• QuickerTek releases high-powered Wi-Fi ExpressCard

    The QuickerTech ExpressCard is a 802.11n/g ExpressCard with the honkingest antenna in all the land. It works with most MacBook Pros – they tell you to basically remove your Apple AirPort card, which is a tall order, but whatevs – and costs $199. I’m a big fan of external Wi-Fi devices. I’ve used the HawkingTech USB Wi-Fi card for years and adding a massive antenna to… Read More

  • BlackBerry Storm images leak out from Verizon employee briefing

    Some tipster managed to sneak their camera phone out to snag some shots during today’s internal Verizon employee briefing on the BlackBerry Storm. One’s a basic product shot, while the other two show the handset’s browser in landscape and portrait orientations. Sure, the shots sort of look like they were taken from the inside of a space helmet during a snow storm, but this… Read More

  • Buying Opportunity?

    Just asking. Tech stocks closed down almost 4 percent today (3.24 percent since Thursday), versus almost 7 percent for financial stocks. Google is only down 1.05 percent. Amazon is down 1.35 percent. But Apple is down 5.76 percent. And RIM is down 7 percent (Wall Street banks are a big customer). Did anyone buy any tech stocks today? Read More

  • HTC Touch 3G product page spotted early, too

    Hand-in-hand with the HTC Touch HD page spotted earlier, the product page for the equally unannounced HTC Touch 3G has also made its way into the public view. It’s packed with visual goodies and specs, so check it out As far as anyone can tell from the images available, it’ll come in blue, brown, black, and gold varieties. Spec-wise, it’ll be luggin’ a 2.8″… Read More

  • Video: WowWee's FlyTech Bladestar Flyer now shipping

    Available now for $50 from retailers like Toys R Us, Amazon, Target, and WowWee. I wonder if I have one in the office. Read More

  • Hey everyone! Vizio wants you to know they don't make cheap HDTVs anymore – m'kay?

    For years, Vizio has branded themselves as low-cost HDTVs. The sets were, and still are, bulked-out at Costco and making their way into a lot bargain hunters homes. In fact, I think of VIZIO as the Costco house brand and that’s image the company is trying to shed. ONE/x, Vizio’s marketing agency, has begun showing off ads touting high quality and precision engineering, not… Read More

  • Tellme adds sports scores to its voice powered search service

    Tellme is a free, Microsoft-owned voice powered search engine. Want to find a local coffee shop? Call up Tellme and ask for it. Want to know the weather forecast? Boot up the free BlackBerry application, hit a button, and say “Weather”. In addition to local business searches, weather forecasts, movie times, and directions, TellMe has now added support for up-to-the-minute… Read More

  • Nice new Zeiss lenses for your Canon

    I’ve always been skeptical about third-party lenses, but I know in my heart that even Canon makes some stinkers (18-55mm EF-S anyone?) and on the flipside Sigma and Tamron probably have some great glass. But there isn’t even any room for doubt with Carl Zeiss — the famous lensmaker is bringing its craft to Canon’s EF mount. These Planar T* F/1.4 50mm and 85mm lenses… Read More

  • Zemanta raises yet more seed, this time from New York's Union Square

    Today New York-based Union Square Ventures is joining Eden Ventures and The Accelerator Group as seed investors in Zemanta, the Slovenian startup which to date has raised US$2.2 million from the three investors. Union Square is going in with $650,000. It’s a pretty strong vote of confidence in a startup created by two 25 year old founders coming out of Slovenia who pitched at tiny… Read More

  • Citi analyst confirms that aluminum MacBooks already shipping

    Blah, blah, blah. Something about iPhone shipments, Apple is making money, and some more blah. He also says that “field checks” have confirmed that shipments of new MacBooks have begun; he says the most distinctive features of the new MacBooks are “very thin aluminum casing, an LED-backlit display and an aggressive entry-level price point.” Earlier reports indicted… Read More

  • Enthusiasts bring TouchFLO 3D interface to a bunch of additional HTC handsets

    The crew over at XDA-developers never ceases to amaze. This time, they’ve managed to snatch a huge chunk of the look-and-feel from the TouchFLO 3D interface running on the HTC Touch Diamond and HTC Touch Pro, repackaging it as “TouchFlo 2D” for use on an impressive number of other HTC handsets. So far, they’ve got it up on the HTC Elf, Polaris (Touch Cruise)… Read More

  • Seagate announces cornucopia of external hard drives

    Not to be outdone by Western Digital, Seagate announced a plethora of external hard drives today under the FreeAgent series. Moreover, a couple of the FreeAgents are touting ‘firsts.’ The FreeAgent Go, pictured above in the dock, is the most anorexic external drive in all the industry with a height of 12.5mm and comes with shock/vibration protection. But that’s not the only… Read More

  • Updates Announced For Google Gears And Google Desktop

    Google announced Monday that it has launched Google Gears for Apple’s Safari browser on Mac OS X. All Safari users running Mac OS X (Windows isn’t supported yet) can now access Gears-enabled sites like Zoho Office and the YouTube Uploader. Google also announced Monday that it has released Google Desktop 5.8 for Windows, which the company claims, will increase performance and make it… Read More

  • ION premium Rock Band drum set gets official at $299

    Here she blows; the premium Xbox 360 Rock Band drum kit from ION. It’s priced at $299, available now, and features four gum-rubber drum pads (read: quiet) and two cymbals with mounting arms. That’s right, two. You’ll have to purchase that third cymbal separately for $50. You can also add a second bass pedal for some double-dutch kick action or whatever you kids are saying… Read More

  • Yahoo Bleeds Purple. And You Thought Microsoft's Marketing Campaign Was Weird

    Apparently Yahoo has caught the bizarre marketing bug. Today the company has launched “Start Wearing Purple”, a campaign that is trying to capitalize on the color’s reported association with “innovation and imagination” (I always thought it was tied to royalty). Purple has long been Yahoo’s official color, though the logo displayed at its web portal is now… Read More

  • World's smallest UWB developed by Ph.D. student

    Believe it or not, the image above is an UWB antenna and not some Stargate universe artifact. Taeyoung Yang, a Virginia Tech Ph.D. student, devised the idea of creating a ultra-wideband antenna as small as theoretically possible and this is it. The antenna boosts a 95% efficiency rating and the world’s smallest with a 10:1 bandwidth. Read More

  • Sony Ericsson: Xperia brand "not tied" to Windows Mobile

    Anytime there is discussion about Sony Ericsson’s Xperia X1, you can almost guarantee that someone will chime in with “Yeah, too bad it’s running Windows Mobile.” While there isn’t much hope at this point for anyone dying for an X1 powered by anything but Microsoft’s platform, that might not be the case for future Xperia handsets. According to Magnus… Read More

  • BlackBerry Storm prep papers show up at Verizon stores

    Click image for the embiggened version Today’s supposed to be the big news day for the BlackBerry Storm on Verizon and, lo and behold, documents prepping Verizon employees for the news have started hitting desks. While it doesn’t mention pricing or reveal the release date, it does confirm the high-resolution touch screen (“RIM’s highest resolution screen… Read More

  • Pradovit D-1200 projector coming from Leica

    Leica fans tend to be a dedicated, and rich, crowd and they can now add the Pradovit D-1200 projector to their stable of German glass. The widescreen native D-1200 unit thankfully sports an impressive ELMARIT-P f/2.8-3, 1/33-42 mm high-speed lens ‘cause the rest of the specs are so non Leica-ish. The 1,400 ANSI-rated lumens, 2,500:1 contrast ratio powered by a 220-watt FusionPlus VIDI… Read More

  • Google Tweaks Its AdWords Algorithm

    A slew of companies rely on Google’s AdWords system to bring users to their sites. But in an attempt to improve the quality of AdWords, Google will unveil a new judging system in the next few days that could have a major impact on current AdWords users. The most important change the company announced Monday has to do with how it calculates the AdWords Quality Score, which helps… Read More

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