• Firefox Goes Threadless With Crowdsourced T-Shirt Store

    Taking a page from Threadless, Mozilla is opening up its own online store featuring crowdsourced Firefox T-shirt designs. You can upload your own design, or pick from the gallery. The store is built on Zazzle‘s platform, which handles the printing, shipping, and billing. Zazzle is rolling out partner stores focused on other online communities as well, but this could turn out to be the… Read More

  • Fallout: Carlyle Group Cuts 10% Of Workforce, Closes Menlo Park Office

    Carlylye Group, the world’s second largest private equity fund, is laying off 10% of its worldwide workforce, or about 100 people. Carlyle has $91.5 billion in assets under management. They’re also closing their Menlo Park office outright. More here and here. Read More

  • Atari's Ghostbusters actually looks good

    Most folks in the gaming world have been a bit apprehensive about Atari’s Ghostbusters title and after the no-show at PAX this year, many wondered if it was even going to see the light of day. As a youth growing up in the 80s the Ghostbusters movies were a staple in my rotation of weekend movie watching. The other being the original Star Wars trilogy with a sprinkling of Saturday… Read More

  • eBuddy's Mobile Chat Continues To Thrive, Hits 10M Users

    eBuddy, the instant messenger startup that we’ve likened to a European meebo (though eBuddy has been around for much longer), has released the latest figures for its mobile instant messaging client, and it looks like business is booming. Since July, the mobile J2ME eBuddy client has been downloaded over 5 million times, and has seen 10 million total downloads since launching in summer… Read More

  • Lego Terrorist will slay the man-child in you

    Just in time to be horribly inappropriate, some folks have discovered BrickArms, a company that makes cute little Lego men with realistic weapons. Here we have the White Bandit (not, not a terrorist) who is very angry and carries a rifle, what looks like a Luger, and some grenades. Not offensive enough for you? Try the SS man. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Monster Cable deals at the Circuit City Outlet

    No one denies that Monster Cable makes quality products, it’s just the unnecessarily high price and shady business practices that kills their street rep. From time to time Circuit City pops a few outdated Monster Cable products into their outlet store and makes them a bargain. 6-foot Monster Cable Component cables for $13.96; nice. 6-Foot Monster Cable Component cables and… Read More

  • Replace the MSI Wind’s touchpad for $8

    Apparently MSI has recently swapped out the Synaptics touchpad on the MSI Wind with a touchpad from Sentellic. What’s the difference, you might ask? Well, that thing you’re able to do with Synaptics touchpads where you gently stroke your finger up and down the right-hand side of the pad to scroll up and down web pages and documents isn’t available on the Sentellic models… Read More

  • Psolenoid Launches Its Enhanced Trackback Service

    Psolenoid, a new startup launching today in public beta, is looking to help blogs connect with each other more effectively by offering an enhanced form of the popular trackback feature found on most blogs. The service generates attractive links that appear at the bottom of a post, each with a brief summary and thumbnail to help readers determine if the linked blog is worth reading. While… Read More

  • Meet Mamoru-Kun, the little robot that will get your misplaced glasses and slippers

    The Information and Robot Technology Research Initiative, a research body of the prestigious University of Tokyo, has developed a small desktop robot that assists elderly people in managing daily tasks. The robot was developed in cooperation with various Japanese companies such as Toyota and Fujitsu. Mamoru-Kun (“Little Protector”) is a robot that is able to tell his owner where… Read More

  • 2,500 3D U.S. theaters by April '09

    3D theaters are back, baby. Estimates put the current installation base around 1,500 but some chap, Jeffery Katzenberg, predicts that there will be 2,500 by April in time for DreamWorks Animation’s Monsters vs Aliens. The Dreamworks CEO is certain that consumers will spend an extra $5 to don cheap, plastic glasses to experience the movie in 3D and he might be right. 3D movies bring… Read More

  • Opera 10 Browser Now In Alpha

    For the adventurous out there (that’s you, developers), the Opera 10 browser has just been released in alpha. Opera has a 1 to 2 percent browser market share, depending on what statistics you look at, and will soon likely be surpassed by Google’s Chrome, if it hasn’t been already. But it does have its fans. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Dynex 42-inch 1080p LCD TV for $598

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, here’s a big 42-inch 1080p TV for under $600 at Best Buy. Dynex? Sure, why the hell not? Brightness is pegged at 300 cd/m2, the contrast ratio is 2000:1, and the two speakers push out 12 watts. Inputs include: 2 HDMI, 1 S-video, 2 component, 1 composite, and 1 VGA. Oh, and there’s a headphone jack. If you have a Best Buy credit card you can get 18 months no… Read More

  • AT&T laying off 12,000 more employees

    Following the announcement of 4,600 “job reductions” back in April, AT&T has announced 12,000 more layoffs this morning. The first notes should start hitting desks sometime this month (“Merry Christmas! Oh, and also, you’re fired.”) and continue trickling out through 2009. As for who’s at risk: While AT&T is reducing jobs in some areas, it continues… Read More

  • Blockbuster OnDemand might not be out of beta yet

    Dave Zatz quickly ordered-up the Blockbuster OnDemand streamer when it launched and now states that the device isn’t ready for primetime. (his words, not mine) While I won’t steal all of his thunder, the above image is popped up when he tried to play his first rental. I’ve only rented one flick, the latest Indiana Jones installment. The initial download automatically restarted… Read More

  • Samsung Instinct gets Exchange/Lotus Notes calendar sync

    Are you an Instinct owner on Sprint, constantly living in fear that Friends re-run schedule on your handset may not be perfectly up-to-date with the one lingering on your Exchange server? I understand. Ross and Rachel are serious business. Fortunately, Sprint’s got a little something to help you with your anxiety. This morning, they pushed an update to their Mobile Email Work… Read More

  • Ridemakerz Builds a Virtual World For Boys Filled With Its Toy Cars

    Larry Andreini thinks he can take on Pixar. The founder and CEO of Ridemakerz, a rapidly growing chain of stores where boys can custom-build their own toy cars, is building a virtual world for his 6-to-12-year-old customers and their cars. This virtual world is in closed beta right now, and will launch early next year. So will Pixar’s World of Cars and startup Webcarzz. The… Read More

  • A knife and a storm/a bottle and a cork: The Storm gets jabbed

    If you heard PHa complaining a few days ago about the Storm, you’d want to stab the thing too. But, as we see here, all of your thrusting would be for naught because the device is impervious to earth weaponry. Should you do this to your own Storm? If Peter and the rest of the world, you’ll be stabbing this thing in no time. via Giz via AOL Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for Wii only $25.98

    Amazon’s Deal of the Day is starting out with Lucas Arts’ SW:TFU at a deep discount, so hurry before it sells out. Amazon We’re into Day 3 of Amazon’s 15 Days, 15 Deals on Video Games, too. Read More

  • Tip of the Day: Astroturfing is fun!

    I’m not quite sure what this has to do with the price of tea in China but it seems that someone has taken the whole social media marketing playbook and added their own dash of courriel vérité. This email, which purports to be from a certain John Doe, is actually a veiled pitch for H T C phones. Who sent it? Perhaps we’ll never know, but this has been popping up more and more… Read More

  • Vodafone lets loose OS for BlackBerry Storm

    The 103MB OS update is available now for BlackBerry Storm users in Germany. The update likely fixes the Storm’s horrendous battery life and touch-screen woes among other tweaks. Anyone in Germany on Vodafone care to share their story? Thanks! Vodafone Germany Read More

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