• Escape the browser?

    Sun’s difficult position has been covered here, in business circles, and even in the land of puppets. So when Jonathan Schwartz surfaces with the launch of JavaFX 1.0, naturally the question in everyone’s mind is how exactly a client technology is going to advance Sun’s position in the marketplace as it downsizes to avoid a possible collapse. Schwartz comes out swinging in… Read More

  • IT Factory's Bagger Arrested In California After Worldwide Search

    An update on our previous article about bankrupt Danish company IT Factory and its missing managing director Stein Bagger: Bagger contacted local authorities in California and was arrested earlier today, say Danish news sites. A translated version of one of the articles is here. A Danish reader named Mark Jensen writes to us: The information is sparse right now, but the family left a post on… Read More

  • Kevin Rose's top 10 gift for geeks

    The Internet’s wunderkind released what he feels are the top 10 gifts for geeks this year. It’s worth while, to be honest. I didn’t even knew that there was a washer/dryer-safe USB drive but that’s #2. I can vouch for #9; great tool. Check it out. Read More

  • Careful. These USB dinos might not be as cuddly as they look.

    Novelty USB flash drives drives are a dime a dozen these days, but there is something about these fire-breathing dragons that are just so damn cute. Look at ’em! They are available in a verity of colors and all have a flexible silicone lid that flips open to reveal the USB port. Could be a great stocking stuffing at only $21.95 for a 4GB dino. X-Treme Geek via Technabob Read More

  • True gamer T-Shirts that everyone will love

    These certainly will not get you laid but boy are they clever. $18-$20. Read More

  • US-bound Denon DVD-A1UDCI universal Blu-ray player priced

    Denon outed the amazing DVD-A1UDCI Blu-ray player – which we predicted back at CEDIA – just the other day and thankfully, us here in the States will not have to deal with the exchange rate. You see, the European model carries a MSRP of 4,000 Euros which works out to be a whopping $5,800 in US dollars. The US-bound model, however, will sell for only (LOL) $3,800 which works out to… Read More

  • Konami's teaser site launched, questions emerge

    Konami has launched a new teaser site for the next Metal Gear Solid. See for yourself and decide what the green characters mean. I’m not sure any more because I tend to get excited about the series coming to the Xbox 360. But hey, why not? [Via gamepod.hu [HR]] Read More

  • AskMarkets Launches Prediction Market For Crunchbase. Who's Going To The DeadPool?

    Greek startup AskMarkets, which lets users create and participate in non-cash prediction markets of any kind, has created a prediction market for startups in CrunchBase. The application lets users bet on the chances any particular startup will be acquired, get additional funding or head to the deadpool in the next year. An example: users say Animoto has a 51.5% chance of being acquired, a… Read More

  • Triple keyboard waterproof smartphone – iCephone

    Icephone is the name. It looks crazy and it is being developed by a cell phone manufacturer in the UK for the army and it has three different ways to interact with. First a 3-inch touchscreen then a QWERTY keyboard and finally a navigation interface. Or something like that. If you want one of these you can get it next year for just under $1000. For that price you get a smartphone… Read More

  • Delicious Has A Brand New Audio Player For MP3 Bookmarks

    Social bookmarking pioneer Delicious pushed out a couple of updates to its Internet Explorer and Firefox add-ons yesterday, fixing a couple of bugs and adding some features. But it looks like Delicious has also integrated a useful feature they didn’t mention in the blog post announcing the updates: a brand new audio player to play your MP3 bookmarks inside the browser. TechCrunch… Read More

  • Google now hawking fully unlocked G1s to developers

    digg_url = ‘http://digg.com/gadgets/Google_now_hawking_fully_unlocked_G1s_to_developers’; It didn’t take long before people started hacking away at the T-Mobile G1, the first phone to ship with Google’s Android platform, and now it looks like Google wants to make it even easier. Starting today, Google is offering a development version of the G1 that is both SIM… Read More

  • Google now hawking fully unlocked G1s to developers

    It didn’t take long before people started hacking away at the T-Mobile G1, the first phone to ship with Google’s Android platform, and now it looks like Google wants to make it even easier. Starting today, Google is offering a development version of the G1 that is both SIM and hardware unlocked, meaning no more nagging at T-Mobile and waiting for ages to receive an unlock code. Read More

  • Custom grips for the Logitech G9

    I noted in my review of this excellent mouse that it has removable grips in case you prefer one material over the other. I’m surprised Logitech hadn’t capitalized on this fact at the time and launched this mouse with decorative custom shells. You can, of course, get it with some art from your favorite game, but it could also be a touching reminder to your gaming spouse that yes… Read More

  • New Android browser 'Steel' hits the Market

    It was only a few weeks ago that Opera Mini 4.2 was unleashed on the Google Android platform, and yet another browser is now surfacing by small software company kolbysoft. Steel is based off the same open-source WebKit components that the default Android web browser is based upon, so there is similar functionality between the two. Read More

  • Watch out for fake Nintendos this Christmas

    Fake Nintendo DS and DS Lite game consoles are being seized by British customs. Potentially dangerous power adapters that do not meet stringent British power standards are cited as a potential source of serious injury. These products are being purchased from websites based in Asia at a 50 percent discount. So this holiday season if you are going to buy a DS and a website is offering it for a… Read More

  • An Interview with Ethan Lowry of Urbanspoon

    With iPhone app downloads having just blown through the 300 million mark, we jumped at the opportunity to talk to Ethan Lowry. As a founding member of the trio behind Urbanspoon, one of the most downloaded iPhone applications of 2008 , Ethan knows a thing or two about iPhone app downloads. Back in early November, Urbanspoon had just cracked 1 million downloads – 4 months after the… Read More

  • Grains of War will curb stomp your appetite

    http://www.g4tv.com/lv3/35316 Perhaps I’m a cynic, but I really expected this Gears of War parody spot, made by the folks on G4’s X-Play, to suck something fierce. Then Cole Train dumped cereal all over his face, and my worries drifted away. Read More

  • Canon Powershot SD790 best camera for moms, grandma

    Looking for a good camera to buy for the parents this year? Well, from the current batch of ultra-slim products coming out, it looks like you can’t top the Canon Powershot SD790. While it’s a little heftier then the other brand offerings, you can’t beat it on performance. Combining 10 megapixels with some nifty new image stabilization technology, if you’re shopping for… Read More

  • Acer smartphone to drop in 1Q09, no one knows where

    Taiwanese multinational electronics manufacturer, Acer, best known in the States for producing computers (especially after its 2007 acquisition of Gateway and Packard Bell) has clarified its plans to release an Acer-branded smartphone in the 1st quarter of 2009. After completing its acquisition of Taiwan smartphone maker E-Ten Information Systems in September, speculation continued to grow… Read More

  • Fashion meets technology: HP Vivienne Tam released

    For those who have been anxiously awaiting the launch of the HP Mini Vivienne Tam we told you about back in October, the “digital clutch” is now available to order over at HP’s online store for $699. It features vibrant peony blooms signifying good fortune and prosperity. A matching silk sleeve is included to secure this stylish fashion accessory. Weighing in at 2.45 lbs… Read More

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