• Apple pushes out Mac OS X 10.5.5 update

    What will 10.5.5 bring to Mac users? It updates a gaggle of things and is 136MB of Apple fury. General * Includes recent Apple security updates.
    * Addresses stability issues with video playback, processor core idling, and remote disc sharing for MacBook Air.
    * Addresses an issue in which some Macs could unexpectedly power on at the same time each day.
    * Resolves a stability… Read More

  • Dreamcast: It (was) thinking

    The Guardian has a pretty cool interview up with Peter Moore, president of EA Sports. Back in the day, he was head of Sega of America. In fact, he was the guy who killed the Dreamcast. As awesome as the Dreamcast was, maybe it’s a good thing it died; it served its purpose. It helped usher in the next-gen era of console gaming by supporting broadband capabilities. It could even be argued… Read More

  • Today on MobileCrunch

    Not reading MobileCrunch yet? Why the heck not? While a MobileCrunch post or two might make the jump over to TechCrunch each week, there’s a ton of good stuff each day that you’ll only see on that side of the fence. Read More

  • Canon' EOS 50D release date revealed and available for pre-order

    Those shutter nerds that can’t wait to get their sweaty palms all over the latest 15.1MP Canon DSLR can now fork over their cash to Circuit City or Amazon for a pre-order. Previously, Canon hadn’t announced a launch date for their latest, but according to the Circuit City product page, it looks like that date is October 6. Should you choose to wait or not, the new camera will cost… Read More

  • New Dolby voice communication tech: Axon

    I talked with Dolby a bit at PAX and they seemed pretty excited about this stuff. They asked me what I thought needed to be improved about voice communication in a game. Essentially I told them that the voice needs to take place in the game and not in a sort of meta-layer where you can hear everyone perfectly and sound quality is universally low. They said that was exactly what they were… Read More

  • NetShare gone from the App Store for good

    Throughout the month of August, Nullriver‘s NetShare application, which allowed iPhone users to utilize their handset’s 3G/EDGE connection as means of connecting their computers to the internet, was in a constantly wavering state of peril. After a brief (as in hours) stint on Apple’s App store, it was taken down. Days later it returned, albeit only for a brief while. After… Read More

  • Roughly 30 seconds of angry box ripping

    http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=1694692&server=vimeo.com&show_title=1&show_byline=1&show_portrait=0&color=&fullscreen=1 Watch the above video starting at about the one minute mark (hell, watch the whole thing if you have time). I don’t like to do a ton of unboxings but the ones that I do oftentimes feature gardening gloves and safety goggles. [via TUAW] Read More

  • Brain scan good enough for murder conviction

    Damn, that’s harsh. A woman in India has been convicted of murder because her brain scans said so. If that sounds like a pretty shaky conviction to you, you’re not alone. BEOS begins with a silent suspect and an EEG. When details of the crime are read aloud the resulting brain scans are then analyzed. Basically, if something lights up where it shouldn’t then that person… Read More

  • Yahoo! rolls out 20 Flickr Bikes, wants you to start wearing purple

    I’ve wanted a bike for a couple months now and I think Yahoo! and Electra just made me forget about that James Perse bike that I’ve been attempting to steal from the West Village store. 20 specialized Electra bikes were dispersed to NYC, San Francisco, LA, Toronto, UK, Australia, Singapore, Tokyo, Copenhagen, and Vermont. Five of those Flickr bikes will be sent out on special… Read More

  • Per Linked-in profile page, new iPhone ARM CPU in the works

    Back when Apple scooped up PA Semi in April, most of us knew that the firm’s chips were going to make their way into next-gen iPhones, but Apple was mum on the subject. Not Wei-han Lien though; he posted his current project up on the social networking site, Linked-In, for the whole world to see Apple’s secret plans. Read More

  • Austin Roundtable: The Web Starts At The Grassroots (100 Tickets Available)

    Today, we are releasing 100 tickets for “The Web Starts at the Grassroots” Roundtable Discussion prior to the TechCrunch Austin Ventures Meet-Up at Pangaea. Tickets are $50, with all of the proceeds benefiting the Lance Armstrong Foundation. The Roundtable will be held at the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center located on the University of Texas at Austin… Read More

  • Dopplr pulls in tech/media stars for latest investment

    Dopplr – the site where you list where you are flying to in the future thus creating happy coincidences with your business or social network – has completed a second of financing round from a roster of big names in the tech and media scene. They include: Esther Dyson, media entrepreneur Tyler Brûlé, Thomas Glocer, Yat Siu, Aditya dev Sood, Lars Hinrichs, Joshua Schachter… Read More

  • NEC rolls out the 82-inch LCD8205 LCD monitor

    Chances are, the LCD8205 isn’t going to find its way into living rooms. The huge $55k LCD is geared towards commercial application, but if money ain’t no thang, buy a few of ’em. Up to sixteen of the screens can be connected together to form one monstrous 4×4, 328-inch viewing experience. Just think of the Guitar Hero 3 launch party you can have with that! Talk… Read More

  • QuickerTek releases high-powered Wi-Fi ExpressCard

    The QuickerTech ExpressCard is a 802.11n/g ExpressCard with the honkingest antenna in all the land. It works with most MacBook Pros – they tell you to basically remove your Apple AirPort card, which is a tall order, but whatevs – and costs $199. I’m a big fan of external Wi-Fi devices. I’ve used the HawkingTech USB Wi-Fi card for years and adding a massive antenna to… Read More

  • BlackBerry Storm images leak out from Verizon employee briefing

    Some tipster managed to sneak their camera phone out to snag some shots during today’s internal Verizon employee briefing on the BlackBerry Storm. One’s a basic product shot, while the other two show the handset’s browser in landscape and portrait orientations. Sure, the shots sort of look like they were taken from the inside of a space helmet during a snow storm, but this… Read More

  • Buying Opportunity?

    Just asking. Tech stocks closed down almost 4 percent today (3.24 percent since Thursday), versus almost 7 percent for financial stocks. Google is only down 1.05 percent. Amazon is down 1.35 percent. But Apple is down 5.76 percent. And RIM is down 7 percent (Wall Street banks are a big customer). Did anyone buy any tech stocks today? Read More

  • HTC Touch 3G product page spotted early, too

    Hand-in-hand with the HTC Touch HD page spotted earlier, the product page for the equally unannounced HTC Touch 3G has also made its way into the public view. It’s packed with visual goodies and specs, so check it out As far as anyone can tell from the images available, it’ll come in blue, brown, black, and gold varieties. Spec-wise, it’ll be luggin’ a 2.8″… Read More

  • Video: WowWee's FlyTech Bladestar Flyer now shipping

    Available now for $50 from retailers like Toys R Us, Amazon, Target, and WowWee. I wonder if I have one in the office. Read More

  • Hey everyone! Vizio wants you to know they don't make cheap HDTVs anymore – m'kay?

    For years, Vizio has branded themselves as low-cost HDTVs. The sets were, and still are, bulked-out at Costco and making their way into a lot bargain hunters homes. In fact, I think of VIZIO as the Costco house brand and that’s image the company is trying to shed. ONE/x, Vizio’s marketing agency, has begun showing off ads touting high quality and precision engineering, not… Read More

  • Tellme adds sports scores to its voice powered search service

    Tellme is a free, Microsoft-owned voice powered search engine. Want to find a local coffee shop? Call up Tellme and ask for it. Want to know the weather forecast? Boot up the free BlackBerry application, hit a button, and say “Weather”. In addition to local business searches, weather forecasts, movie times, and directions, TellMe has now added support for up-to-the-minute… Read More

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