to determine how to act upon mobile-related news and information, by acting as a sort of intermediary between third world residents and high tech companies. As anthropology is basically the study… Read More

  • Twiddla: Simple Collaboration Software That Works Almost Anywhere

    Twiddla, a free service that lets users draw and annotate webpages with their peers, has launched a new version of its site that introduces a number of new features. Compared to enterprise-grade collaboration software, Twiddla falls a little short – there’s no screen sharing or video chat, and the software seems a little buggy. But for ease of use and compatibility it can’t… Read More

  • Ubnox-o-Phone: Gah

    Sam Holmes built this odd amplifier/synthesiser just to piss people off. It uses the Weird Sound Generator and the Ruby Guitar Amp to create crazy sounding noises that will definitely anger anyone within earshot. He even added a key to turn the thing off and he films himself in the woods, on a trampoline, and near his mailbox, three settings which are absolutely essential to all DIY device… Read More

  • Sigh…turns out free AT&T Wi-Fi is bogus (again)?

    Oh, here we go. Ars Technica is reporting that the whole free AT&T Wi-Fi for iPhone users thing we told you about earlier today was yet ANOTHER mistake by AT&T. Ars spoke with AT&T spokesperson Seth Bloom, who said, "We have not made any announcement regarding free Wi-Fi and iPhone… The webpage was posted in error and is being removed.” However, he went on to say… Read More

  • Android Not Open: No XMPP, No Source, No SDK For Some

    Android is the new highly-anticipated “open source” mobile platform that is currently under development at Google. There are a high expectations of Android as the first viable open source based mobile platform and a viable competitor to the dominance of Symbian, Microsoft and now Apple. Android is based on Linux and developers can write applications in managed code that use the… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Nokia N810 for $299.99

    It’s Friday, and that means payday for some people. Looking for something to buy? Howsabout this Nokia N810 Internet Tablet for just shy of $300 from CompUSA? The N810 has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, Wi-Fi, GPS, VGA webcam, open source operating system, 4.3-inch 800×480 display, and more. Here’s a little hands-on we did with the device back in April. Nokia N810 NSeries… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson workers face 2,000 job cuts

    Mobile phone maker Sony Ericsson has announced they will be letting 2,000 workers go, as they try to regain market share. The company reported an operating loss of $3.1 million dollars for the second quarter as compared to a profit of almost $500 million a year ago. The company hopes to ride out the current credit crunch by cutting operating costs up to $600 million a year. In June the company… Read More

  • New face recognition system helps stores to identify VIP customers

    Tokyo-based Tech security system provider Shiba Denshi Systems [JP] developed a technology that enables store employees to identify and systematically address “important” customers in a quicker way. First, video cameras installed at the store entrance capture the faces of customers coming in. The information is then forwarded to a data base of profiles that stores must in create… Read More

  • Dangers of hype: $650 empty iPhone box sold on eBay

    In a not-too-surprising turn of events, someone has taken upon himself to purchase the new iPhone 3G, and then turn around and sell (some of) it on eBay. Figuring the hype would shoot up the bid, they were right, and the auction finished off at $650.00 with a ton of bidding. Well, now that its over, the winning bidder is the proud owner of an “iPhone 3G Black 16 GB Box and… Read More

  • Radio Shack looks to Apple stores for inspirado

    Since the launch of Apple’s super-popular iPhone, competing handset manufacturers have been scrambling to produce phones that at least somewhat replicate Cupertino’s device. So it should stand to reason that the look and feel of Apple’s stores, which are quite popular with shoppers, might begin to appear in competing retailers’ stores. Case in point, it’s… Read More

  • NTT develops anti-Tempest device to improve computer security

    All computer screens emit electromagnetic waves that can be intercepted by criminals who then use the data to reconstruct what is displayed. Research on the topic is largely classified. But it’s not a secret that even distances of 100 meters and more between the attacker and the target PC can still be critical, depending on the equipment used and the surrounding area (walls, large… Read More

  • Pyramid Head coming soon to your favorite platform, PC included

    I’m not sure whether to jump for joy or cower in abject terror. Pyramid Head, the enigmatic and utterly terrifying boss-monster from Silent Hill, is making another appearance, this time in the new Silent Hill: Homecoming. The game will be coming out on 360, PS3, and PC (simultaneity unconfirmed) and will doubtless be another pants-moistening romp through the titular town… Read More

  • Creative ZEN Krystal features built-in pedometer

    It appears that Creative has released a new MP3 player in the ZEN Krystal. Unfortunately, it seems that it’s only available in Hong Kong at the moment but perhaps it’ll eventually make its way stateside. The Krystal runs for about $90 and features 4GB of storage, OLED display, simple drag and drop file management (no drivers required), FM radio, voice recorder, three games, and… Read More

  • CrunchGear Live Podcast, 1:00 Eastern

    You can chat with us during the show via AIM by pinging username “crunchtips” or call into the show at (646) 200-4163 should the mood strike you. Here’s the link for today’s show… Read More

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