• Mossberg reviews Aircell's in-flight Wi-Fi service, GoGo

    http://services.brightcove.com/services/viewer/federated_f8/452319854 We’ve been a huge proponent of Aircell’s GoGo service for months now and we’re tickled pink to learn that GoGo will finally be launching sometime next month with American Air. I’m extremely jealous that Walt got to test out the service before all of us, but that’s just the way these things work… Read More

  • Tracking Former Yahoo Execs – Where Are They Now?

    Update: You can find the most recent list here. Out of pure curiosity we started tracking Yahoo execs who’ve left the company since January 2007. It’s hard to believe, but at least fifty of them have bailed out in the last year and a half. Some went to work for Google. Others went to startups. Many just left without saying what’s next. We aren’t able to track the… Read More

  • Nooka gives limited edition glow-in-the-dark watches to Kanye West, doesn't hate on Rihanna

    Matthew Waldman at Nooka made some limited edition glow-in-the-dark versions of his watches for Kanye and tried to give them to him but was rebuffed for not understanding the “back stage pass.” Check out Matt’s comments below… he explains the whole thing. We’re morons. They’ll probably be making these in a limited edition for sale soon, so keep an eye… Read More

  • Kid Rock boycotts iTunes, crushes beer can on thigh, pushes gardener into pool, swears at masseuse

    Unlike most rock stars, Kid Rock doesn’t like what Apple is doing to spread his music and mission and so he is boycotting iTunes. What is his complaint? That iTunes, like traditional music companies who produce “music albums” on “disks,” doesn’t pay enough. “Back in the day, we all know the stories of the Otis Reddings and Chuck Berrys and Fats… Read More

  • Mochi Media Raises $10 Million For Flash Game Tools

    Mochi Media, a company that helps developers monetize their Flash games, has closed a $10 million Series B funding round. The round was led by Shasta Ventures with additional funding from Accel Partners, a previous investor. Mochi Media’s flagship product is MochiAds, an advertising platform that allows Flash developers to embed ads into their games. Instead of placing ads on their… Read More

  • More Surface secrets – you'll wish you were here

    There were still a few surprises up Microsoft’s sleeve today at this little conference I’m at. They’re talking about the SDK, testing the surface with robotic arms, and they demoed some totally freaking awesome apps they’ve got running in launch or alpha state. Believe me, you do wish you were here. Lots more pictures inside. Read More

  • Something Is Rotten In Denmark: The A.P., NYTimes and MBA Love Triangle

    I’m not normally one to subscribe to conspiracy theories, but something is just plain rotten in this whole New York Times/Associated Press/Media Bloggers Association love fest. As I wrote earlier today, the New York Times just won’t stop defending the Associated Press and their position that quoting from their articles is a copyright infringement (it isn’t). The… Read More

  • IE team promises there will be cake

    And there was cake. The Microsoft IE team sent the Mozilla team a beautiful, frosting-covered cake with a kind message – “Congratulations on Shipping” – along with a dessicated human heart. Just kidding: The frosting wasn’t so beautiful, as you can see here. Read More

  • Most popular stories for Wednesday, June 18, 2008

    Todays Top Posts: CrunchNetwork Singapore Meet-up Panasonic develops the world’s first write-once Blu-ray discs with 6x writing speed Protect your money with the Shocker ATM Bank Meet Keromin: Half stuffed frog, half musical instrument Verizon to bump FiOS speeds to 50 Mbps nationwide You must try the Spore Creature Creator today! (I already made John Biggs!) Frets on Fire is like… Read More

  • Android running on an Nokia N95

    A lot of you weren’t aware of this, but the opening music for Google’s new Android OS is Enter Sandman. Basically someone stuffed a Java VM and Android on an N95 and got it to run most of the applications including the dialer and Google Maps. This obviously requires some hit background music and poor lighting to be a true “proof of concept” so enjoy the videos above… Read More

  • Video: All-robot band and their catchy tune

    http://www.collegehumor.com/moogaloop/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=1819976&fullscreen=1 Sure, it’s not the first all-home-made-robots rock band ever, but this one’s a little more sophisticated than most, and it has a robotic singer. Nice touch. What I’d like to know is this: How come there’s no video of robots playing Rock Band as a rock band yet? We’ve seen bits… Read More

  • Introducing TechNews, Based On Reddit's Open Source Project

    Reddit announced an open source version of its popular news aggregator service this evening, and we’ve launched our own version of the service, called TechCrunch TechNews. Links from any news source can be added, we’ll leave it up to the community to filter it up or down. This is to take nothing away from Reddit itself, or Digg, Hacker News or the other dozens of news… Read More

  • Firefox 3 flaw found, could be exploited by hackers

    This kind of sucks. After all the ballyhoo yesterday regarding Firefox 3 and it’s 8.4 million downloads comes word of the first vulnerability in the browser, a zero day attack (see update here) that would allow an attacker to trick a user into executing their code, which could wreak all kinds of havoc on a computer. The details of the hole aren’t given, so hacker types can’t… Read More

  • Review: Verizon Centro, featuring Sudoku!

    The Palm Centro for Verizon is finally here. It’s coming in at the $99 price that many first-time smartphone buyers look for, but it doesn’t skimp on features, though it’s not as rich as its AT&T and Sprint cousins. But it has Sudoku! The Centro The Centro is Palm’s new low-end device, replacing the “p” series of Treo smartphones. Running Palm OS… Read More

  • Possible Nikon D700 promotional material

    In anticipation of the release of the Nikon D700, the rumor mills are in full swing. In April, there were rumors about the new body design. Then in May, information came out about Nikon’s possible hybrid viewfinder. It is now June and we have yet another new Nikon D700 rumor. The fine people at Photography Bay are reporting that they have photos of promotional material for Nikon’s… Read More

  • Firefox 3 downloaded more than 8 million times, record waiting to be officialized

    There was more than 8 million downloads of Firefox 3.0 during a 24-hour period yesterday, making “Download Day” an unqualified success. As I type this, the total number of downloads is 8,846,784. The Mozilla team is currently talking to the Guinness World Record officials about to what degree Firefox set a record. Hickey says the unofficial record for downloads in a 24-hour period is… Read More

  • Google Maps Gets Political

    The Google Maps team has set up a showcase for some of its favorite mashups from the 2008 US presidential election. Four of the mashups – Primary Results, Twitter, Search Queries, and Campaign Trail – were made by Google itself. The Primary Result mashup shows how states and districts across the country voted in the primaries. The Twitter mashup highlights political tweets as they… Read More

  • Review: Wireless Laser Desktop 7000

    We’re continuing our high-end keyboard roundup with Microsoft’s new hardware one-two punch, the Wireless Laser Desktop 7000. It combines their new wireless keyboard with touch-sensitive favorites buttons with the Laser Mouse 7000, which looks like an extra from Minority Report. Moving from a wired Logitech setup, how does our brave reviewer fare? Read More

  • Comscore May Search Data: Google, Yahoo Up; Microsoft Slides

    Click image above for a larger view. Comscore has released its May search market share numbers (prior data through April is here). Key points: Google and Yahoo edged higher in search share to 61.8% and 20.4%, respectively. That’s the first up month for Yahoo this year. Microsoft dropped from 9.1% to 8.5% for the month. It’s important to note that Microsoft’s new Cash Back… Read More

  • AMD developing its own Atom-like netbook processor

    Not content to let Intel steal all the glory with its new low-power Atom chip, AMD appears to be developing a similar chip of its own. It’s currently only known as “BGA” but will hopefully get a much cooler-sounding name when it’s ready to go. AMD’s current low-power Geode processor has served as the company’s netbook CPU of choice, but it tops out at 500MHz… Read More

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