• "Etch" a design on a Moleskine notebook

    Yes, I know you have one. It’s okay, I have one too. Difference is, I don’t write sissy poetry in it and do weak sketches of girls I’ll never talk to — like you do. Anyway, I’ve always been deathly afraid that, considering how ubiquitous the little notebooks are, if two or more are in one place it’d be extremely easy to accidentally switch them. And you… Read More

  • Sprint: Early cancelation fee drops $10 each month

    Sprint is diligently patting itself on the back today, having forever changed the way we think about canceling cellphone contracts. Starting on November 2, for every month you stay faithful to your Sprint contract after the sixth month, the company knocks $10 off the early termination fee. The fee, which is $200 at the outset, is allowed to drop to as low as $50. This new policy does not apply… Read More

  • Diamond-studded Japanese cellphone costs $130K

    Another day, another diamond-studded cellphone to smash. This time, it comes to us by way of Japan, land of Japanese people. (I got nothing, obviously.) The phone, available on wireless carrier Softbank (they carry the iPhone 3G), is officially the Softbank 823SH Tiffany. It costs ¥12.98 million, or around $131,097. Only 10 such phones will be produced initially. Can anyone answer this… Read More

  • Porsche 911 Turbo racing wheel for the Xbox 360 certainly *looks* realistic

    Nothing like living out your dream of owning a Porsche 911 Turbo than sitting on your couch and playing Xbox. Fantec knows this; Peter knows this; the American people know this. With that in mind, feast your eyes on the Porsche 911 Turbo S racing wheel for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. This little bugger costs a minimum of $250. I say “minimum” because Fantec produced three versions of… Read More

  • Unboxing: BlackBerry Bold

    It’s been a long time coming and while the rest of the world has had the Bold for months, those of us crackberry heads will finally get it on the 4th of November. We were lucky enough to snag one early and I’m giddy like a 4-year-old with a mountain of tooth-decaying candy on my bed. It’s fast, powerful and oh-so-sexy. I present to you, dear reader, the BlackBerry Bold… Read More

  • Golden Joystick award winners announced

    The Golden Joystick awards were handed out earlier today. (Golden Joystick is a British-based video game award show that, I think, has a little more credibility than Spike Video Game Award, primarily because it’s been around for 26 years.) Anyway, you can watch the entire broadcast online here. In the interest of preventing OMG SPOILERS, you’ll have to click through to see the list… Read More

  • Wow, Windows 7 runs really well on an Eee PC 1000H

    It’s fair to say that many folks are cautiously optimistic regarding the prospects of Windows 7. One reason why, I believe, is its improved ability to run on netbooks. (Vista is sorta unruly on netbooks, as you might imagine.) Laptop mag did the heavy lifting and installed the Windows 7 beta (which is easy to find on the usual BitTorrent sites, by the way) on the Asus Eee PC… Read More

  • BFF: Blu-Ray, she is dead.

    SteveJabs writes: I don’t know if I am writing this because I completely and utterly agree with CrunchGear or because I saw my Apple story slipping to the bottom of the feed below What.Cd invites, but this ought to start another fun flame war. Face it folks, Blu-Ray is headed to the pooper can. But don’t get me wrong, I love Blu-Ray. My copy of 2001 on my 1080p 56″ Samsung… Read More

  • RouteNote offers a different approach for bands online

    RouteNote is a music distribution startup in the UK which offers unsigned or independent artists from anywhere the ability to get their music distributed to a bunch of online stores. Artists upload tracks to the RouteNote catalogue and select partnered retail outlets that they wish their music to be available through (e.g. Napster, Snocap, Samsung Mobile). There are no sign up fees and the… Read More

  • DIY: Mega Man Costume

    Remember the Mega Man Blaster that great dad made for his son’s Halloween costume. Yeah, the entire costume is done now and up on Instructables with DIY instructions. The jump suit and helmet doesn’t look that hard to build, but the Mega Blaster isn’t something you can put together last minute – say, today. Still, it’s never to early too start planning for next… Read More

  • Review: Belkin GoStudio

    As a dilettante musician I enjoy the concept – if not the process – of recording my reedy, whiny voice to digital files. Until recently, that process was fraught with trouble and high quality recording equipment was difficult to obtain and expensive. Now anyone with a six-string and a dream can record fairly acceptable audio with something like the Belkin GoStudio. Read More

  • Circuit City gets takedown warning from the New York Stock Exchange

    Circuit City latest financial struggles come in the form of a letter sent from the NYSE. Because CC stock averaged a $1 or less closing price over the 30 days, the fund is falling short of the exchange’s requirement. The company has 10 days to specify how the company is going to remedy the situation and maintain an average trading price of $1 or higher within six months. The fund… Read More

  • ‘The Hills’ breaks down the Large Hadron Collider

    Sigh… Above, please reference what girls between the ages of 10 and 30 think is cool. Also, as it happens, the same reason MTV will be blocked from every TV in the Aamoth household if I ever have a daughter. Transcription to follow for those of you who can’t access YouTube at work… Read More

  • How-to: Take A Screenshot On An Android Device

    After we posted our first Android speed review, we got a handful of e-mails asking us how we managed to take screenshots directly off of the device. We looked around at a handful of other blogs – sure enough, the vast majority of them had fallen back to pointing a camera at the device’s screen and snapping away. While that’s slightly better than drawing the image on paper… Read More

  • Test Drive: Everything you've ever wanted to know about the Chevy Volt (we think)

    Test Drive is a new series that we’re starting at CrunchGear wherein we get a hands-on look at new or interesting modes of transportation. It’s not limited to just cars, either. We’ll take a look at just about anything from scooters to rockets and everything in between. Last night in Manhattan at Terminal 5 we were privy to an intimate gathering to check out Chevy’s… Read More

  • Tesla Motors keeps rolling with new round of financing

    Tesla Motors has been hit hard with credit crunch of late, but the billionaire founder of Telsa and PayPal has personally guaranteed that all of the 1,200 battery-powered Tesla Roadster pre-orders will be filled.  So far, only 60 of the 1,200 cars have been delivered and the company seems to be consolidating after shutting down and laying off 90% of the Detroit, MI office. However, with… Read More

  • Jaxtr CEO Is Out

    Two weeks after laying off 30 percent of his employees, Jaxtr CEO Konstantin Guericke finds himself out of a job. He is being replaced by vice president of engineering Bahman Koohestani (former CTO at Cyworld and Orbitz), who will be acting as “interim” CEO. Jaxtr offers VoIP calls to both your regular and mobile phone. Its last round was a $10 million Series B in June. … Read More

  • A Spot Of Trouble At Spot Runner

    There is no escape from the advertising recession. Not even for hotshot TV advertising startup Spot Runner. Despite having raised more than $111 million, half of that as recently as last May, the LA-based company may be in for a major round of layoffs next week following the election (and the associated last-minute media blitz). As many as 25 percent of its more than 300 employees may… Read More

  • Must-have gadgets for any aspiring ghost hunter

    It’s Halloween and, as such, here’s a handful of gadgets to get you started in the exciting world of ghost hunting, plus a couple of tips and tricks. Enjoy… Read More

  • Microsoft's Treadwell and Bryant: Mesh and Office on Azure

    http://qik.com/swfs/qik_player.swf?streamname=63fbce42ead343288d04f6bc07d59d51&vid=470493&playback=false&polling=false&user=SteveGillmor&displayname=SteveGillmor&safelink=SteveGillmor&userlock=true&islive=&username=anonymous David Treadwell moves up the stack as Microsoft releases Live Framework to the developer community. With Mesh now clear as… Read More

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