• Costco Black Friday ad, plus online-only deals

    Costco will have a three-day in-store sale from November 28-30 along with online-only deals from now until December 15th. These in-store deals look okay, but not great: SmartParts 10.4-inch digital picture frame for $99 Olympus FE-370 8-megapixel digital camera with 1GB SD card and case for $119 $100 to $300 off of various LCD TVs Magellan RoadMate 1212 GPS for $99 iHome iH27 iPod… Read More

  • Dell quietly launches Intel Core i7 XPS Desktops

    Without fanfare or press releases, Dell has launched desktops featuring Intel’s Core i7 CPU. The Studio XPS lineup gain the Core i7-920 2.66GHz or 2.93GHz and start out at a reasonable $1,499. Gamers can opt for the latest Intel CPU and the Dell name (without the Alienware premium) with the XPS 730x starting at $2,599 with the same Core i7-920. Or, spend a bit more cake with the 730x… Read More

  • VibeAgent Raises $3 Million To Join Crowded Hotel Search Market

    VibeAgent, a hotel information aggregator, has closed a $3 million Series A funding round led by a number of individual investors. We originally covered VibeAgent in July 2007, when it was focused on compiling user-submitted hotel reviews with an integrated social network (we dubbed it a ‘TripAdvisor 2.0’ at the time). Since then the site has shifted gears, and is now a hotel… Read More

  • Japanese watch lets you transmit messages in Morse code

    Osaka-based Eikowatch [JP] is selling a watch with a small built-in flashlight enabling users to transmit messages in Morse code. The “Sector Compass Torch” quartz watch is unfortunately Japan-only and has an MSRP of $620. The flashlight is attached to the lower right of the watch and can be activated at the push of a button. To make things sure, Eikowatch listed the entire… Read More

  • INCASE launches iPhone 3G Power Slider battery pack

    Generally, 3rd party iPhone batteries add extra talk time and do little extra but the INCASE Power Slider does so much more. Not only does the case wrap the precious iPhone 3G in a protective sleeve, it also adds a mini-USB port for easy syncing and charging. Yeah, it adds some bulk but it also bumps the standby time up to 330 hours and talk time on a 3G network to 5 hours (10 hours on 2G). It… Read More

  • Acer has a FullHD 24-inch monitor for you (if you want it)

    Acer has a new, svelte 24-inch monitor with your name on it. (Or not, up to you.) The monitor, the P244Wbmii, has a resolution of 1920×1080, making it a few pixels short of othertop-of-line 24-inch monitors. She has two HDMI (1.1) ports and built-in speakers, for those of you who are gluttons for punishment. Other stats include a 2ms response rate (which is quite good) and a 20000:1… Read More

  • Tweetdeck's new version takes Twitter to new heights

    Tweetdeck – the Adobe Air application which has taken Twitter addicts to a new state of nirvana – is due to be updated this week, and UK-based developer Iain Dodswoth emailed me with the new version. It will appear at v0.20 and is quite different from the previous one. Now, Tweets are no longer stored for long periods as they were before. Dodsworth says the reason is that the… Read More

  • Infoaxe Records Your Browsing Sessions, Lets You Search Your Web History

    Infoaxe is coming out of stealth mode today with (yet another) alternative search engine / social bookmarking tool, focused on indexing your own browsing history rather than the entire web or what you proactively indicate is important to remember for later. Installing the infoaxe toolbar (works with IE and Firefox) basically enables users to ‘record’ public web browsing sessions… Read More

  • Billionaire Mark Cuban Slapped With Insider Trading Charges By SEC

    When you are a billionaire and you know a stock is going to down, your instinct might be to sell it. But if you know that the stock is going to tank because you are privy to insider information, it’s probably not a good idea to sell that stock. Entrepreneur Mark Cuban, who owns the Dallas Mavericks and is chairman of HDNet, finds himself facing insider trading charges from the SEC… Read More

  • Target’s Black Friday ad leaked

    Target’s Black Friday ad got leaked over the weekend and in true CrunchGear form, here it is on Monday. Notable deals inside include: Read More

  • Hitachi Japan rolls out two new projectors

    Hitachi Japan today unveiled two new projectors [JP] aimed at businesses, the CP-WX410J and the CP-X809J. Both devices go on sale in Nippon December 1. Hitachi hasn’t said yet if the projectors will be sold outside the country as well. The CP-WX410J features WXGA resolution (1,280×800), a 230W lamp, a brightness of 3,000 lumens and a 10W mono speaker. MSRP in Japan: $3,700. Read More

  • Dominos can now be ordered via TiVo

    Yeah, um. Okay. In what seems like the ultimate American fatty wet dream, TiVo owners can now order Dominos pizza from the comfort of their coach. Apparently it’s to much for to ask a person to reach over and grab the cordless phone. All it takes is a few clicks on the remote to navigate to the widget and from there you can order up to $100 worth of Dominos food. Ultimate TV app or a… Read More

  • Fujitsu launches 15,000 RPM, 147GB 2.5-inch HDD

    While Fujitsu certainly isn’t the first to launch a tiny 2.5-inch 15,000 RPM hard drive, it’s the first to launch one with 147GB capacity. The new line from Fujitsu come in both the aforementioned 147GB size and also a 73.5GB size. The HDD has an average seek time of 2.9ms with a buffer size of 16MB and the super fast, high capacity laptop drives should drop sometime in the… Read More

  • Trutap's slick new version mobilises socnets

    The new version of Trutap – the mobile social network and aggregator – has a slick new design which gives users live updates from all their friends on just about any java handset. The new application’s features include: a personal newsfeed, ‘who’s online’, status & location, extended profile, searchable user directory, private messaging, email, SMS… Read More

  • EyeView Raises Seed Round For Flash Tutorials That Convert

    Getting someone to do something on your site—whether it is buying a product, downloading software, or filling out a registration form—can be areal pain. Israeli startup EyeView thinks it’s figured out a better way to convert Website visitors into buyers, downloaders, and whatnot: Show them a short Flash tutorial with a call to action at the end. These tutorials can be… Read More

  • Dell Inspiron Mini 9 now in pink, red

    The well-received Dell Inspiron Mini 9 is now available in two more colors, if that type of thing matters to you. (I’m colorblind.) Yup, now you can run Windows XP on the bite sized Mini 9 in red and pink. It’s the same machine otherwise: up to 32GB solid state storage, 1.60GHz Intel Atom processor, 512MB RAM, etc. You know the drill. What concerns me is that this info isn’t… Read More

  • Fujitsu announces world's first wraparound view video system for vehicles

    Fujitsu today unveiled the world’s first video technology for vehicles that provides a 360° view of a driver’s surroundings. The system, which consists of four video cameras mounted around a vehicle, is supposedly able to enhance driving safety while parking, merging in lanes, seeing around corners etc. It achieves real-time operation with 30ms video processing time. Read More

  • ASUS super-smartphone P565 launches

    ASUS’s smartphones have always impressed and the latest is no different with a monstrous 800MHz processor. The P565 has been rumored for a while but ASUS has gone official with the phone and its ready to rock Windows Mobile 6.1. Besides the 800MHz CPU, the phone is loaded with HSDPA capabilities, 2.8 VGA touchscreen, 256MB of flash memory, 802.1b/g, Bluetooth, and a microSD/SDHC slot… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Memorex Blu-ray Player on Woot

    Quick. Hurry! FAST! Woot has a hella good deal today on a Memorex Blu-ray player but it will only be available ’till the end of the day or it sells out. Best of all, you don’t have to wait in Black Friday lines to get a Blu-ray player under the $150 mark. True, this player is a Profile 1.1 player and therefore cannot do any of the fancy BD Live features but still, it’s not a… Read More

  • Amazon participating in OLPC XO giving mission

    True to its word, Amazon is throwing its global retail reach into the OLPC XO mission this Christmas season. The site is now offering buy-one, send-one to a developing nation notebook program. Or if you as a seasonal philanthropist choose, Amazon will ship one to a child of your choice. ‘Tiss the season of giving, folks. via PC World Read More

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