• iStockphoto Expands Audio-Licensing Business

    At the SXSW Music Festival, the people from Getty Images-owned iStockphoto (where they must be kicking themselves for making that name such a familiar brand on the web now that they’re about much more than photos) will be formally launching the most recent addition to its network today, with a collection of 30,000 royalty-free and single-production audio tracks unsurprisingly dubbed… Read More

  • FLEPia: Fujitsu's "Kindle killer" gets a release date and high price in Japan

    Pictures and rumors of FLEPia, a color ebook mady by Fujitsu, have been floating around the web for around 2 years now. Last October, we saw a working prototype during the CEATEC electronics exhibition in Chiba, Japan and were impressed. Today, half a year later, Fujitsu announced the release date in Japan and price for the device (press release in English). And it turns out to be a very… Read More

  • Pandora available for BlackBerry, but not T-Mobile BlackBerrys

    Pandora has finally arrived for BlackBerry users, but if you’re on T-Mobile, like me, you won’t be to install the app. Why? I’d assume it’s because T-Mobile doesn’t have a 3G BlackBerry available. But if you’re on Verizon, Sprint or AT&T then stream away, friend, stream away. *silently curses all of you* Pandora Read More

  • Slides On The Go! SlideShare Launches Mobile Site

    Presentation buffs can now get their fix when they’re on the move, thanks to the mobile website SlideShare just launched about an hour ago. Simply point your mobile phone browser to m.slideshare.com and you’re good to go. Note that the mobile version is in beta at this point and was hacked together at Open Hack Day India last month (using Yahoo’s Blueprint platform), so there… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Cut and Paste Edition

    What the hell is a SyFy?
    Our life with cables
    The Dell Adamo is finally official Read More

  • Amazon Shutters Unpopular Alexa Site Thumbnail Service

    Amazon Web Services is discontinuing the Alexa Site Thumbnail service, which has been providing developers with programmatic access to millions of thumbnail images for the home pages of web sites that were stored in Alexa’s index since July 2006. New subscriptions are no longer being accepted, and existing subscribers will only have operational access until June 12, 2009. The service… Read More

  • Counting Crows Go Label-Free

    The Counting Crows have ended their eighteen-year label relationship with Geffen Records (now part of Universal Music Group), lead singer Adam Duritz says on the band’s website. Duritz says the band will go it alone, saying “the internet opens a world of limitless possibility, where the only boundaries are the boundaries of your own imagination.” Apparently UMG… Read More

  • SXSW – where everybody knows your Twitter name

    “In the last two days I’ve had better conversations about the technology we’ve developed than I’ve had in the past 2 years in London.” So said one of the UK entrepreneurs on the Digital Mission to me while we shared beers in a bar at one of the myriad events to happen at South By South West Interactive (SXSWi) in Austin Texas. But that doesn’t mean… Read More

  • Shake-Up At The Global Grind. CEO Navarrow Wright Shoved Aside By Russell Simmons.

    While working on a follow-up story to the Global Grind celebrity mass that they currently perpetrate as content I came across something much more interesting. The CEO of the company Navarrow Wright is no longer listed on the company About Us page suggesting that Wright and the company have parted ways. A cached version of the page from March 17th at 6:28pm still lists him as CEO so the split… Read More

  • Happy St. Patty's Day from CrunchGear

    The crew just wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe St. Patrick’s day before we go off to get you an exclusive review of some delicious lager. Drink responsibly, and try to talk about something other than iPhones. I’ve got Apple-induced nausea at the moment, and the only prescription is spicy ramen, green beer, and company. Paddy? Patty? Let’s call the whole thing off. Read More

  • iPhone OS 3.0 Beta Hands-On [Update]

    After refreshing developer.apple.com 347923691423964 times I could finally manage to download the beta version of the iPhone OS 3.0. It is available only for those in possession of a developer account and a registered iPhone in the developer program. So no, you should not download this from torrent, it will have your iPhone wiped and locked, inactivated unless you have a dev account. Anyway… Read More

  • Major Book Publishers Start Turning To Scribd

    Online document sharing site Scribd has announced that it has partnered with a number of major publishers, including Random House, Simon & Schuster, Workman Publishing Co., Berrett-Koehler, Thomas Nelson, and Manning Publications, to legally offer some of their content to Scribd’s community free of charge. Publishers have begun to add an array of content to Scribd’s… Read More

  • MySpaceID Gets An Upgrade, But Did It Already Miss The Boat?

    MySpace has just released a major upgrade for MySpaceID, its product that allows users to sign in to third party sites with their MySpace credentials to import their social graphs and profile information into these third party services. The update addresses many of the features MySpaceID has lacked since it first launched last June, including the ability to syndicate activity feed items… Read More

  • Watch the iPhone 3.0 keynote in its entirety

    Sure, we liveblogged it, scored it, and summarized it, but if you crave more iPhone 3.0, I’ve got just the thing for you. Apple’s got video of the whole thing ready to stream, at your command. Plus, we’ll have a hands on in just a few minutes, so hang tight. Read More

  • Too Busy To Pray? Don't Worry – Indulgences Are Back!

    Martin Luther must be turning in his grave. He was able to fight the Roman Catholic Church over indulgences and managed to avoid being burned at the stake. But Luther didn’t face an even greater enemy: the Internet. Enter Information Age Prayer, a new web service that lets you pay for computer prayers. The company uses “the latest technology in text-to-speech synthesizers”… Read More

  • Tanita and Garmin team up to help your personal trainer wirelessly monitor you

    Tanita just announced that they’ve teamed up with Garmin to create a wireless body composition monitor to wirelessly link all kinds of fitness information to your PC or even a Garmin FR60 Fitness Watch. Now you’ll be able to constantly track such exciting information as your body fat percentage, hydration levels, and metabolic age rating in real time. Read More

  • Gallery: New, Unannounced Podcast features in iPhone OS 3.0

    The more our guys play with the the new iPhone OS 3.0 firmware, the more little gems they’re finding. Tucked away within the Podcast playback screen are a few subtle changes that went unmentioned during today’s announcement. Apple did say there were some 100 new features in the new OS, so it’ll probably be awhile before we see them all. New Podcast Features: The Repeat… Read More

  • Echodio Lets You Sync Your iTunes To The Cloud (300 Invites)

    Another Y Combinator startup launched at the SXSW festival: Echodio. It lets you back up your iTunes music library to the Web and then stream it from there. At launch it only supports streaming through Boxee, the media browser. But in a few weeks it will launch its own Web player, which will allow you to stream your iTunes songs from any computer with a Web browser. TechCrunch readers can… Read More

  • Nobody is Dancing At ChaCha. One Third Of Employees Get Pink Slips, Salary Cuts For The Rest

    Mobile Q&A answer service ChaCha is shedding one third of its employees. We’ve confirmed with the company that it laid off 25 people, leaving it with 56 employees. ChaCha cited the layoffs as necessary to ensure profitability in the future. The layoffs have been added to the TechCrunch layoff tracker. From one tipster who says she was let go today: Wanted to drop you a quick… Read More

  • Shooting down mosquitos with laser beams

    Remember Reagan and his infamous Star Wars Defense Initiative? 25 years ago, scientists suggested that the U.S. build a network of laser equipped satellites to knock down Soviet missiles out of the sky. While that idea never really took off, the technology is currently being re-purposed to shoot down mosquitoes. Read More

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