• Microsoft's Surface Sphere looks cool, round

    http://services.brightcove.com/services/viewer/federated_f8/1526070353 When I got to play around with the Surface back in June, I was excited about the possibilities of other shapes and applications, but Microsoft responded to questions on that front as they responded to almost every question: “There are many possibilities and we’re looking into things” or some analogue… Read More

  • Babbel secures funding for language learning

    Babbel, the Berlin-based language learning startup which we wrote about in January and which appeared at our London TechCrunch Pitch! event, has secured an undisclosed amount of funding from German investors Kizoo and and VC Fonds Berlin, although its understood to be less than a million euros. Members of Babbel teach each other via an Adobe Air Flash framework. The languages it covers so far… Read More

  • Ancient Chinese technology said to spark Renaissance

    According to a new book, it was a Chinese ambassador that sparked the Renaissance. Gavin Menzies, a British amateur historian, claims that a 1434 Chinese fleet voyage included encyclopedias of unknown technology to Italy. The material was presented to Pope Eugenius IV and the rest was history… on not. By comparing pre-1430 Chinese books with Leonardo da Vinci’s famous illustrations… Read More

  • IBM's "PENSIEVE" Project to Digitize Business Cards

    Take a look at the video above (which oddly reminds me of the early 90s) and you’ll see that IBM has taken a page from Evernote’s book. Its research labs have been working on a project codenamed “PENSIEVE” that promises to algorithmically construct digital address books from photographs of business cards and the people they represent. While not production ready for at… Read More

  • Nintendo sues makers of DS hacking hardware

    The modding issue has always been a touchy one. In case you’re not aware of it, there are available for almost every game console or handheld a number of hardware-based hacks that allow one to play pirated games and/or homebrew applications. These range from simple boot discs to soldering extra connectors to your console’s boards to simple flash drive-based frontends that take… Read More

  • 5% Layoffs Rumored At MySpace (Updated – MySpace Clarifies, Says Performance Driven)

    MySpace has starting laying people off, we’ve heard from a source close to the company. The final tally may be 5% or more of total staff, with engineering, sales and customer service taking the biggest hits. MySpace parent company Fox Interactive Media recently missed their revenue target for the last fiscal year and fired their chief revenue officer Michael Barrett. The layoffs may be… Read More

  • Instinct Haiku: And the winner is…

    AnnieBinns and her haunting touch haiku: Fingertips pushing
    the hard smooth surface as they
    explore the new world.
    Annie wins the Samsung Instinct! Special thanks to the team at Samsung for letting us run this great contest and thanks to all of you for putting up with experiments in new media so we could try a something new and different for this contest. Rest assured future contests… Read More

  • Where are the smartphones for seniors?

    A TC/CG reader Teresa asks we, the gadget-nation, a question: where are the good smartphones for seniors? Sure, they have ClarityLife and the Jitterbug but neither of those work as real smartphones. Teresa wants something with a little power. She writes: I am one of the 22% of seniors (39 million) that have a laptop, cell phone, etc.
    Most seniors are barely online and not often.  They… Read More

  • Moot – WiFi-based mobile social networking

    moot.no is a brand new mobile social service for Windows Mobile 6.0 mobiles and XP/Vista PCs. You can share content (text, video, pictres) with the network closest to you. Launching out of Oslo, Norway, it has financial backing from TeleVenture and has a five person team. Essentially what they do is connect people within the same wifi-network. Unlike Plazes, which is more about geotagging… Read More

  • Google's new head of PR is former Newsnight editor

    Guess who I’ll be speaking to when I next call Google’s press office? Peter Barron, Editor of Newsnight on BBC Two is leaving to join Google as Head of Communications and Public Affairs for the UK, Ireland and Benelux regions. The move follows Google’s European Head of Communications, Rachel Whetstone, departure for the role of Vice-President of Communications and Public… Read More

  • Video: X-men Origins: Wolverine trailer [Updated with new video]

    <div class="center" Fret not, comic book nerds, for we have downloaded this video just in case it gets pulled. I haven’t watched it because I’m putting a moratorium on all comic book related movie trailers going forward, but feel free to let us know what you think. Read More

  • Palm CEO: "Hey, did you see the Centro? Guys? The Centro?"

    Do you have 17 minutes? Do you care about the Palm Centro? Well CNBC has a video for you. Thrill as Palm CEO Ed Colligan can basically say $99 and Centro for over 15 minutes straight while Jim Goldman of TechCheck throws him softballs. Palm sold 2 million Centros so far. To put that into perspective, Apple sold 4 million iPhones. Nokia sold 2 million phones last night to some guy in the back of… Read More

  • BBC launches Music site and the first wave of more data

    The BBC has launched a BBC Music beta site which enables users to explore artists played on BBC Radio music programmes. The site is powered by MusicBrainz, an open content music database. The site still has a few glitches but you can see full tracklists on each network’s website: 1Xtra, Radio 1, Radio 2, Radio 3, 6 Music, Asian Network. I have no idea if my campaign to try and get the BBC… Read More

  • GoAdv preps European buying spree after €11m financing

    GoAdv, the European online media company listed on Alternext market of Nyse-Euronext Paris, has raised more than €11 million more financing after completing a Convertible Bond Issue with several investors in France. The issue will finance the firm’s acquisition strategy following its acquisition of the Excite Europe network of portals last year. GoAdv now retains more than €20… Read More

  • Hands-on: Kingston microSDHC 8GB

    Not the most exciting news or hands-on we’ve had at the CrunchGear office, but I’ll be sure to add Kingston’s newly added 8GB microSDHC card to my arsenal. The Class 4 comes with a microSD adapter and retails for $58, which is $13 cheaper than Sandisk‘s same offering. Read More

  • Pair Up! Cucku Lets You Swap Data With A Backup Buddy

    In the last few years we’ve seen a number of backup solutions emerge that have tried to make the backup process as painless as possible. Local backup solutions like Apple’s Time Machine back up to an external disk and tend to be quick and easy, but they also leave data exposed to theft and natural disaster. Cloud-based storage services like Mozy and Carbonite remove the risk… Read More

  • Samsung OMNIA reviewed

    Dave at MobilityToday rocked out with the Samsung Ominia, a WinMo 6.1 smartphone straight out of Hong Kong. He does a full video review so I won’t spoil it for you but it’s a rare bird and there’s no pricing and availablity for the USA. Read More

  • Steelseries acquires Ideazon; bigger, better accessories forthcoming

    Steelseries, the pro gaming gear guys who put out (among other things) the 7G Keyboard and the Ikari Laser Mouse, have bought Ideazon, the peripheral maker best known for making the Zboard, a skinnable, customizable gaming keyboard. As an avid consumer of such accessories and peripherals, I’m glad this is happening; I know the 7G was intended to be just as straightforward as it was… Read More

  • Video: Trailer for Midnight Club: LA

    http://www.rockstargames.com/midnightclubLA/player/holder480x360Embed.swf?vid=1 Whatchu here fo? I’ll let you know how this game is after my demo in the next week or so. Read More

  • Sidekick LX Video OTA finally starts rolling out

    It’s been a while since we first mentioned the murmurs of Video support purportedly coming to the Sidekick LX. A mention of video playback popped up in a T-Mobile Sidekick LX support page – then nothing. After two months of silence, T-Mobile and Danger have begun rolling out the goody-stuffed OTA. It’s being distributed at random, so don’t panic if you don’t get… Read More

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