• Gaming gets political: Obama ads appear in EA games

    So you’re racing down the road in Burnout Paradise and you’re all, “Was that an Obama ad?” Yes, yes it was. EA has confirmed that the Obama campaign is running ads in several of its video games including Madden NFL 09, Need For Speed: Carbon and, as you see here, Burnout Paradise. The ads appear only after having connected to Xbox Live—it’s not like these… Read More

  • Help Eliminate Poverty, Make a Microloan to An Entrepreneur

    The financial crisis in world markets over the past few weeks has been a real eye-opener, but even those of us who have seen our stock portfolios decline by 30 percent or more don’t have much to complain about. It could be worse. It could be a lot worse. A third of the world’s population lives in poverty, and 20 percent lives in extreme poverty, meaning they are always… Read More

  • Technorati Acquires AdEngage Advertising Network

    San Francisco based Technorati has acquired AdEngage, a twelve person advertising network based in Los Angeles, in an all stock transaction. The AdEngage platform will remain a free standing, branded service, and Technorati will also launch a version of the platform under its new Technorati Media brand. The size of the transaction is not being disclosed. This follows Technorati’s… Read More

  • All Eyes On Google This Week

    Google, who’s stock is down 45% this year, announces third quarter financial results tomorrow, and Silicon Valley will be watching. Analysts expect revenues of a little over $4 billion and EPS of $4.79 – and most have price targets for the stock, which closed yesterday at $363, to bounce back up to the high 500’s. For now, the big factors affecting Google are the… Read More

  • iKnow Is A Social Learning Platform That Can Really Make You Smarter. Opens API.

    Although the world market for e-learning is estimated to top $52 billion in 2010 (in 2007, revenues exceeded the $17-billion mark in the US alone), it’s still quite hard to find good resources for education and training in the Web 2.0 space. It seems that so far, the e-learning industry as a whole focuses on applications for enterprises and educational institutions. But now there is a… Read More

  • Amie Street Sheds Its Barebones Look, Gets Professional With Site Redesign

    Amie Street, the music store that sells songs on a sliding price scale based on how popular they are, has launched a totally revamped website and new features including a new music player and an enhanced recommendation system. We’ve been big fans since first hearing about them in 2006. Despite Amie Street’s growing popularity, especially in the indie music scene, the site has long… Read More

  • Federated Media Unleashes The Conversation As An Ad

    Federated Media (our advertising partner) has been experimenting with “conversational marketing” almost since their launch in 2005. Today they are launching a new marketing toolbox for advertisers which gives them tools to track all the ways users interact with these ads. The goal, says Federated Media, isn’t just to track ad impressions and clicks, but also to look at a new… Read More

  • The Karaoke Channel Launches Online Hub

    The Karaoke Channel, a video on demand karaoke service that is available through cable in 30 million households, is launching its own online karaoke hub. The site offers a catalog of over 5000 popular karaoke songs, including songs available in a number of foreign languages. To gain access to the site’s full catalog, users will have to become paid members. Membership fees run around $10… Read More

  • Ross Levinsohn And Ted Meisel Put $3.5 Million Into FatTail

    There’s always money in helping Websites make more money. FatTail tries to do that with its ad optimization software that tells Web publishers which ads and ad networks, in what combination, will give them the most ad dollars. The Southern California company, started in 2001 by math geeks who previously built a financial derivatives exchange, has bootstrapped itself until now. With… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Stay Outta My Room Edition

    New MacBooks announced
    Test your geekdom with these extreme Rubik’s Cube-ish V-CUBEs
    Dude, no way – blender uses wireless power
    Geek up your living room with these retro gaming decals
    Apple palette cleanser Read More

  • Mophie starts shipping iPhone 3G juice packs

    That’s if you pre-ordered yours on or before September 8th, suckas. If you ordered beyond that date then don’t expect your juice pack to start shipping until the 30th of October. But be warned, consumers, for the juice pack for the iP3G is still awaiting its “Works for iPhone” Apple certification, which could effect shipping dates so maybe they should have held off, no? Read More

  • Sharp introduces the world's first AQUOS with built-in Blu-ray recorder

    Today in Japan, Sharp announced the AQUOS DX series of LCD TVs with built-in Blu-ray recorders across the 16-set line. The DX series also features a 1-bit digital amp, digital W tuner to enable users to record video while watching TV. Content is recorded in H.264/AVC, which records at 5x extended HD video or roughly 22 hours of video on a 50GB disc. The sets range from 26- to 52-inches (26… Read More

  • SanDisk announces the Sansa slotMusic players, we wonder why

    Today, SanDisk announced the Sansa slotMusic player, which it claims is the easiest MP3 player for “loading and listening to music on the go.” The slotMusic microSD cards were announced in September and today we see a $20 music player to play said microSD cards. Most of us are carrying cell phones with microSD slots with some archaic MP3 player built-in, so the cards themselves… Read More

  • PS3 Firmware update is now live [Update: So is v5.0 for the PSP]

    So says the official PlayStation Twitter thing. Firmware v2.5 brings Bluetooth support, auto shutoff after downloads have completed, Flash 9 support and other goodies that we reported on yesterday. Fire up those BBQ grills! No word on firmware v5.0 for the PSP though. Just got the message on my PSP to update the firmware. Sweet. Read More

  • RealityV: Revolutionary Virtual Reality Training Originally Designed For The Army

    When most people think of computer games, they think of escapist titles like World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, or Super Mario. Even most games that label themselves as simulations, like the ever-popular Madden football series, are meant to more for fun than realistic training. Development studio Intelligence Gaming is behind a different kind of game, dubbed “serious gaming”… Read More

  • Video: Dark Knight and Toy Story 2 mashup

    Some people have way too much time on their hands. via The Matt Hickey Read More

  • Rock Band accessories have gone too far

    Am I right? I’m okay with Rock Band and Guitar Hero as games, but this is too much. I’ve seen so many stories about how supposed “rock bands” are now making a living by touring and playing shows. It’s a f*cking game, people. Have some respect for the folks that really make music and take it seriously. You do not need smoke and lighting effects for your stupid… Read More

  • Ultizen Games launches Crazy Mouse for XBLA becoming the first Chinese-based studio to do so

    Being the “Year of the Mouse”, China-based Ultizen Games announced today that Crazy Mouse will be available for download from XBLA starting tomorrow. The game features a crazy mouse that fancies himself a gastronomist like Remy from “Ratatouille” where you will attempt to make your way through 32 levels of maze-y fun. It’ll set you back 400 MS points or… Read More

  • Gigabyte's Open Overclocking Championship 2008 report

    This is pretty cool. I’m all for tweaking your setup a little bit, but the guys at this Gigabyte-sponsored Championship in Taipei take it more seriously than I ever could. Maybe that’s because there was a $5000 prize at stake. Hmm… The pictures are great if you’re a system builder: all cables and pipes and thermoses (thermi?) filled with liquid nitrogen. They had 11… Read More

  • Who's Afraid of Chrome? Flock 2 Released With Even More Bells And Whistles

    Design philosophies could hardly be further apart. Google’s ironically named Chrome browser, which launched last month, advanced the notion that browsers ought to be neither seen nor heard. Like operating systems, they should sit obediently in the background and make sure that the applications on top of them run quickly, reliably and safely. Flock has always taken the opposite… Read More

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