• Last Ultrasone Edition 9 Headphones available

    German high-end headphone manufacturer Ultrasone announced today that it has a few Edition 9 headphones left for sale in the U.S. These limited edition headphones retail for $1,799 and according to Ultrasone are “unrivaled in terms of sonic clarity and transparency.” We’ve tried a more affordable pair from these guys and the quality is really good. So these are made to be… Read More

  • EnviroStat gadget holds cells inside force field

    Force fields aren’t just used to obstruct the TMNT, they are actually being used by scientists to improve research. A new gadget called EnviroStat (“Environment”+”Constant”) can hold individual cells in an electric force field, potentially leading to improvements in drug trials or even biofuel production. EnviroStat was developed by Andreas Schmid and his… Read More

  • G.E. announces CFL bulb in new incandescent shape

    Image credit: Vox_efx from flickr G.E. today announced “a new covered GE Energy Smart® compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulb featuring the GE Spiral® CFL inside the glass bulb.” That’s right: it’s a CFL coil hidden discretely inside of a normal incandescent shaped bulb.  According to Kathy Sterio, general manager of consumer marketing, GE… Read More

  • Review: EOS wireless audio system

    Short Version: The EOS wireless audio system is dead simple to set up and use, although a high price tag and so-so sound quality might keep some people away. Read More

  • Heads-up! OS X 10.5.6 might drop tomorrow

    Quick note to OS X Leopard users out there. Curpertino might send out your OS’s latest update tomorrow. No official word but you might find a bouncing System Update icon starving for your attention first thing tomorrow morning. Word is MobileMe syncing and more than 100 bug fixes will be addressed in 10.5.6 so the download and required restart might be worth your time. Just go talk to… Read More

  • AMEE is like an OpenID for your carbon footprint

    AMEE, a London based startup with an API which has the grand aim of measuring the world’s energy consumption – and therefore Carbon Footprint – has secured an undisclosed Series A financing from O’Reilly Alphatech Ventures, Union Square Ventures and UK-based Angel The Accelerator Group. Launched in 2005, AMEE combines measurement, calculation, profiling and… Read More

  • United Keys taking orders for ugly OLED keyboard

    Add United Keys to the OLED keyboard list, joining Optimus’s current lineup and Apple’s work in progress. United Keys is now taking orders for a keyboard with 103 of the same, boring, standard keys and nine OLED monochrome (yellow) keys. Featuring panel resolution of 64×64 pixels, the OLED keys change dynamically during use, simplifying usability and increasing productivity. Read More

  • NVIDIA strikes back with the double-GPU GTX295

    In what has become pretty much a standard move by graphics card makers, NVIDIA has revealed that its new fastest card will be… two of its old fastest cards glued together. It should be said that this is far from an ineffective approach: the 9800GX2 annihilated everything when it came out last year and the 4870X2 is the king of the hill right now on the price/performance bit. The GTX295… Read More

  • How soon can we expect a 3D Finder in Mac OS X?

    Look at Apple, all busy filing patents and whatnot. Take this one (well, these ones), which shows several potential 3D interfaces for the Finder. The patents were first filed, according to AppleInsider, in June of last year under the name “Multi-Dimensional Desktop.” It’s as you might imagine: the Dock & Co. are able to move along the Z axis in addition to the normal XY axes. Read More

  • Review: eStarling Impact7 and Impact8 digital picture frames

    eStarling offers the Impact7 (7″, 480 X 234 pixels) and Impact8 (8″, 800 X 600 pixels), a pair of WiFi-enabled digital photo frames. They’re easy to use, functional, and nice to look at. They include a remote control, and each frame gets its own email address to which you can email photos. You can also easily subscribe to RSS feeds of photos (your own, or any public feed). Read More

  • Sweet: PartyBeans Makes It Easy To Send Customized Candy Gifts

    PartyBeans, a new startup launching today to the public, has created a WYSIWYG interface for candies that makes it easy to order personalized tins of Jelly Bellys, mints, and gum. The first 500 TechCrunch readers to check out the site can get 15% off their orders with the promo code “TECHCRUNCH”. The site allows users to add their own logos or photos to the tops of their candy… Read More

  • It's a wiimote swaddled in hemp – what?

    What else is there to say? It’s a wiimote that’s been extensively wrapped in hemp string, or yarn, or whatever it’s called. Now personally, I respect hemp but I don’t like to wear or eat it — they had hemp chips in Trader Joe’s yesterday and I went with flaxseed. Its creator calls it the hempmote, which makes it sound like a little tiny mote of hemp. If… Read More

  • More Fuel Cell Charger fun; presenting the Mobion

    Fuel cells might be reaching a development stage when we will finally see gadgets powered – or at least recharged – by the so-far mythical technology. The latest from MTI Micro utilizes 100% methanol fuel and should provide enough juice for 10,000 songs or 100 hours of video playback per cartridge. Read More

  • Playstation Home roll-out experiencing hiccups

    The Playstation Home Beta started hitting eager PS3’s today, but there seems to some issues. Network downtime, games not working properly, all sorts of stuff that’s generally happens whenever a company issues a large update. It’s fun living in this world of modern technology, eh? The official word is they are working on it — really? would hope so — with no ETA… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 24-inch refurbished HP LCD for $199

    Here’s a “Famous Maker” 24-inch debranded, refurbished LCD monitor. It’s really just an HP w2408h, which sells for well over $400 brand new. “So how do I get this deal, Doug? Do I have to threaten one of your enemies and/or prank call the President?” No, but you do have to buy it with your Paypal account. Otherwise it’s $250. Famous Maker 24-inch… Read More

  • Sprint Android will help to lure customers

    Sprint Nextel Corp. wants to regain the 3 million customers it has lost this year (probably due to the iPhone) with the help of a new Android phone. It is ready to release a phone based on Google’s operating system within a year, and is hoping that a high-profile handset might help get back those lost customers. It might be too little, too late, but we’ll soon find out. Sprint is… Read More

  • Review: Griffin PowerDock 4

    Short Version: Are you an iFamily? Got lots of iDevices between you, your iDo, and maybe some iKids? Is your house sooooo big that it’s just too much trouble to walk to where your computer is to charge said iGadgets? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Griffin PowerDock 4 is 4U. If you are Brady-sized, you will need two of these. Read More

  • The $1 VLC remote control app for the iPhone (or you could just use the Web Interface for free)

    Sure, you could pay $1.00 for this new VLC remote control app [iTunes link] for the iPhone (and iPod touch), or you could simply select “Add Interface, Web Interface” then point your iPhone to the resulting Web server. After that, you can apply this skin to your iPhone to make the whole package look a little more elegant. Not to knock the new app, mind you, but it strikes me as… Read More

  • Ustream.tv working on mobile streaming app to take on Qik, Kyte, FlixWagon

    (Clarification Update on the video: The above video was sent in to us – not produced by us. While the source indicates that the devices were both running on 3G, there’s no way for us to positively verify that one wasn’t running WiFi while the other ran on 3G or EDGE.) With Qik, Kyte, and FlixWagon all battling for their share of the live mobile broadcasting market, is there… Read More

  • Fusion-io's ioDrive: the fastest storage on Earth today

    This incredibly fast storage solution from Fusion-io is made for servers, but could easily be repurposed for home use, if you’re interested in spending a few grand on the setup. The idea is actually very simple: it’s a NAND storage array that connects via PCIe. In most computers your PCIe slots are taken up by graphics cards, since they’re the only pieces of hardware that… Read More

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