• Debunked: Apple Doesn't Ban Facebook In Stores As A Policy

    UPDATE: An Apple representative just informed me that its retail stores have NOT banned access to Facebook. There’s been a lot of talk about how Facebook has been banned at all Apple stores to prevent customers from loitering. We did a little investigation on our own and found that Facebook was able to be accessed at Apple stores in Washington D.C. and Palo Alto. However, two stores, one… Read More

  • Roku beta testing Amazon VOD

    Roku is adding Amazon VOD to its $99 media streaming device. Currently the service is only in beta but if all goes well, we should see the library within the 2.0 firmware update. (ETA unknown) There still isn’t any word if the update will bring Amazon VOD in high-def though. The higher quality service was hinted by TiVo a few months ago but it still hasn’t shown up on that… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 8GB Slacker for $69.99

    In order to make way for the new Slacker portable players, it looks as though the first-generation units will continue to be priced to move. You can grab an 8GB Slacker WiFi Internet Radio Player for $69.99 plus $5 shipping over on sellout.woot.com, today only. Read More

  • HDD Media Player 2: Thanko releases non-crappy gadget

    Thanko, one of Crunchgear’s favorite crapgadget makers, seems to be able to produce useful electronics, too. At least their new Media Player [JP] looks a lot more sensible than the USB boob warmer, the USB gloves or the USB lunch box warmer. Read More

  • Creepy ‘Hug Me Pillow’ is on sale!

    If you’ve been holding out for the weird one-armed “Hug Me Pillow” to drop from a lofty $44.95 down to a more manageable $29.99 then you, my friend, are in luck. Read More

  • DTV converter boxes might become scarce until April

    The companies that manufacturer the DTV converter boxes were under the same assumption as all of us that the DTV conversion was to take place on February 17th. Now that it isn’t happening until four months later, the boxes might be hard to find in the short term. Read More

  • Microsoft's SkyBox redubbed "My Phone", info page briefly goes live

    Looks like the rumors from a few weeks back about Microsoft launching a MobileMe-esque product for Windows Mobile were spot on – except for the name. Earlier this morning a beta signup page briefly went live at GetSkybox.com, but wherever we expected to see “Skybox”, it said “My Phone” instead. Perhaps Microsoft got a bit tired of the Skynet references? The page… Read More

  • Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard from LG

    Bluetooth transmitters are amazingly cheap, so expect to see more and more Bluetooth equipped gadgets. It doesn’t add substantially to the overall price to the gadget, and it might add some useful new functionality. Or maybe not. Consider the LG LBA-C300 Bluetooth enabled Qwerty Card. Read More

  • Get your GMail stickers!

    Over on the official GMail blog, they’re giving away GMail stickers. I know you’ve always wanted that “m-velope” icon to adorn your laptop. Act quick. Read More

  • LG Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard outed by the FCC

    Looks like LG is really starting to get into this idea of optional QWERTY keyboards. First they crank out the mix-and-match Versa, then this little gem passes through the FCC. Called the “Bluetooth-enabled QWERTY Card”, it looks to be a Bluetooth keyboard intended for use with LG devices, with a built-in screen for displaying incoming texts and allowing you to respond without… Read More

  • ROFL? Regular people can’t tell the difference between Windows 7 and KDE 4

    It’s true what they say: show regular people a Microsoft operating system that they haven’t seen yet and a Linux desktop environment that they’ve never used and they won’t be able to tell the difference. Read More

  • The Logitech Harmony 1100 goes on sale

    Logitech went official with the Harmony 1100 just a few weeks ago and already it’s available for purchase. Newegg has the touchscreen universal remote for the low, low price of $499 with free shipping. In order to take advantage of the killer RF capabilities, you’ll have to spend an extra $99 on the RF Extender though. But that money is well spent as with the RF mode and a few… Read More

  • Review: SensorKlear Loupe

    It’s notoriously hard and scary for amateurs to clean the image sensors inside digital SLRs. Just by touching the delicate surface of the sensor you risk permanent damage or misalignment, which is why some DSLRs now offer dust detection and removal software – they basically say don’t touch the dust, the computer will interpolate the missing portions of the image. Me, I just… Read More

  • TwtQpon Throws A Free Bone To Struggling Retailers

    Dell made a cool $1 million over the holidays by alerting Twitter users to sale items. Now, Felipe Coimbra, the developer who gave us twtpoll, twttrip and twtvite, is launching twtQpon, a Twitter coupon creator for businesses to roll out their Twitter marketing strategy. Not a bad idea, when retailers are trying desperately to find a way to harness the outreach power of Twitter. Others… Read More

  • The Nikon D400 to include 24MPs and a touchscreen?

    The Internet tubes have been rumbling about a new, high megapixal Nikon dSLR coming sometime this year and that rumor just got a little more official with a list of specs. The detailed list certainly seems feasible with a 3.5-inch touchscreen and dual SD/CF storage slots, but the 24MP spec throws up some questions, expessially if this digicam is to be called the D400. Read More

  • Backup And Share Your iPhone Contacts For Free With IDrive Lite

    We don’t write about every iPhone application that we come across (there are other sites doing a great job at that), but sometimes we just have to. For instance, IDrive, which specializes in backup solutions, has a neat application dubbed IDrive Lite that allows you to backup, share and restore all your iPhone contacts completely free of charge if you’ve updated your iPhone… Read More

  • Tree.com Acquires Mint Competitor Thrive

    New York-based Loudwater Labs has sold the assets of its online personal finance management application Thrive to Tree.com (Nasdaq:TREE), the company behind services such as the formerly IAC-owned LendingTree and RealEstate.com. This means that the publicly listed Tree.com now has a very good resource in its hands as well as sufficient reach to give Mint and other personal finance management… Read More

  • Join The Travelling Circus Of TechCrunch Events In Europe

    Here’s a heads-up about some TechCrunch events we are planning to put on in Europe in the first half of this year. The format of the events follows a simple formula: afternoon panel discussions involving tech startups and the investment community, followed by relaxed evening networking. Where possible we will live video stream the events onto TechCrunch. We bill these sessions as as… Read More

  • The Downloading Rug

    Do not check your connection, your internet is fine. What is not fine is this rug from artist Richard Hutten. Intended to make you recall those fond days of dialup, to me it just looks unfinished. Like the weaver stopped working at some point. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Flowery Outburst Edition

    Valentine’s Day love from Agent18
    Someone finally designs soft foam saloon furniture for in-home bar brawls
    Review: Health Energy Potion Read More

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