• Backblaze: Online Backup With Time Machine's Finesse

    Every year millions of people lose their photos, documents, and music to the mechanical squeals of hard drive failure. Despite the consequences, few people ever get around to actually backing up their data – it’s just too much of a chore. For many, Apple finally hit the nail on the head with Time Machine, which lets users plug an external drive into their computers and forget… Read More

  • The Future Of Social Isn't Content Spewing (I Hope)

    A conversation broke out today on the future of social media. Venture capitalist Fred Wilson says his vision for the future of social media is very simply “every single human being posting their thoughts and experiences in any number of ways to the Internet.” Putting aside the fact that most people just don’t want to publish online (and perhaps never will), I still think… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Rather Shocking Edition

    Scorpion logging machine will eventually kill us all
    Telekinetic monkeys and revolutionary prehensile prosthetics
    Trailer released for second Futurama movie, The Beast with a Billion Backs
    Do not mess with her: The No Contact Jacket has arrived
    Productivity Week Read More

  • WuChess: Online Chess For The Hip Hop Crowd. Why Not.

    Hey, we’ve got Netvibes for the hip hop crowd (GlobalGrind), why not online chess, too? WuChess, a partnership between Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA and ChessPark, a social network around online chess playing, launches today. It’s the “world’s first online chess and hip hop community” and will also include exclusive videos and mp3 of the “hottest cats in hip… Read More

  • Time For Another Kevin Rose "Inside Information" iPhone Rumor

    A month before the original iPhone release in 2007, Digg’s Kevin Rose made a set of bold predictions. Citing inside information, he said the device would have a slide out keyboard, a touch screen and two batteries (one for the MP3 player, one for the phone). The iPhone did indeed have a touch screen. Now Rose is back with a new prediction on the 3G iPhone next week. He says Apple will… Read More

  • Webtop Watch: Adobe Launches Acrobat.com and Releases Acrobat 9 (With Flash).

    Continuing its push to become a major provider of Webtop software, Adobe is releasing two new products on Monday: Acrobat.com and Acrobat 9. Adobe’s Webtop arsenal already includes the recently launched online version of PhotoShop and its online media player, Adobe TV. Acrobat.com is another big step towards bringing more desktop-like experiences to the Web. “It is our intent… Read More

  • Plan B

    In the past, you could measure Microsoft’s success by others’ weakness. This time it’s different. Google rolls out a five-pronged disruption to the smart phone, the Visual Studio developer base, social media, offline storage, and Webtone pricing – and it bolsters Ray Ozzie’s hand. With a month to go, Bill Gates’ “transition” from 80-20 to 20-80… Read More

  • The past week on MobileCrunch

    Top stories for the week of 5/25/08 – 5/31/08: Rumor: 3G iPhone to be delayed? Monsoon Multimedia to announce HAVA player for S60 tomorrow Adobe and Qualcomm partner to integrate Flash into BREW Samsung Soul slider reborn as candybar, dubbed Soulb Sprint’s QChat PTT going national in June RIM to meet with Indian Officials over Security Issues Hutchison Telecom bringing iPhone to… Read More

  • Very nice: Biostar's P45 mobo for the discerning overclocker

    That’s-a sexy motherboard. Reminds me of my own, actually — I think it’s the unbelievably annoying placement and orientation of the six SATA connectors. It’s also got 10 USB ports like mine and the cooling system is similar. The P45 series will be the successor to my P35 so I’m not surprised they’re similar, but I don’t see any really… Read More

  • 14 classic (some still-running) tech rivalries

    In case you forgot that Macs and PCs aren’t the best of pals, or that Nintendo and Sega used to send letter bombs to each other, this article should refresh your memory. I like reliving the old conflicts, like Netscape vs. IE and SNES vs. Genesis. You can vote too, so everyone knows which side your bread is buttered on. Some of their “classic” rivalries seem a little… Read More

  • Video: Groaningly awful CSI hacker jargon

    We have a breach! Not only do they read “News Blog” but they know about IP addresses, a closely guarded secret among hax0rs. These CSI guys are getting pretty l33t. It’s short, but this video has to be one of the worst instances of bluff tech writing I’ve ever seen — worse than 24!

    And for your pleasure: A creative Redditor has put together an awesome… Read More

  • Sidekick LX over the air update will be packed with goodies

    With the Sidekick Gekko expected to launch soon at a wallet-friendly price, it looks like Danger is giving the higher-end Sidekick LX the update treatment to keep it in the top spot. While there doesn’t seem to be a concrete date when the OTA update will roll out, the guys at Hiptop3 managed to get the rundown on some of the coming features. Video playback and recording through the… Read More

  • Break In At TechCrunch HQ Yesterday

    Fred Vogelstein decided to begin his article about me in Wired last year with the story about the Dutch entrepreneurs who broke into my house, with Starbucks, hoping to pitch me. Since then, at least once a month an entrepreneur shows up hoping to pitch us, usually bringing their saddest eyes and the most extravagant gifts available at the local convenience story. Usually they manage to get in… Read More

  • The MacBook Air: Thin Enough To Slice A Cake

    Rahul Sood, the CTO of HP’s gaming systems division (formerly VoodooPC), has found a new use for the MacBook Air: slicing cake. Handed a MacBook Air as a “present” at his birthday, he wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. So he tested its razor-thinness on the cake. “It’s so damn sharp, it did a fine job,” he reports. Probably not what the folks at… Read More

  • Like.com's Creepy, But Effective, Facebook Ads

    Is a picture worth a thousand clicks? You’ve heard of contextual ads triggered by keywords on a Web page. Now, get ready for contextual ads triggered by images on the page. Visual-shopping search engine Like.com is running ads on Facebook that appear to match objects in profile photos. Notice the ad by Like.com in the lower left for aviator sunglasses in the screen shot shown here… Read More

  • Bezos Talks Web Services

    Last week at the D6 conference, Om Malik caught Jeff Bezos on video after his on-stage appearance (in which he talked about a new pay-per-download movie service). In the five-minute hallway interview (embedded below), Bezos explains why a Web retailer is offering cloud computing services. The answer is because Amazon, as a Web-scale application, had to build these services for itself anyway. Read More

  • Technorati Founder Dave Sifry Takes On Travel Guide Industry

    Technorati founder Dave Sifry, who left the company a little over a year ago, is launching a new company called Offbeat Guides this morning into private beta. Sifry’s blog post on the launch is here. Think Lonely Planet travel guides, except they are created on the fly from Internet data sources, customized to you personally and then delivered via PDF instantly or (a color printed… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson BeiBei demo video released

    Hot on the trail of the Sony Ericsson Paris video we saw a few days ago, a demo video of the equally unannounced-yet-widely-known-about Sony Ericsson G702 BeiBei has hit the tubes. Unfortunately, the guy with the snazzy cardigan from the Paris video doesn’t make an appearance this time around. Like the Paris, the WiFi totin’ BeiBei is expected to get its official announcement at… Read More

  • Microsoft warns webmasters to update sites for Internet Explorer compatibility; Welcome to 1998

    Here comes IE8, just like every IE before it. Nick MacKechnie, a senior manager on the IE8 project, blogged that webmasters should get ready for IE8 by adding special IE8 tags to their websites. The irony is that the edits to HTML needed to make sites compatible with IE8 are to tell the browser that you’re making an HTML-compliant page. Basically, IE8 defaults to wanting everything… Read More

  • Image: Verizon pushing 4G handsets already? Nope!

    Verizon Wireless is running a large, nation-wide 3G network. This much is known. They don’t yet have a 4G network, though we know they’re doing trials now of LTE, or Long Term Evolution, a GSM variant, but it’s not open to the public. Reader Jonathan snapped this shot of a Verizon Wireless reseller advertising 4G service. “4G Premium Retailer,” it says. Of… Read More

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