• Review: Sansa View 16GB

    I like Sansa media players.  I always have.  They’re not quite as sexy as Apple iPods, and they’re not that much cheaper, really.  The reason I like the Sansa players is because they don’t require any special software on my computer — heck, the review model I received contained only the player itself and the USB cable: no software CD at all!  As a GNU/Linux user… Read More

  • USB Floppy Drive Key provides 2-in-1 storage option

    If you’re a sysadmin, you may have noticed a somewhat annoying trend: computers — especially servers — rarely ship with floppy drives any more, and yet BIOS updates still often require that you boot from a floppy disk!  Sure, you can jump through hoops and place a bootable image onto a normal USB memory stick, but that can be complicated and time consuming.  The HP USB… Read More

  • Air Force creating training program for UAV pilots

    I always wondered about this. Flying a drone is unlike flying a regular plane, and unlike telepresence in other arenas because of, well, the killing aspect. I figured they used a Last Starfighter type system to select likely candidates, but the actual training program will be much more practical (and less exciting). Non-pilots will be trained in flying an actual small plane over six weeks… Read More

  • Review: Sony PSP-3000

    I have before me the Limited Edition Ratchet & Clank PSP Entertainment Pack. And with said pack comes a silver PSP-3000, Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters, National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets, a 1GB Memory Stick PRO Duo and a voucher for echochrome. Many have wondered if it’s worth the upgrade or if it’s in any way distinguishable from the previous generation. It is and it… Read More

  • Frogmetrics: Handheld Surveys You Might Actually Want To Fill Out

    Frogmetrics, a Y Combinator startup that helps companies quickly get customer feedback using a handheld hardware device, has launched to the public. The startup has created a custom firmware for the Nokia n810 internet tablet that lets companies offer their customers brief surveys that are far more convenient than traditional questionnaires, and has also developed advanced analytics software… Read More

  • TiVo adds Disney movies from CinemaNow, indie movies from Jaman

    Another reason to go with a TiVo instead of a generic DVR: downloadable Disney and indie movies on demand. The deals were actually announced earlier in the year, but starting today you’ll be able to download and rent movies from Jaman.com. They specialize in indie movies that people pretend to enjoy in order to come across as erudite and refined. Rentals there start at $1.99 per… Read More

  • Usage of Google Chrome drops ‘like whoa’ in recent weeks

    Using Google Chrome? Pat yourself on the back, since you’re one of the few. There here chart shows the downward trend of Chrome usage. As you might guess, the browser peaked within a few days of its launch; it’s been steady to slightly downhill ever since then in early September. As I said before, for many of the benefits of Google Chrome, save multi-threading, you may want to pick… Read More

  • T-Mobile activation not required to partially use the G1

    It seems T-Mobile has taken a different stance on G1 activation than Apple did with the iPhone. Apparently, all you need to do is slip in a T-Mobile-activated SIM card and run through the phone’s setup process. Once that’s done, you can put your new SIM back in for full Android access expect for network access or apparently, keep the old one active for full network access except… Read More

  • Review: Motorola Renegade V950 (Sprint)

    Quick Version: The Motorola Renegade V950 is a good choice for people who want a rugged phone with excellent call quality and push-to-talk capabilities. What’s more, Motorola and Sprint-Nextel manage to throw a little fun into the mix as well. Read More

  • Crazy shoe rack you just kick 'em into

    The penguin is my own addition I’ve got a fair number of shoes and I try to keep them in the closet with the rest of my wardrobe, but we all know how that goes. If I had one of these things in my entryway I’d still kick them off, but now I’d be kicking them with a purpose. As you can see, the opposed brushes catch your shoes and suspends them, and I assume knock off any… Read More

  • Saint's Row 2 video review by Destructoid. Just watch it.

    http://www.miaminights.com/elephant/flvplayer/mediaplayer.swf I’m convinced. Why aren’t more video reviews like this? To be honest, I think I actually learned a lot about the game from… well, you’ll see.
    [Destructoid] Read More

  • Westinghouse and Anne Geddes team up on digital baby picture frames

    Westinghouse is teaming up with renowned baby photographer, Anne Geddes, for a set of so-called family digital picture frames. From the sounds of it, these digital frames will come preloaded with some of her photos which is just what every parent want – pics of babies cuter than their own. No word on sizes, prices or availability, but they are sure to be in stores before the… Read More

  • Android getting support for touchscreen keyboards by April of next year

    After the T-Mobile G1 reviews made their way out last week, it seemed that a complaint common across the majority of them was the lack of an onscreen keyboard. Yeah, yeah – it has a fully functional physical keyboard, but when you’re just trying to blast out a quick “lol” response, sliding the screen open seems a bit extraneous. When a member of the xda-developers… Read More

  • Study: Gamers are richer, more social than non-gamers

    Well, this study from IGN and Ipsos Media CT should do something to clear away the bad vibe following the last study — which we will never speak of again. Among the findings in the survey of 3000 gamers: Half of gamers are married and half have kids Average age of new gamers is 32 Gaming households earn on average $25,000/year more (I’d say rich households are more likely to… Read More

  • WTF: Life Takes Vista edition

    This Life Takes Vista site is either fanboyism to the extreme or some junior associate at Microsoft’s ad firm playing around. Whatever it turns out to be though, it’s safe to say it ain’t from Redmond as the HTML is loaded with Adobe Dreamweaver tags. Props to whoever made it ’cause some of the center photos are clever – like the one above. Still, WTF is it? Read More

  • In case you didn't hear: Max Payne movie is horrible

    Renowned movie critic John Lichman has a lot to say about Max Payne, the [apparently] woeful movie based on the genuinely good PC game of the same name. (I played the PS2 version however many years ago, for the record.) The movie, which is currently sitting at a solid 19 percent at Rotten Tomatoes, “pretends it is a hard boiled detective story,” and “ignores” the… Read More

  • Microsoft Chugs Along In The Third Quarter, But Its Online Business Is Still Sucking Wind

    Microsoft announced earnings today for the third quarter. Overall revenues for the quarter came in at $15 billion, growing a decent 9 percent annually. But its net profits of $4.37 billion rose only 1.9 percent. As usual, Microsoft’s stability came from is Windows client, server, and Office businesses. The company’s online revenues, which includes MSN, search and its… Read More

  • Bioshock 2 trailer

    Does this trailer do anything for you? And what’s up with the butterfly? (I haven’t finished the first one, so if it has anything to do with the first one then I wouldn’t know.) Read More

  • Combination tripod and camera case looks nice

    This little case looks pretty handy. It actually screws into the tripod hole on your camera (so make sure you’ve got one) and then its little legs pop out — instant stability. It doesn’t look very adjustable, but there are always rocks, books, and so on that you can use to make it straight, crooked, or whatever. My only issue with the thing is that when you’re… Read More

  • Happy 7th Birthday, iPod

    Little did the press sitting in front of a healthy Steve Jobs know that they were witnessing history that storied day, seven years ago. It’s crazy to watch the original iPod announcement and peek back to when Apple press conferences didn’t receive a cult follow. Happy BDay, iPod; we love ya. Read More

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