• Sony's refreshes its EX headphone line

    Sony has updated its primary line of headphones, starting with the EX-33LP and EX-35LP at the rather suspicious price of $20, and moving on up to the EX-300 and EX-500LP at $80 and $130, respectively. Note that all but the EX-300 have “LP” in their names, which seems to signify nothing at all. I must say that I’ve had my eyes opened by Klipsch as to the possibilities of… Read More

  • Index Closes a New 350M. Euro Venture Fund

    London-based investing hotshot Index Ventures has just announced a new early-stage €350 million venture fund. To hear partner Bernard Dalle tell it, raising the fund was a breeze, with all existing limited partners re-upping their investments. He further said that good startups in London are having no problems raising venture capital and deal flow was just as strong. Really? Well, I guess… Read More

  • Sony's new portable printers are just what you didn't ask for

    As if it weren’t enough that we have useless features on our point-and-shoots, now we have to have them on our printers as well. First of all, the idea of taking my photos, editing and adjusting them, doing red-eye reduction and so on in-camera, then printing them out on the spot is so ridiculous that I can’t even convince myself that it’s done by anyone on this green Earth. Read More

  • Doodle launches API to unleash group events apps

    Doodle is a free web app which helps you find suitable dates for group events, like a conference call, by creating a poll for a suitable meeting time and lettting people fill in their availability. It’s an idea which works very well, and is easily messed up. London-based ikordo closed last year through lack of funding and a complex interface. However, Doodle, which grew from a hacker… Read More

  • Sony Bravia W-Series includes networking features

    Sony just pushed out a new series of TVs, the W, with 1080p resolution and Yahoo! widgets, Amazon Video On Demand, and other networked TV features. They’ll come in 52-, 46-, and 40-inch models and include 4 HDMI ports. Read More

  • Startup2Startup Tackles Web Design As Measure Map Founder Unveils Latest Project

    Last Thursday over 140 entrepreneurs, investors, and startup rookies came together for Startup2Startup, a monthly invite-only dinner built around fostering the startup community. This month’s featured speaker was Adaptive Path founding partner and ex-Googler Jeffrey Veen, who walked the audience through some of the key aspects of website design and how to deal with associated… Read More

  • Sony reveals new Blu-ray players, HTIBs

    Hello, Blu-ray. Sony just pulled the sheet back on four brand new Blu-ray units: two players and two home theaters in a box. All four come packing the BD-Live Profile 2.0 spec and attractive pricing. Sony means business. Read More

  • Delkin launches SDHC series aimed at HD folk

    And the PMA fun continues! Delkin just announced their VideoPro line of SDHC cards ranging from 4GB to 32GB. They’re supposedly optimized for HD recording. Read More

  • Sony announces swiveling HDMI cables

    Sony sure does pick random times to announce a bevy of goods. At PMA, Sony launched a new swiveling HDMI cable. Read More

  • Convert your old piano and electric keyboard into something worse

    This piano was created by separating the keys out of an electric keyboard from the controls, to make the controls face upright on an old piano. If you have the urge to ruin a perfectly good piano and an electric keyboard, then you may be interested in this doing this yourself. Click on through for the video. Read More

  • Vanno's Watchdog Index Keeps Companies Honest With ReputationCheck

    Social evaluation platform Vanno launched a widget application of its real-time company reputation index called ReputationCheck. Vanno’s platform allows customers and others to share stories about their personal experiences with a particular company, submit news articles they’ve read about companies, fill out surveys and comment on companies. Vanno then quantifies this dialogue… Read More

  • Sony outs the Cyber-shot HX1

    Yet another craptacular hybrid digital camera being announced at PMA and this time it’s coming from Sony. The HX1 first made the rounds last week and it looks like everything was true; 20x optical zoom, 1080p video, 3-inch tilt LCD, and a 9.1-megapixel 1/2.4-inch Exmor CMOS sensor. Continuous burst mode captures images at 10fps. Read More

  • RC helicopter looks like Airwolf!!

    Good news, children of the 80s! You can fulfill your life-long dream to be Stringfellow Hawke by flying this miniature remote controlled replica of the Airwolf helicopter! This little guy can fly up, down, backwards, forwards, left and right! You can use your powers of imagination to make believe that it’s actually flying at supersonic speeds. Read More

  • iMac and Mac mini updates coming tomorrow?

    Oh, and one more thing. (see what I did there) The latest, and hopefully last, rumor of the day is stating that Apple might release new iMacs and Mac minis tomorrow. That’s right, March 3rd, 2009 which would then leave the Mac Pro and Time Machine update for the also rumored March 24th event. What makes this rumor so special is that it comes packaged with ‘official’ specs. Read More

  • Samsung NC20 shows up in two weeks, exclusive to Newegg

    Finally a US release date for the VIA-powered netbook-esque Samsung NC20. Looks like it’ll be here March 16th and it’ll be sold exclusively on Newegg.com at first. Still no price, though. Still… no… price. Read More

  • BeatSequencer beeps, blinks, flashes

    The little cardboard contraption you see here is the BeatSequencer 1.0, a little Arduino-powered contraption that makes blinking and beeping and flashing lights. Blinking and beeping and flashing… they’re flashing and they’re beeping! I can’t stand it any more! Read More

  • Ultimate Murphy bed: The Computer Bed

    If I ever find an affordable place in Manhattan for myself, I’m buying this murphy bed. Maybe. Read More

  • Kutano Hopes To Draw Crowds In Crowded Online Commentary Space

    Why do online commenting start-ups keep beating their heads against the same wall? Kutano, a browser add-on that lets users read, write and search comments side-by-side with any webpage, launched at DEMO today. With over one-third of the 1.574 billion internet users worldwide participating in online commentary and forums, Kutano is joining a slew of other start-ups hoping to capitalize on… Read More

  • Lensbaby announces the 0.42x Super Wide Lens

    In case you didn’t know, PMA is going on in Vegas right now and I wish I were there. This weather is getting ridiculous. Anyway, Lensbaby announced their new 0.42x Super Wide Lens attachment that works with the recently announced Composer, Muse, and Control Freak fixed focus lenses. So what’s so special about this thing? Read More

  • Video Review: Snuggie Blanket

    The Snuggie Blanket – as seen on TV!!! – is a miracle of modern technology. See, it’s a blanket except it has arm holes. You stick your arms in the aforementioned arm holes and, boom, you’re wearing a Snuggie. Easy as falling in love. Read More

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