• Dopplr Launches iPhone App, But Where's The Add Trip Button?

    Dopplr has launched an iPhone app they are billing as a “social atlas”. Curiously, and possibly wisely, you don’t even need an account at Dopplr to use the app, meaning it will get exposed to a lot more potential users. However, a let down from the get-go is that you can’t add upcoming trips from within the app right now, which is kinda the point with Dopplr, as… Read More

  • Comcast rolls out iPhone app for phone and e-mail features, TV listings, and movie trailers

    Comcast has just jumped on the iPhone bandwagon with the “Comcast Mobile App” — now available for free download from the iTunes App Store. Read More

  • Canadian Privacy Commissioner Says Facebook Is Full Of Holes

    In order to comply with Canadian privacy law, Facebook must take greater responsibility for the personal information in its care. That’s not what we said, it’s what Canada Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart says in a statement following an investigation into the social network’s privacy policies and practices. That investigation was reportedly prompted by a complaint from… Read More

  • Clikthrough Raises $1 Million For Extremely Interactive Music Videos

    Interactive video and analytics startup Clikthrough has secured $1 million in Series A funding from music execs and investors Max Martin, Savan Kotecha, Nicky Byrne, and Wayne Wilkins. Clikthrough’s technology lets you “clik” on anything you see: products, people, places, and more. Once you click on a “hotspot” you will see information about the product to the… Read More

  • Former Googler Sanjeev Agrawal To Lead Just-Funded Mobile Search Startup Aloqa

    Today’s a big day for Aloqa, a fledgling mobile search and information services company headquartered in Palo Alto, California. The startup will be announcing at Venturebeat’s MobileBeat 2009 conference that they have just raised $1.5 million in Series A funding from multiple angel investors and VC firm Wellington Partners. Aloqa will seize the opportunity to present its… Read More

  • PlaySpan Launches Virtual Goods Marketplace On Facebook And MySpace

    Micro-payments across the gaming world is gaining serious traction, especially on social networks. PlaySpan, which powers micro-payments across over 1,000 video games and virtual worlds, is launching marketplace storefronts for Facebook and MySpace (which will be rolled out soon). The marketplace will which let users purchase online game items, virtual goods, and game currencies for online… Read More

  • Chrome For Mac Starting To Look Polished

    No, it’s not ready yet. But it does at least look like the Mac release of Chrome is getting ready for prime time. Now, let me be clear: I am not testing out that rather bogus “Developer Release” of Chrome that Google announced to placate users last month, I’m testing out the daily builds of Chromium, which you can find for the Mac here. How different are they? Well, in… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Club Bill Edition

    The Microsoft Store is real, first locations to open this fall
    iFM Radio Browser from Griffin Technology
    From the “because you can” department: iPhone server farms Read More

  • Cooliris Business Model Surfaces: More Advertising We Actually Like

    We don’t talk about Cooliris nearly often enough. The Palo Alto-based company has done a fantastic job in pushing the limits of interactive photo and video browsing with its 3D Wall, a plug-in for Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox that enables users to enjoy viewing their photos on Flickr or Facebook and their YouTube videos in a rich setting that drips of coolness. If you… Read More

  • Flash accessory mega-kit from Brando

    The last thing I hocked for Brando was a 70-LED video light, and I still recommend it. But it looks like they’re hot for budget photography gear, since now they’ve got this big flash accessory kit for $88 that includes pretty much everything you’d want to stick on that Speedlite. Diffusers, colored filters, honeycombs, everything. Very fancy. It’s not something for… Read More

  • The Innocase Surface Palm Pre case works with the Touchstone

    One of the common downsides when using any sort of handset case or skin is that you often lose compatibility with accessories. Case in point is the Palm Pre and the Touchstone which requires a special phone back to work with the inductive charger. Good news, Pre owners. Seideo has the answer and it’s called the Innocase Surface. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Pre-order Red Faction: Guerilla at GamersGate, get Red Faction 1 and 2 free

    What a nice, long headline! It’s true, though. Red Faction: Guerilla just got dated and it’s coming out September 15. If you’re sure you want to get it, I’d pre-order over at GamersGate, where you’ll get the awesome first game and mediocre second game for free. Why not? Don’t tell me you don’t deserve it. Besides, $40 is as cheap as you’re going… Read More

  • MySpace CEO: "Our users don’t know if we’re a social portal, a music site, or an entertainment hub"

    One thing that’s great about MySpace CEO Owen Van Natta – his emails to employees always have at least one good sound bite. In June the zinger was his reference to laid off employees as “bloat.” This time, he’s saying it like it is, again: “Our users don’t know if we’re a social portal, a music site, or an entertainment hub.” Neither do we. Read More

  • THQ finally dates Red Faction: Guerilla for the PC

    PC gamers take notice for THQ has finally announced the launch date for Guerilla. Unfortunately, the rest of the world will get it on September 11 while NA will see it on September 15. THQ also released the minimum specs required to run the hammer wielding shooter. Read More

  • Apple: "Quit running those Laptop Hunters ads." Microsoft: (Maniacal laughter)

    Well, it’s a big day for Microsoft! Their first official retail stores are dated and partially located, Gates mentions that Project Natal is coming to Windows, and now it appears that Apple has cried uncle with the Laptop Hunters ads. Actually, it probably depends on who you ask. Microsoft will say that its shopping farces were effective, not just on consumers but on the competition as well. Read More

  • Brand keyboard uses logos for letters, should be subsidized

    While this keyboard would be pretty hard for any hunt-and-peck typist to use, it really is a great way of showing the power of some brands. The speed at which your mind can connect the lips logo with the Rolling Stones and R, or the swoosh with Nike and N is pretty striking. Lacoste took me a second, along with a couple others, but by and large these logos are pretty much adequate replacements… Read More

  • Review: Logitech G35 7.1 surround-sound headphones

    The short version: if you have the money to spare, these headphones are the only thing you need for your gaming and media PC. Logitech’s newest G-series lineup is impressive, but I noted when it was announced that unless you’ve got serious cashflow, you really need to look elsewhere. The most unabashedly luxurious option was the G19 keyboard with its built-in LCD screen, but I… Read More

  • Swish And Flick: Magic Wars Turns Your iPhone Into A Virtual Wand

    With the latest Harry Potter film already setting box office records, there’s no doubt we’re about to see a big surge in the public’s interest in witchcraft and wizardry. Unfortunately, Harry Potter fans will find a limited selection of wizard-centric apps the App Store: there’s currently only one official app available, and it’s mostly a promotional vehicle for… Read More

  • Personforce Launches Mobile Jobs Platform To Develop Job Search Applications

    <img src="http://tctechcrunch.files.wordpress.com/2009/07/jobs-app-1-134×200.jpg&quot; class="shot2 Tech jobs site Dice.com has recently released data that indicates that tech jobs are still largely unavailable. Dice reported that its available technology jobs totaled 48,993 in June, which is down 43.7% year over year. And unemployment numbers have hit record highs. As… Read More

  • Review: BenQ Joybee GP1 projector [Update]

    Short Version: When it comes to “pocket projectors” the BenQ Joybee GP1 is a smidge to hefty to put into your back pocket, but it’s a full-fledged DLP projector powered by LEDs and has a built-in USB reader. A native resolution of 858×600 (SVGA), 100 ANSI Lumens and a 2000:1 contrast ratio make the 1.4lb projector well worth the $500 price tag. I can now play my Xbox… Read More

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