• HP-DX700: Victor JVC unveils headphones with wooden housing

    Victor JVC Japan today announced the HP-DX700 [JP], headphones with wooden housing for better sound quality. The device, which goes in sale in Nippon in the middle of next month, weighs 380 grams. It operates in a 5Hz to 30kHz frequency. Read More

  • iPhone App Review: RepairPal

    RepairPal, which hit the App Store yesterday, is the iPhone front-end for repairpal.com, a site aimed at helping its users determine reasonable prices for car repairs and providing them with locations of reputable repair shops in their areas. I recently had new tires put on my 2001 Accord and paid $75 for an alignment, so I thought I’d use RepairPal to see if those double-talking weasels… Read More

  • LG VX9600 Versa is super modular, super caught on camera

    It’s a thought we’ve all had at one point or another: “Instead of having to decide between handsets with QWERTY and those without, why not just make the keyboard detachable?” Unfortunately, the majority of us aren’t major handset manufacturers with the power to make such things happen, so the idea slipped back into the “Things I wish other people would… Read More

  • MSI Wind U120 ready to roll

    The business-centric Wind U120 from MSI is ready to be shipped to your home or business. It’s available on J&R for $469.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate. However, if you buy it from J&R through Amazon.com, it’s just $469.99 out the door. Read More

  • Bandai sells gadget for women that helps understand men

    On February 7, Bandai Japan is coming out with a new gadget [JP] that will tell help women how well they understand men. The Onna Dameshi (Girl Tester) comes with a total of pre-installed 100 questions, such as “What phrase will make boys happy when said out of jealousy by their girlfriends?” or “What type of hair style do men usually prefer their girlfriends to have?”. Read More

  • T-Mobile's BlackBerry 8900 is circulating

    Attention attention. Those of you who want the T-Mobile Bold 8900 please report to your local telephony stores and pester the kind men and women behind the counter to get it in because it seems to be shipping to select outlets. TMoNews has some pictures of the unboxing which I’m sure you’ll all enjoy. Read More

  • Senate expected to make DTV Transition optional to for a while

    The Senate and President Obama are ready to pass legislation that will postpone the DTV Transistion date from Feburary 17th, 2009 to June 12th, 2009 – or so says the Internet. The new bill doesn’t provide more funds for the DTV Coupon program but will allow individual stations to determine when they will switch off their analog signal. So now, instead of having one, uniform date… Read More

  • Dell Mini 10 spotted in the UK

    As netbooks go, Dell has the Mini 9 and the Mini 12. Now it appears that the Mini 10, as shown at CES, has quietly emerged in the UK. You can buy it from Tesco for £349.00 if you’re not down with the 9- or 12-inch versions. Read More

  • Sony Ericsson Frances becomes C903 – it's the C905 Lite!

    Long known only by its internal “Frances” moniker, the official model name of this not-yet-announced Sony Ericsson handset has been whispered into the wrong ear and has since found its way to SEMC Blog; from here on out, the Frances is now the Sony Ericsson C903. And, as we always love to see, this leak comes in pairs – tucked along in the note containing the final name was… Read More

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator developers hit particularly hard by job cuts

    The Microsoft-owned developers responsible for the Microsoft Flight Simulator series (and the upcoming Microsoft Train Simulator) have been hit pretty hard by all those job cuts. The worst reports suggest that everyone in connection with Flight Simulator was let go. Yikes. Read More

  • Samsadness: Samsung sales down

    Samsung lost $16.2 million in profit last year compared to a fraction of that a two years ago. It is the first loss in Samsung history. Interestingly, total revenue was up but profit fell due to smaller margins on phones and televisions. Read More

  • MSI’s VESA-mounted WindBOX almost here

    That super slim mount-it-behind-your-monitor WindBOX that we told you about back in November has finally been officially announced by MSI and should be available soon. Read More

  • ComScore: Internet Population Passes One Billion; Top 15 Countries

    The number of people on the Internet surpassed one billion in December, according to comScore. The actual number is probably higher than that (Internet World Stats counted nearly 1.5 billion Web surfers worldwide as of June 30, 2008). In any case, only between 15 and 22 percent of the world’s population is on the Internet. We have a long way to go. Using the comScore numbers, here is… Read More

  • Proof: Apple staffed with the robots of Wall-E

    I was looking at this image of Jony Ive in the Apple R&D lab from the upcoming film about tech design, Objectified, and I spied something odd. Back in the corner there was some sort of weird device and, now, after doing a little digging, it seems that Apple is far more advanced than we originally assumed. Read More

  • What property recession? Nestoria launches WhereCanILive mashup

    We’re in an official recession. The property market has slumped. But who cares? Property search startup Nestoria remains busy. It’s just set up a white-label version of its service for AOL, following on from similar such deals with The Daily Telegraph and the Independent newspapers. The site is for users on AOL.co.uk and the Homes and Property Channel. Meanwhile it’s launched… Read More

  • Casio Japan rolls out four new sports watches

    Casio Japan announced four new sports watches [JP] (no G-Shocks) yesterday. The watches are made for people who are into running, hiking and fishing. All devices feature a stop watch function, an EL backlight, a timer, a calendar and a 12/24h switch. Read More

  • Windows Vista SP2 delayed?

    You know what Microsoft needs to do? Write off Vista totally and compensate everyone with an upgrade to Windows 7. Forget about the impending SP2 and refocus everyone into Windows 7 development. That being said, the next update for Vista might not drop until May or June and should bring some well needed feature upgrades. It’s still craptacular Vista in the end though. Read More

  • iPhone App Review: Tingalin

    Tingalin is an interesting little app in the ever-growing category of “instruments for a tiny touchscreen” apps that allows you to recreate the smooth stylings of the ҫifteli, an ancient two-stringed Albanian instrument with a funky sound that would fit right in on an LSD-infused Beatles track. If you’re like me and you’ve never heard of the thing before in your… Read More

  • Acer takes the bullet train to Officialville with the 10-inch Aspire One

    We all knew this day would come, didn’t we? The day that Acer officially announced the 10-inch Aspire One – that day is today. It’s official. Read More

  • Nokia shipped 500 thousand 5800 XpressMusics in a month

    We may not have been all that impressed with the 5800 XpressMusic when it launched back in October, but it looks like at least half a million other people were. During Nokia’s Q4 earnings call, CEO Olli Pekka Kallasvuo disclosed that over 500,000 5800’s have shipped in the last 30 days of the quarter alone. Then again, of course, he did say shipped, not sold. Now, before you go… Read More

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