• Some guy says cellphones and other closed devices ruining the Internet

    According to Jonathan Zittrain, the Internet is being locked down by unhackable devices. In a Reuters interview, Zittrain, an Internet law expert, believes that devices like the iPhone and PCs are changing the way people use and “hack” the Internet, reducing our freedom while stealing from us the opportunity to create new and novel applications. He calls them “tethered… Read More

  • Gun-mounted cameras coming soon to DC police?

    Since last fall, police in New York’s Orange County have been using experimental gun-mounted camera technology that begins recording the moment a police officer’s gun is pulled from its holster. The technology was adopted after a public outcry surrounding the 2006 shooting of a Newbugrh, New York man in which, “the street version of the story differs massively from the one… Read More

  • iPhone to get .Mac push email

    I’m sure not many people are that excited to get .Mac push email — does anyone use .Mac email addresses, really? — but it’s nice to know that you will have the option when the new firmware comes out. Basically this is proof that the iPhone will get push email across the board, which is the real takeaway here. On a side note, do not let your boss read this. IT guys: beware. Read More

  • Scoop: Facebook To Announce Safety And Privacy Deal With 49 States

    The Attorney General of Connecticut, Richard Blumenthal, is about to make an announcement at noon ET that he and the attorneys generals from 48 other states have negotiated a deal with Facebook to implement new safety and privacy rules, according to sources with knowledge of the deal. Facebook will be making its own announcement later on today. This comes on the heels of a comprehensive… Read More

  • Facebook Email Gets Better With Search

    Facebook’s webmail platform is so inefficient that even minor changes (like adding the ability to send to outside email addresses last year) can make a big difference in usability. They are now adding basic search functionality to email (see screen shots). Previously there was not way to find emails other than scrolling through the pages one by one. Some users have thousands of emails… Read More

  • Weakness At MySpace

    During yesterday’s News Corp. earnings call, Rupert Murdoch and COO Peter Chernin talked a little bit about the weakness at MySpace. They expect Fox Interactive Media (which includes MySpace, Photobucket, IGN, and other properties) to miss its $1 billion revenue goal by the end of News Corp.’s fiscal year next quarter. Instead, they expect FIM to reach $900 million for the… Read More

  • Attention SLC: Paul Laurence Briggs loves him some child porn on his PMP

    Paul Laurence Briggs is not a smart man or even a man for that matter. This pervert who is a documented sex offender failed to register himself as such in, what I’m assuming is a new town for him, SLC, Utah, but that’s not the worst part. This dumbass left his PMP at a Denny’s where a customer found it and turned it over to the manager who, I’m assuming, took a quick… Read More

  • Microsoft is not planning to filter content on your Zune, so chill out

    Cesar over at Zune Insider is clearing things up regarding the piracy countermeasures and he’s saying MS has no plans to filter content on the Zune. Don’t you to toy with my affections, Cesar. We have no plans or commitments to implement any new type of content filtering in the Zune devices as part of our content distribution deal with NBC. We think some folks in the industry… Read More

  • T-Mobile has over 30 million subscribers, still #4

    I switched to T-Mobile as soon as AT&T Wireless switched from CDMA TDMA to GSM when Cingular took over and haven’t really looked back. I made the move because the new plans implemented by Cingular were atrocious and I hated the fact that incoming texts were now being taken from my SMS plan. And the Sidekick 2 was free on Amazon at the time. I haven’t had too many issues… Read More

  • TechCrunch Stories Now Appear On WashingtonPost.com

    We are announcing a new partnership today with WashingtonPost.com – TechCrunch stories will be syndicated to their site and added to the Technology section. The press release is here. I think this is a good experiment for the Washington Post – adding new types of content to the site to retain reader interest, over and above their existing stories. And this is certainly a great… Read More

  • Video: Italians fondle Nokia N96 for 10 whole minutes

    I’m not going to watch this whole thing, but the N96 sure looks purdy. It better be since Cellulare-Magazine.it takes an entire 10 minutes to profess its love for the upcoming Nok. Read More

  • AT&T offers iPhone users free Wi-Fi, again

    The on-again, off-again Wi-Fi service that AT&T offered for free to iPhone users last week is now back on. The AT&T wireless site has been updated to reflect that iPhone users now have access to more than 17,000 Wi-Fi hotspots including Starbucks. I’m sure we’ll get an official statement from AT&T today. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Tool Battle Edition

    Dances with Childrens: the RC-R2D2 story
    100-year-old Adix calculator: elegant, beautiful, and practical
    Wits and Wagers now on XBLA… plus a contest
    Concept CD/MP3 DJ kit seems far from wikka-wikka-whack
    Iron Man vs. GTA IV: They’re both winners! Read More

  • Review: Samsung Glyde

    I can’t even begin to tell you how long I’ve been waiting for this particular phone to reach the US. I was completely enamored with it, the F700, when I first saw the press release more than a year ago. This was back in February and then I finally got a chance to play with it in October when I was in Korea. I knew right then and there that I had to have it, but I wasn’t… Read More

  • Giant Realm Raises $2 Million From SoftBank Capital

    Giant Realm, the entertainment portal geared towards men, has received $2 million in funding from SoftBank Capital. The funds come in addition to the $3.5 million contributed by Comcast Interactive Capital and Edison Venture Fund last month, bringing the total Series A funding to $5.5 million. Giant Realm is an online media provider that targets men ages 18-34 with content related to video… Read More

  • Verizon announces Samsung Glyde

    It’s official. Review coming shortly. I hate when embargoes get broken. Quick spec list after the jump. Read More

  • TechCrunch/Crunchgear meetup – Berlin, June 11

    I’m delighted to announce that TechCrunch / CrunchGear are holding a Berlin meetup with our partner and co-organiser twidox. The “TechCrunch / twidox German Web 2.0 Meet-up” will be in Berlin, on the 11th of June. Imedo.de has kindly offered to throw the networking event at their offices here from 7:30 pm onwards (pictured above, nice huh). Peter Ha will be there from the US… Read More

  • Most popular posts for May 7, 2008

    Todays Top Posts: Wits and Wagers now on XBLA… plus a contest Interns needed 100-year-old Adix calculator: elegant, beautiful, and practical The loneliness of joining the social Id announces Doom 4 Wii’s Nintendo Channel is now live BT making a comeback in the mobile services world, makes me LMAO Mass Effect for PC has crappy dial-a-DRM Phillips jumping into touchscreen phone… Read More

  • SlideShare Secures $3M for Embeddable Presentations

    Sometimes the simplest ideas are best. While a number of startups are working to bring the whole process of creating presentations online, SlideShare recognizes that many people are mostly satisfied with PowerPoint or Keynote. They just want an easy way to share their traditional presentation files with others. The company, which launched in 2006 and later added audio synchronization, took… Read More

  • 50 Startups Strut Their Stuff At PlugandPlay Expo

    PlugandPlay’s third annual Expo was held today at their Sunnyvale TechCenter, drawing nearly fifty exhibitors from an array of markets that included mobile advertising, massively multiplayer gaming, and medical technology. The venue itself was a little strange – a large meeting space/multipurpose room that seemed better suited for a crowd half the size of the expo’s 400… Read More

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