• PortOPong: Inflatable beer bong table

    Want. These guys are living the American Dream. Portopong Read More

  • SGN's Wii-like Golf And Bowling Games Both Top Ten iPhone Apps

    No surprise that SGN’s iPhone games are doing so well – they’re fun to play and they’re free. iGolf is at no. 7 on the top ten apps list and has, the company says, more than 1 million downloads. The newly launched iBowl is at no. 8. Both games extensively use the accelerometer to control game action, resulting in a Wii-like experience. The only problem is the high chance… Read More

  • Social media gurus and startup kids move to new homes

    The shifting sands of London’s networking events is shifting again, and re-shaping into something approaching stability. The Social Media Cafe, or The Tuttle Club as regulars like to call it, is moving from its birthplace in an upstairs room in The Coach and Horse pub in London’s Soho (see my bad photo of the last event today) to a fascinating new location: The Institute of… Read More

  • Why IT should listen to Palin

    Whatever your political preferences, Sarah Palin’s performance in the Vice Presidential debate can be seen as a blueprint for how IT must learn to respond to the social media wave. If you haven’t noticed, every single technology vendor large and small is now shoveling great amounts of verbiage (sic) about cloud computing, its virtues, its dangers, its (lack of) change from what… Read More

  • Google Image Search Ads In The Wild, Looks Like They Need Work

    Last May Google announced that it would begin experimenting with display ads on its popular Image Search, which it has largely been unable to monetize – in 2006 the company estimated that it was missing out on $200 million a year because it wasn’t including ads in search results, and that number has almost certainly gone up since then. Google has previously tried to incorporate… Read More

  • Best Buy-house brand Insignia GPS units getting Google search

    Google search is finally making its way into GPS units with the latest from Insignia. The two units are going to boost built-in cell phone modems that will power the Google search and ‘cording to a Best Buy spokeswomen, there will be no fees for the first year. (Sounds like Dash) The Google access will allow owners to locate places with the power of Google and even forward route info… Read More

  • So, is the Sega Vision handheld multimedia device real or not?

    Let’s play a game: is this thing, the Sega Vision, real or not? It looks pretty damn clunky to have been designed any time in the last five years, hat’s for sure. Be that as it may, the Register swears up and down that’s it’s real as can be, and that Sega plans to release it “early next year” in the UK. The system is being planned as a “PSP… Read More

  • Facebook Co-Founder Departs To Build "Extensible Enterprise Productivity Suite"

    Update: An email from Moskovitz about his departure has surfaced. We’ve published it, too, below. Rumors started to leak earlier today that Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz (left) and colleague Justin Rosenstein were leaving to start their own company. Facebook has since confirmed the rumor to us with a simple quote from Mark Zuckerberg: “Dustin has always had Facebook’s… Read More

  • Obama buys channel on Dish Network: Broadcasts his message 24/7

    Call: Barack Obama has so much money… Response: How much money? Call: He has so much money that he can buy a channel on Dish Network, where he’ll pump his campaign messages 24/7. If you’re keen to check out Obama’s channel, tune in to channel 73. It runs through November. And no, it’s not Dish Network endorsing Obama or anything. It’s merely a paid… Read More

  • HP has a new WinMo 6.1 Touchscreen handset in the works – return of the Oak?

    Back in January, word got out of a new WinMo 6.1 touchscreen handset floating around the Hewlett Packard labs. Called the Oak and tentatively set for a September launch on Vodafone, it had a number pad on its face and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard packed away underneath. Unfortunately, all’s been mum on the matter since the initial leak. September came and went, and the Oak didn’t… Read More

  • Earthcomber Cries Patent Infringement Against Loopt

    A scantly known startup out of Chicago called Earthcomber has filed a rather absurd patent infringement suit against Loopt, a location-based social network with a substantially higher profile in the Valley and elsewhere. The suit claims that Loopt has infringed an Earthcomber patent, filed in June 2003 and issued in July 2006, that outlines “a system and method for locating and notifying… Read More

  • Limited edition Komachi Kit for E-420 now out in Europe

    I couldn’t tell you who Ono no Komachi is, but she was some famous Japanese poet and now she has a limited edition SLR kit named after her. The Komachi Kit beefs up the Oly E-420 with a Zuiko Digital 25mm 1:2.8 pancake lens (mmmm pancakes), which gives the entire package a total width of 76.5mm and a weight of 475g or 1.05 pounds for those in the US. To make it even more Komachi, Oly… Read More

  • Thank you TechCrunch Sponsors

    Without our sponsors TechCrunch would not be possible. Accordingly, we want to thank the following sponsors for their support. Read More

  • CEATEC 2008: Panasonic's LifeWall, the coolest product of the exhibition (3 videos)

    I know it’s very esoteric and all, but I (and tons of other CEATEC 2008 attendees) really loved Panasonic’s super-futuristic LiveWall prototype. What you can see in the videos below is a wall-sized screen (LifeWall) that detects users anywhere they go in the room it’s installed in through face recognition. AT CES, Panasonic called this concept “You-know-me-TV”… Read More

  • CrunchDeal: Logitech Harmony 550 Remote for $61.07 shipped

    Harmony remotes are amazing. If you have remote clutter, buy one of these and you will not be disappointed. It will rid your world of multiple remotes once and for all.  via GadgetReview Read More

  • Sprint finds potential buyers for Nextel

    As Nextel continues to hemorrhage customers, Sprint is still trying to push it (and the accumulated debts) on someone else. According to the WSJ, they’ve received a handful of inquiries as of late. Amongst those said to be interested are Latin American iDEN carrier NII, and private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management. Just three years ago, Sprint snapped up Nextel for $35 billion. Now… Read More

  • Xbox 360 sales beat out PS3 in Japan for the first time, Nintendo still kicking ass

    September was a monumental month for Microsoft in Japan. The Xbox 360 console sold 53,547 units to Sony’s 33,071 units sold. But Nintendo’s Wii sales practically doubled that of the 360 with 109,548 units sold. The boost in sales for the 360 had a lot to do with the recent price cut and the launch of Square Enix’s Infinite Undiscovery, says Reuters. The now outdated DS… Read More

  • Madden NFL 09 goes pink for the month of October

    You care about your wives, mothers, aunts, daughters, sisters, grandmas, grand kids, etc., right? You like Madden too, don’t you? Well, if you haven’t picked up Madden NFL 09 yet then look for the Madden NFL 09 Pink edition this month at Target, which happens to be National Awareness Month. Proceeds from the game will go to the Deanna Favre HOPE Foundation. It’s for a good… Read More

  • Apple's Steve Jobs is fine, despite heart attack claims

    Despite what a CNN citizen journalist reported, Apple’s Steve Jobs did not have a heart attack last night. An Apple rep has denied the report. Steve is alive and well. Read More

  • NVIDIA showing off the next MacBook Pro?

    Yet again, we are here gazing at another MacBook Pro rumor pic. Word on the street is that NVIDIA is going to provide the next-gen GPU for the MBP and apparently, they are proud of their work. The image above is currently occupying front and center on NVIDIA’s notebook page. But calm down fanboys, there is no way that the NVIDIA suits would violate Jobs’ trust – and NDA… Read More

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