• Snow Leopard's 64-bit aspirations

    If the last time you talked about how many bits something had was when you got a Super Nintendo, you’re probably as puzzled as I once was about the whole shift to 64-bit computing. Isn’t that the computing power of a Jaguar, not a Snow Leopard? No, silly goose. It’s very technical and I don’t pretend to understand it all the way, but essentially the 32-bit architecture… Read More

  • Microsoft's Answer To Google Docs Hits 1 Million Users

    Microsoft has announced that its Office Live Workspace Beta has reached its one millionth user. The service, which serves as both an extension to Office and a direct competitor to Google Docs and startups like Zoho, was announced last winter and opened in public beta last March. When we originally covered Live Workspace, we criticized its underwhelming web-based text editor. Rather than… Read More

  • MSI drops single-slot, water-cooled, overclocked GeForce 280

    Will wonders never cease? It wasn’t so long ago that water-cooling your CPU or video card meant expensive modifications at the risk of ruining your whole setup. This MSI GeForce N280GTX is already set up with water cooling, and what’s more, it only takes up one slot! Now you can actually have dual water-cooled GeForces, something that sounds like something you upgrade your… Read More

  • Xperia X1 SDK: It's like Windows Mobile's SDK but with panels

    I was about to eat some fiber today but I basically cleaned myself out after reading about the Xperia X1 SDK that enables programmers to add panels to their X1 and be “be spoilt for choice” in the ability to add and remove those panels at will. If you recall, the X1 runs Windows Mobile and has panels. These panels are ways of looking at information – you could have a… Read More

  • Back to School: Dorm room HDTVs and entertainment

    Picking the right TV to pimp out your dorm is important. You don’t want to be the poor kid, sporting a tube TV but then again, you don’t want to spend all that open house cash just on a plasma. I’ve got a few solutions that will work nicely with your understandably low budget. Read More

  • Mitsubishi announces trio of 1080p projectors

    CEDIA is set to begin tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean companies won’t be announcing products today. Mitsubishi just announced two Diamond Series 1080p projectors, HC7000U (pictured) and HC6500U, which both happen to be some of the quietest available on the market, secreting 17 dBa in low mode. The HC7000U is the flagship model and it has a 70,000:1 contrast ratio, which is… Read More

  • Harman Kardon AVR 7550HD 7.2 receiver announced

    I just got an email about Dolby Volume making its way into Harman Kardon’s latest receiver. That fact in of its self is news, but this receiver had yet to be announced and the email included most of the upcoming specs. We know now that the AVR 7550HD is going to be a 7.2, 110-watt receiver, capable of upscaling video sources to 1080p, and then shooting them over HDMI 1.3a. Plus, we… Read More

  • Stylesight Raises $16 Million In Series A Funding

    Stylesight, a company that specializes in trend forecasting and product development tools for professionals in the fashion and style industries, announced Wednesday that it has completed its series A round of funding with $16 million from Fidelity Ventures. Read More

  • Oh, real funny! Yesterday’s Belkin JoyPod thing is fake

    Disregard this post from yesterday about the Belkin JoyPod except for the part where I said “it’s absolutely possible that it could be phony” and the other part about taking this info with a grain of salt because yes, my friends, she’s a fake. I shoulda known, too, because the language used on the fake material looks totally made up. I’ve never seen such an… Read More

  • BlueHaze Enhances Your Concert Experience With Geo-Tagged Photos, Social Networking

    Concerts hold a unique position in the entertainment world. They have a huge audience, with an estimated 70% of American adults attending a concert every year. And, unlike movies and music, they’re impossible to pirate (sure you can always get a bootleg recording, but people go to concerts for the experience, not just the music). But while a number of startups have sprung up trying… Read More

  • Unboxing: Lian Li PC-XB01 Xbox 360 cooling case

    Making the long journey all the way from Taiwan is the Lian Li PC-XB01 I’m not sacrificing my Elite to try this puppy out, but John Biggs has volunteered his! I mean, it’s not like he can even get onto Live anymore. My Elite will undoubtedly get a case of the RROD, so I’d like to have my warranty intact when that happens. My first impressions of this thing are that… Read More

  • Robot servant looks friendly… so far

    While we are awaiting the eventual robot takeover of the human species, our generation will at least will get a little down time. Further generations will not be so lucky; they will be slaves to our robot masters. But, for those lucky enough to be alive in this golden era we give you the Japanese cell-phone-controlled robot servant. Designed by Fukuoka-based robot-making company, TMSUK… Read More

  • Which gadgets should be banned from public use?

    Wired.com has a list called Five Antisocial Gadgets That Should be Banned. While I don’t necessarily agree with the final two items – e-books and satellite navigation – I definitely agree with the first three: speakerphones, Bluetooth headsets, and custom ringtones. Custom ringtones, especially. Enough already. We get it. You like bad music. I’m all for melodic… Read More

  • AT&T outage in the NE? [Update: All is well, problem fixed]

    Are you feeling it? We’ve seen reports of just data and we’re waiting to hear back from AT&T. My service seems to be working fine. I’m not getting any data over 3G or EDGE. “We are aware of the reports, and we are looking into it,” says AT&T spokesman Brad Mays. Update: AT&T just shot this over to us regarding the outage. There was a routing issue… Read More

  • All Aboard the ROFLCOPTER: Bill Gates using Chrome

    Here’s a cartoon from GeekCulture.com’s Joy of Tech series. Enjoy. The Joy of Tech [GeekCulture.com] Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 26-inch KDS monitor for $365.90

    T’is the season for upgrading to gigantic monitors, if you ask me. I’m getting mentally prepared to replace two 19-inch flat panels with some big, big, big ones. Big ones! Here’s a 26-inch monitor from KDS that’s being sold at MWave.com for $365.90 plus $19 shipping, which brings your grand total to just shy of $385. It’s got a 1920×1200 resolution… Read More

  • The Dog Wan robot will watch, assist and nurse you

    About three months ago, I blogged an ugly and clumsy robotic dog a Japanese company demonstrated to the press in this country as a prototype. But now, after about 4 months in development, said robot is not only technically ready but it also made a leap forward in terms of cuteness. Osaka-based Daisen Denshi Kogyo [JP] named its creation Dog Wan (“Wan” means bow-wow in Japanese but… Read More

  • The Long Tale

    The least surprising thing about Google’s Chrome browser announcement was the reaction from most of the media that this was an attack on Microsoft. Google founders Sergey and Larry were both present at the press event, with Page apparently the more engaged on a regular basis with the project for the last two years. But Brin took most of the strategic questions and painted a different… Read More

  • Microsoft allows netbooks to use larger hard drives

    Oh Microsoft, that’s sooo nice of you to allow netbook manufacturers who want to offer XP as an operating system to now use hard drives in excess of 80 gigabytes. Remember how you weren’t invited to the netbook party in the first place? Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad you decided to show up and I’m glad you’re pushing XP instead of Vista onto these… Read More

  • XSKN's 4th gen iPod Nano cases shipping now!

    Apple events don’t excite me anymore. XSKN Thanks for the tip, Michael! Read More

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