• Note to Apple: Stop Thinking Like a Phone Company

    As we all know by now, the latest software update to the iPhone may in some cases turn it into a useless brick—if you happen to have put hacked software on it or unlocked it (ahem, John) in order to make it work on a non-AT&T carrier (such as T-Mobile, in the U.S.). Apple, of course, is free to try to lock in customers to its partner AT&T and to control what software will work… Read More

  • Highly Entertaining: Realtors Suing Other Realtors

    In an interview with 60 Minutes, Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman said that “Real Estate is by far the most screwed up industry in America.” That may or may not be true, but one thing is certain: a lot of people have had negative experiences with realtors and wish there was a better way to buy and sell houses. And whenever we write about how screwed up that industry is, the realtors come… Read More

  • Destroy all phones: Portable GSM phone jammer

    Want to know why I don’t got to the movies anymore? Because consistently and without fail all the times I’ve gone in the past two years I’ve sat behind or in front of — always very near — people talking on the phone. Seriously. So in leiu of throwing Junior Mints at them, I suspect I’ll just get this portable phone jammer for $166 and cut them off at… Read More

  • Mega Man 3 Intro Done On Guitar

    Mega Man 3 Intro Guitar – Watch more free videos Found via Phillyist, here’s a video of some kid chilling in his bedroom playing the Mega Man 3 intro on guitar. Sounds very 1980s, but it’s still boss. Really has that shred/arena rock feel to it. Now that I think about it, isn’t every damn Nintendo game made to sound like the 1980s? Go… Read More

  • CrunchGear in Japan

    Hey, guys. I, John Biggs (not Mike) will be in Tokyo for CEATEC next week. If you’d like to meet up for some sake and iPhone fondling and/or Web 2.0 talk, please drop me a line at john @ crunchgear.com. My schedule is still kind of up in the air but I hope to have an evening free for karaoke. See you soon! Read More

  • Private Equity Eats Avaya for $8.2 Billion and 3Com for $2.2 Billion. Burp.

    Two big private equity deals today. Shareholders finally approved the $8.2 billion buyout of Avaya by Silver Lake Partners and the Texas Pacific Group (not bad for an IP phone company that once was part of Lucent). And 3Com, the perpetually money-losing maker of computer networking equipment and competitor of Cisco Systems, has agreed to be acquired by Bain Capital and Chinese networking… Read More

  • FaceContact goes live with referral tracker

    FaceContact, a new UK startup which has a tool to track and reward referrals for job candidates, clients, investors and just about any other defined “prospect”, has gone live with its public beta site. It’s incredibly complicated to track where an original referral came from. FaceContact is set up to try and crack this problem, and incentivise people to make referrals. It… Read More

  • ViaMichelin x970 quick look

    The Michelin Red Book is Europe’s premier restaurant guide. Yes, it’s sponsored by a tire company but its rankings are so highly regarded that an eatery can make or break its reputation based on a star from the guide’s reviewers. It’s big overseas, but not so big over here, which is why ViaMichelin, a GPS device maker and mapping service, has a hard road ahead of… Read More

  • Microsoft Extending Windows XP Sales

    Due to the fact that Windows Vista just straight up sucks, Microsoft released a statement yesterday stating that they will continue to sell Windows XP until the end of June 2008, adding five months to the previously planned phase out date. The decision comes after multiple complaints from both customers and PC manufacturers about how broken Vista was. Of course, Microsoft didn’t really… Read More

  • MirriAd wins £2m funding for video tech

    MirriAd, a UK startup which has developed a technology to embed advertising into videos ranging from user generated video up to studio quality productions, has received a a £2 million investment from Seraphim Capital among others.The firm, which has operations in New York and Mumbai, has a patented its technology called ZoneSense to insert video advertising into video streams which… Read More

  • DIY Jacobs Ladder is a shockingly fun time

    Sorry about the title but I couldn’t resist. Hack a Day has a little post up on how you can make your own Jacobs Ladder, which is that crazy thing you see at museums with the electricity shooting up between two metal poles. Basically, you just have to get your hands on a high voltage transformer, such as one found in a neon sign. Add a set of two insulated electrodes (aka metal poles)… Read More

  • Vista will eat itself

    Don Reisinger knows what’s good for Microsoft and that’s burying all copies of Vista in New Mexico along with E.T. for the Atari 2600. He points out all of Microsoft’s failures — no extras, a stunning resemblance to OS X/Linux, and slow updates — and refuses to see the good deep in Vista’s heart. The time is up. Microsoft must abandon Vista and move on. Read More

  • Apple and Orange fight over iPhone revenue

    The French iPhone deal is being delayed by arguments between Apple and the France Telecom-owned network Orange over the amount of revenue that will go back to Apple from iPhone sales. The news comes as Apple takes a massive PR hit over its latest software update to the iPhone, which is all about locking the phone down to one carrier. With the iPhone deal all but done the official announcement… Read More

  • UK users spend 6 hours a week online, some are on 80

    The Internet is now inexorably weaved into daily life in the UK with almost 90 per cent of home internet users now spending six hours or more online each week, 40 per cent of whom are downloading music and 16 per cent watching online video. Unsurprisingly, 90 per cent of broadband users go online to send email while more than 60 per cent use auction sites such as eBay, according to new… Read More

  • Apple PowerMac G4 Mailbox

    This is one impressive use of an old PowerMac G4 to say the least. If I didn’t live in NYC, I’d be super-tempted to gut my PowerMac G3 tower I have laying around and use it just like this guy did, except mine stills runs rather well and makes a great music server. The blue and white coloring would look badass though, especially at night if I threw a few LEDs in there with a battery… Read More

  • iPhone update 1.1.1: the aftermath

    And so it begins. After Apple released the iPhone 1.1.1 Update yesterday, there are conflicting reports of seamless activations and happy customers mixed in with cries of anguish from AT&T customers locked out of their iPhones as well as a collective shudder as unlocked iPhone users watch the boards for news of the coming 3rd Party App Holocaust (they opened for Metallica in 1998. They… Read More

  • Xbox 360 Won't Lower In Price

    Word on the interwebs is that Microsoft won’t be changing its pricing for the Xbox 360 anytime soon. Despite lower manufacturing costs due to the 65nm CPUs used in the console, Microsoft is expected to stick to its current pricing scheme. What’s being thrown around as an alternate solution to entice buyers is game bundling. Forza Motorsport 2 and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance are… Read More

  • Und Ya He Is Da Tekno Viking, Yah!

    http://view.break.com/373200 – Watch more free videos Did you know that Peter Ha spends six hours a day in front of his mirror reciting the lyrics of Aladdin’s “A Whole New World”? It’s true. He takes off his shirt, removes his pants and puts on a wig he found in the dumpster behind his apartment. Off-key and usually half-drunk… Read More

  • Some Apple Geniuses Restoring Bricked iPhones

    You know damn well that when you unlocked your iPhone, it’d only be good until the next software update. Don’t kid me. You knew it. Now your iPhone is an expensive paperweight and Apple says you voided your warranty. Try to take it to an Apple Store or send it back to Apple and you’ll get denied. Lucky for you, some Apple employees working the Genius Bar have compassion and… Read More

  • Visa Micro Tag Keychain

    I swear, I have to get one of these if it kills me. For months now I’ve been watching those Visa and MasterCard commercials that showcase the RFID technology that’s in PayPass. You know, the one where the dude is running late and buys a pack of gum and a banana or something just by waving his credit card at a machine. Well now if you want to take it one step further, you should get… Read More

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