• IndieFlix Introduces CrowdSourced Film Festivals

    IndieFlix, a marketplace for independent films, has launched MyFestival, a new streaming video site that will let film festivals crowdsource the movie selection process. MyFestival is making its debut in conjunction with the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF), which is taking place from May 22 to June 15. For MyFestival’s pilot trial at SIFF, users will be able to stream and… Read More

  • Paglo Launches Its Search Engine for IT

    When we discuss improvements to search technology, we tend to focus on the open web while overlooking its more novel uses behind the firewall. So it’s good to point out advancements being made behind the scenes from time to time, even if consumers don’t directly benefit. Paglo is a Palo Alto-based startup launching a product into public beta today that empowers IT professionals… Read More

  • Mobile Security Market Wide Open

    When most people think of computer hacking and viruses, they worry about an attack on their PC. But with the advent of mobile phones that can connect to the internet, these types of troubles may be coming to a handset near you. The market for protection programs that battle this is still quite small, despite the growth of 3G devices. Symantec Corp Chief Operating Officer Enrique Salem thinks… Read More

  • AT&T rolls out Pantech Breeze, the simple cell phone

    Not too long ago, I found myself stuck in a ridiculously long queue at a Verizon store. With nothing better to do, I started trying to listen to the reasons people had for being there. It was mainly “Oh man, the screen on my phone cracked all by itself, thats gotta be under warranty right?” type stuff, but one conversation, between a customer that looked like a lumberjack and a… Read More

  • $100 Rock Band stage kit for Xbox 360 in August

    By the time you finish buying all these peripherals for Rock Band and Guitar Hero and spend hours upon hours memorizing all the right notes, you could have just started a band in real life. Remember those? Bands? Case in point, here’s a light machine for Rock Band — perfect for the nerdly friend of yours who can’t quite rock out but still wants to join the fun. It might… Read More

  • PsyStar upgrades… their cases

    PsyStar, everyone’s favorite litigation landmine, has upgraded their cases for their standard PCs. Not much news except that we wish that we had received this model rather than the janky one we got. Read More

  • Mouse Phone: It's only copyright infringement if you use the actual logo… oh, wait

    The mouse phone is a silly little cellphone in the shape of a strangely mutated Mickey Mouse. While the average lawyer might overlook the similarity in shape to another ubiquitous mouse, I think even a dumb lawyer’s interest would be piqued by the addition of the Disney logo to this lump of plastic detritus. That said, it costs $225 and includes an FM radio tuner and audio/video playback. Read More

  • At $130-A-Barrel Oil, Electric Cars Look Cheap

    With oil prices so high, how much would it cost to convert every registered car in America to an electric vehicle? Nothing, according to computer scientist Philip Greenspun. Well, nothing more than we are spending already in oil. He figures that if we took the $400 billion that Americans spend every year on oil that goes into cars, we could use that money instead to pay the interest on an… Read More

  • Nintendo Japan starts new wireless data service for the DS

    Nintendo started testing a new wireless data distribution service using DS consoles today. The company partnered up with a subsidiary of Japanese telecommunications powerhouse NTT and McDonald’s Japan. The burger giant is obviously bullish about the possibilities the Japanese mobile market offers. The experiment at a total of 21 McDonald’s stores (all of which are located in… Read More

  • Ready-made Apple TV hack should help non-geeks play DivX

    AppleCore LLC is selling a USB drive that will reflash your Apple TV and add a number of interesting features to the Apple TV: Key Features:
    – Play most video formats (DivX, Xvid, AVI, WMV, RMVB + more)
    – Play DVD files WITHOUT converting them
    – Sync, organize and watch non-iTunes video files
    – Browse the web with a Safari based web browser
    – Rent & watch… Read More

  • G8 agreement would criminalise having copyrighted content on your iPod

    How’s this for a fine how-do-you-do? It seems Canada is preparing, in conjunction with other G8 countries, some sort of trade agreement that would make having copyrighted material on your iPod and laptop (and so on) illegal. What’s more, the framework would give international border guards the authority to confiscate such electronic devices based on the mere suspicion of… Read More

  • Japanese Government Worried about Children’s Cellphone Use

    The Japanese government is so concerned that children are spending too much time with Internet-linking cell phones that it is warning parents and schools to limit their use. Most mobile phones in Japan are 3G, which allows high-speed Internet access. Masaharu Kuba, a government official overseeing the new initiative, said elementary and junior high school students spend long hours… Read More

  • USB Superdock: ESATA, 2-port hub, card reader

    Here’s a new multi-function dock from Brando that handles SATA hard drives, has a built-in card reader (SD, MiniSD, CompactFlash, MicroSD, Memory Stick), and functions as a 2-port USB hub. It’s a little on the pricey side at $79.00, but that’s largely due to the $25 shipping charge since it’s coming from Hong Kong. Looks pretty good, especially if you need to swap out… Read More

  • NTT DoCoMo to roll out 19 new cell phones in Japan

    NTT DoCoMo today announced two new cell phone series (906i and 706i), which will be launched in Japan over the next months. The company will offer a total of 19 handsets coming in 64 different body colors. The 11 models of the 706i series feature extra-slim bodies. The P706iμ, for example, is just 9.8 mm thick (iPhone: 11.6 mm), making it the slimmest handset compatible to One-Seg-TV on… Read More

  • Red vs. Blue returns: Reconstructed series to run throughout the summer

    Red vs. Blue is back, and better than ever! Reconstructed, the latest installment of the award-winning machinima series pits red guys from Halo against blue guys from Halo. It’s terribly epic, both in scope and substance. New episodes will be released every Monday throughout the summer, the first of which is already online. It’s got all the slow motion pans, dramatic pauses and… Read More

  • Amazon Kindle back in stock, cheaper

    Amazon’s popular (?) Kindle is now back in stock with a 10 percent price drop. While I still think $359 is a bit steep for an eBook, the Kindle is the best of the bunch. I’ve also just noticed “See a Kindle in Your City“, which is both genius and ridiculous. I can’t recall whether or not I’ve seen anyone in Manhattan with a Kindle and I’m not so sure… Read More

  • Orgoo Launching Soon; 500 Invites Available Now

    Orgoo is an all-in-one communications hub for email, instant messaging, video chat, and SMS that we’ve been waiting quite a long time for. Mike first covered the USC-bred startup in May 2007 before you could get your AIM contacts into Gmail. And then the company “launched” at TechCrunch40 in the fall with a presentation that emphasized the importance of aggregating all your… Read More

  • Monster Cable sues Monster Mini-Golf in Monster lawsuit

    I’m not going to chime in on the big Monster Cable debate — I’ll leave that to the real audiophiles to fight out — but it’s nice to see Monster suing a mini-golf park into submission for riding on their amazing brand recognition. What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the name Monster Mini Golf of Warwick, Rhode Island. HDMI cables… Read More

  • More TC50 Expert Panelists: Ron Conway, Sheryl Sandberg, and Yossi Vardi

    We are thrilled to announce the next three expert panelists participating in TechCrunch50. Joining Marc Andreessen, Roelof Botha and Marissa Mayer as TechCrunch50 experts are Ron Conway, Sheryl Sandberg and Yossi Vardi. The experts will judge the fifty startups launching at the event, and then discuss each of the demos on stage as a group. More details on the conference are here. TechCrunch50… Read More

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