• Picture proof: Why netbooks rock [to some]

    Netbooks are the latest fad, but they do one thing very well: Portability. The above picture shows-off exactly why mobile professions are falling in love with the sub-notebooks. That’s a Dell Mini 9 chill’n in the camera case. Plus, Rob Galbraith found that the screen is actually a bit more professional than the MacBook Pro which makes it a great little mobile photography tool. Read More

  • The Canary At The New York Times Grows Larger As Internet Advertising Keeps Dropping

    The advertising situation at the New York Times is not getting any better. Today, the company released its fourth quarter earnings. Total advertising revenues were down 13.1 percent in the quarter to $1.8 billion. Of that, its total Internet advertising revenues (from NYTimes.com, Boston.com, and About.com primarily) was only $$81.9 million, down 3.5 percent. Internet advertising only… Read More

  • Motorola Tundra tortured for your viewing pleasure

    Just how rugged is the military-spec Motorola Tundra? Our buddies over at Phonescoop put it to the test during their full review – and by “put it to the test”, we mean throwing it across a driveway, kicking it into a wall, jamming it in the snow, running it over with a car, dropping a wrench on it, and blasting it with a blowtorch. Sure, it would’ve been great to see… Read More

  • Buffalo launching 7-inch USB external display

    Small external displays are becoming increasingly commonplace but the little displays are still special to us. They are so freking handy and this one from Buffalo is no different. The 7-inch display is powered by USB and features a decent 800×480 display resolution which should display Adium or Trillian buddy lists just fine. Even video would be fine. However, this external display is only… Read More

  • Acer smartphone to be announced on February 16th

    Acer wants everyone to know that it is launching a smartphone at the Mobile World Congress cellphone extravaganza in Barcelona. The February 16th press event is also nearly one year after Acer scooped up the experienced smartphone maker, E-Ten. M’kay, now that we know Acer has a smartphone coming in a couple weeks, get ready for some *air quotes* leaked product shots to keep our attention. Read More

  • The Privacy Dilemma

    The more of our lives that we put online, the less privacy we have. It is as simple as that. And this is a problem that will just get worse over time. You cannot be fully engaged on social networks, blogs, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, FriendFeed, and all the rest without opening yourself up to phishers, scammers, and identity thieves. Something to think about since today is Data Privacy… Read More

  • A More Somber World Economic Forum At Davos

    The World Economic Forum, arguably the most prestigious gathering of the world’s political, business and intellectual leaders (plus, absurdly, me and Robert Scoble), has officially opened at the tiny ski resort town of Davos, Switzerland. 2,500 attendees from 96 countries have flocked to the event this year, about 500 more than last year. And a record 40 heads of state are present as well. Read More

  • Liveblog This: CoverItLive Closes $1 Million Round

    CoverItLive, easily the most extensive tool one can use for liveblogging live events or other real-time stuff such as earnings calls, press conferences and the likes, has raised $1.2 million Canadian dollars (or approximately $1 million USD) more from its current investor and private equity fund Flagstone Capital and well-known investor and entrepreneur Paul Kedrosky. CoverItLive has also… Read More

  • Social Sharing Tool Bemba Fails To Get Traction, Shuts Down

    Bemba Media, a Dutch startup that introduced a nifty browser plug-in / bookmarklet that enabled users to quickly share and bookmark stuff from across the web and particularly social networking sites in a very straightforward way, is shutting down. The site will no longer accept new users as from today and completely fade out per February 8. The Bemba Media Team made this tough decision because… Read More

  • Dangerous toy robot hurts 14 kids

    A small robot sold by Japanese toy giant Bandai is reportedly not the safest toy you would want to give to your kids. The company received complaints from a total of 85 parents in Nippon. In 14 cases, kids appear to have been hurt because they got their fingers caught in the robot. Some Japanese media are reporting that a 3-year old boy lost the tip of his pinky.. Video after the jump. Read More

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