• Feel The DailyBurn: Gyminee Gets A New Name, Raises $525K

    Gyminee, a fitness-oriented social network that was part of the TechStars class of 2008, has closed a $525,000 seed funding round led by FF Angel LLC, with a number of angels including Garrett Camp (StumbleUpon) and Tim Ferriss also participating. Alongside the funding news, Gyminee is also announcing a total rebranding – the company will henceforth be called DailyBurn (which is… Read More

  • Political Pundit Tucker Carlson To Launch Competitor To Huffington Post

    Conservative political pundit Tucker Carlson is planning to launch a political news competitor to the Huffington Post, reports The Hill today. The site will be called TheDailyCaller.com and will be focused on reporting news about the Obama Administration but will add “facts to the conversation.” Implying that the Huffington Post’s coverage is biased, Carlson said that The… Read More

  • Top 10: The best new cell phones Japan gets this summer

    Japan’s telecommunications giants NTT Docomo, KDDI au and SoftBank present new cell phones four times a year: spring, summer, fall and winter. All companies showcased their summer 2009 wares in the last few days, including some simply incredible devices. The top 10 models across all carriers (chosen by yours truly) after the jump. Read More

  • JVC now shipping $2400 42-inch LCD "monitor" for DSLR users

    Announced back in January at CES, JVC announced today that the LT-42WX70 LCD “monitor” is now shipping for $2400. JVC is marketing the 42-inch LCD 1080p/120Hz HDTV in the hopes that it will snag photographers using a DSLR who might be shopping around for a high-end “monitor”. Sure, it displays 96 percent of the Adobe RGB spectrum and includes 52 image quality tweaks, but… Read More

  • It May Not Be Making A TV Show, But Twitter Sure Has A Lot Of Reruns

    For a service that is all about concise messaging, it’s humorous how the manner in which Twitter writes its blog posts is anything but. For the second time in as many days, we have yet another post today about the supposed Twitter TV show. This one is a clarification of the clarification from yesterday. It’s similar to how Twitter needed no less than 4 blog posts on one topic a… Read More

  • Real recognize real: Epic Games' CEO says photo realistic games 10-15 years away

    That Epic Games’ founder and CEO, Tim Sweeney, says that photo realistic games are only about 10-15 years away may be welcome news to some of you, but not to me. The whole point of playing video games is to escape the doldrums of everyday life. Fantastic settings, characters who can punch boulders at will, etc. The more realistic these games tend to be, the less interested I tend to be… Read More

  • Watchmen on Blu-ray to include Watchmen: The End is Nigh videogame

    Contrary to popular belief, I was not a big fan of the movie adaption of the Watchmen, but I didn’t think it was terrible. Anyway, the Blu-ray Director’s Cut will include the The End is Nigh PS3 game, Parts 1 and 2 of Watchmen: The End is Nigh film hybrid as well as the Director’s Cut that includes 25 minutes of extra footage. Read More

  • Rumor: 5g iPod nano rendering

    If we are to believe an iLounge tipster, this is what the next iPod nano will look like. The screen ratio will change from 1.33:1 to 1.5:1. the click wheel will be shifted down and shrunk a bit. And yes, it will have a camera. All this in a less scratchable plastic (eww, plastic) matte body. The same tipster states that this new nano will be released with the iPod touch which should be… Read More

  • Ericsson to cut down on over-seas fraud

    Let’s say you’re going to Somalia for a family vacation, you know, just to get away from it all. Additionally, lets say you brought your Visa card for any transactions while you’re away, because cash is for suckers. But wait! When you go to buy that tiki-lamp that you haggled on for nearly an hour, you find that your bank has denied the purchase. Inconvenient? Sure. But how… Read More

  • Enough Palm Pre emulator walkthroughs to choke a horse

    PalmPreForum has about five hundred Palm Pre videos taken inside the Pre SDK emulator (OK, it’s really only 22). There you can see Google Maps, Copy & Paste, and even E-Mail in action, proving that given a video capture program and a little time you can create a world that revolves entirely around a phone. The real goodies here are the Universal Search video and the phone behavior. Read More

  • Psystar filed for bankruptcy, Apple lawyers seen circling for the kill

    Psystar put up good fight. The small company first released a $399 Mac clone little over a year ago followed by rackmount servers a little later. The company was eventually sued by Apple for using OS X on clone machines. But Psystar showed some backbone and sued Apple back . But even if Psystar had secret financial backing, the company just filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Read More

  • The Awesome Potential Of Retweet

    Editor’s note: This is a guest post by David Sacks, the Founder and CEO of Yammer and Geni. Previously he was the COO of PayPal and produced the Academy Award-nominated movie “Thank You For Smoking.” Sacks says he’s incorporating the retweet feature into Yammer, his “Twitter for the enterprise” product that launched at TechCrunch50 last year. While there… Read More

  • Quick Review: Nesoid NES Emulator for Android

    I’m a big fan of the T-Mobile G1 but to say that the selection of quality games from the Android Market has been underwhelming (at best) would be sugar-coating it. Luckily none of that really matters any more, as Android finally has a decent NES emulator. Read More

  • Square Roomba could change your life

    Friends, every morning I wake up, look at myself in the mirror, and choke up. Look at me: a 34-year-old man, overweight, exhausted, with acid reflux and sleep apnea. I feel like the underside of a bench at the Greyhound depot. But then see stuff like this. That’s right: that, people, is a Roomba with freaking corners. Read More

  • E-commerce – is the next wave about to break?

    How can e-commerce continue to grow? This guest post by Jamie Murray Wells, founder and Executive Chairman of Glasses Direct, looks at the next wave coming round the corner. Latest figures show UK ecommerce sales continue to buck the financial doom-and-gloom. There was an overall 14% increase in the year to April 2009. E-commerce certainly looks like the Noah’s Ark of retail during… Read More

  • iPhone App Review: Deer Hunter 3D

    When I was a kid, I loved going to arcades and playing shooting games. Something about wielding a fake, plastic gun and mindlessly blasting away at aliens, dinosaurs, or zombies was truly exhilarating. Of course, as time went on, I became a more somber and critical gamer–I wanted “realism” and thought it was ridiculous I could kill 500 enemies without getting hit once myself. Read More

  • Microsoft's Bing Logo Leaked By Way Of Favicon?

    Within the next few days, Microsoft is expected to unveil its latest attempt at trying to be a player in the world of web search. After it has failed to get live.com any traction against Google, it will apparently launch a new engine called “Bing” — the project formerly known by its working title “Kumo.” This should be unveiled at the D conference which starts… Read More

  • Pentax K-7 videos galore, new lenses leaked

    Happy Tuesday! Hope ya’ll had a good weekend. Just for you, reader, we have some videos of the Pentax K-7 going head to head with the Nikon D3 and an overview from the team at Pentax in Golden, CO. There’s also some talk of new lenses that may or may not reveal what Pentax has in the pipe for their SLR line. Read More

  • ZigBee Pro is coming soon, Control4 will support it fully

    There is another format war happening right now that doesn’t involve optical media. In fact, ZigBee and Z-Wave have been battling for some time now for control over your home’s automation needs. The two formats utilize RF networks to control light switches, universal remotes, thermostats, coffee makers, and such. However, ZigBee has been working on an update for a few years and… Read More

  • Now You Can Avoid Euro Disney In Google Earth, Just Like You Did In Real Earth

    In 1992, Disney decided to build upon the huge success of its Disneyland and Disney World theme parks by opening Euro Disney in a suburb of Paris. The company had previously licensed its name for a resort abroad just outside Tokyo, but the European version was a more ambitious project being handled by the company. It started out as a nightmare. Simply put, people didn’t go to it. And now… Read More

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