• Daily Crunch: Fusion Dance Edition

    Test Drive: 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid
    Giveaway: Sound off in the comments, win some great roadtrip gear
    Contest: Guess our bathroom stops, win a bunch of road trip gear including a Nokia N96 Read More

  • Boxee Continues To Innovate With API And New Alpha Version For Mac, Apple TV

    Free entertainment hub Boxee keeps on getting better and better. A couple of hours ago, the venture-backed startup released a full API that allows developers to build applications for the open-source platform using a set of API calls in Python and writing the GUI using XML. At the same time, the company is laying the groundwork for a richer App Box, which it refers to as an open application… Read More

  • Updated Zune hardware confirmed

    Image courtesy of this Zunited There be new Zune hardware coming this year, folks. At least that’s what Brian Seitz from the Zune team said on his ole Tweeter. @tmccurren new zune hardware this year. Read More

  • Review: Tritton AX Pro gaming headset

    Short Version: Tritton’s AX Pro headset makes gaming exponentially more immersive. At $160, you get eight-speaker Dolby Digital surround, which makes the AX Pro a good choice for gamers who want to step up to a serious headset without breaking the bank. Read More

  • How do NVIDIA and AMD's latest graphics cards stack up vs. each other?

    The eternal quandary for system builders has been much less quandarious (to coin a term) for the last year or so. Intel processor, AMD video card — anything else would be uncivilized. AMD’s 48xx series has been the only choice for a while, but the latest products from AMD and NVIDIA are a little less starkly separated. For around $250 (the mid-high sweet spot), the 4890 and GTX… Read More

  • Enterprise Communications Software Socialcast Secures $1.4 million in Series A Funding

    Socialcast, a social communication SaaS provider for enterprises, has secured $1.4 million in Series A funding from True Ventures and angel investors. True Ventures led the round with $1 million and angel investors contributed $400,000. Socialcast was a finalist for the 2009 Crunchies Award for “Best Bootstrapped Startup.” Om Malik, the founder of tech blogging network GigaOm… Read More

  • Test Drive: Volkswagen CC

    I’ve always been a tad averse to Volkswagens since my days in HS. For some reason, I always associated a VW with a girl’s car. Perhaps the flower holder in the Beetle was a bit much, VW. I simply could not be associated with any brand that touted a flower holder as a feature. Heh. I would have given my right arm for a mint Scirocco, but all the ones I could find were in disarray… Read More

  • HP's sleek Dv2 notebook now available

    We told you it was coming, and put our hands on it at CES, and now HP has released the Pavilion Dv2. Hitting that potential sweet spot between the netbook and normal high end laptops, this HP appears to have quite a bit going for it. Read More

  • When Startups monetize! Babbel switches on paid courses

    Babbel – the language learning site emanating from Germany – releases it’s first premium product tomorrow. It’s the first sign of their business model and begins their monetization. I’m told the objective is to establish a “freemium” model with a free basic version and payed premium products on top. So far the site has around 250,000 registered users… Read More

  • Adgregate Markets Scores Distribution Deal With Google's DoubleClick

    Adgregate Markets, a TechCrunch 50 startup, has signed a distribution deal with Google’s DoubleClick. Adgregate’s ShopAds allow consumers to browse, interact, and ultimately purchase directly within an ad unit. Normal display ads take users away from a publisher’s site and brings them to a third-party store but Adgregate lets users buy products featured in ads without moving… Read More

  • Computers to read your blog aloud, with emotion, in Japan

    I’m not sure how many people are going to take up any sort of serious blogging (you know, like us serious bloggers do) from their phone. Can you see yourself dictating a full-sized blog post while walking down the street? And do you trust a voice recognition computer to transcribe it correctly? Well, even if you do (and buddy, I sure don’t), do you trust it to interpret your… Read More

  • The Good Old Days Are Back: Twitter Succumbs To A Day Of Glitches

    After a day of missing avatars, lost Tweets, and vanishing DMs, Twitter is down for the count (at least for the next 30 minutes or so). The site has posted its ‘unscheduled maintenance’ image, featuring some frozen yogurt and a caterpillar in lieu of the infamous Fail Whale (which now seems to be reserved for temporary glitches). And the status blog now says that the site will… Read More

  • FriendFeed Is In Danger Of Becoming The Coolest App No One Uses

    FriendFeed is a wonderful application that allows users to track what their friends are doing online. Photos, videos, blog posts and anything else that’s published online with a RSS feed can be brought into the service and viewed by anyone who wants to subscribe to you. And the FriendFeed team is continuously innovating and creating new features. All in all, it’s a service that… Read More

  • The Growing Complexity Of Facebook Is Confusing Your Mom

    Facebook has a thing for moms. The last two times I’ve attended a Facebook event – both the unveiling of its redesign and its announcement of Connect on the iPhone – Facebook employees emphasized how excited they were about the fact that their mothers had recently joined the social network. The milestone is a symbolic one, indicating that Facebook is expanding beyond… Read More

  • Sportingo folds its hand to get acquired by TixDaq

    Rumours had started swirling that Sportingo – the user-generated sports site which is part of a network of two others – was in trouble about a month ago. But nothing much surfaced until today’s announcement that it has now been acquired by TixDaq, a ticket price comparison site. The sale price was is undisclosed, but I doubt it was very high. Sportingo and sister sites… Read More

  • New Samsung displays practically eliminate the bezel

    I can’t be the only one who thinks this is totally awesome. With a multi-monitor setup, the bezel is the biggest obstacle to feeling your desktop is one long, continuous space. And on TVs, it’s often the least aesthetically pleasing part of the TV: a logo, buttons, a weird color that draws attention away from the image. Samsung’s new displays all but remove the bezel, and… Read More

  • How much is that RAM in the window?

    ExtremeTech, using an advanced scientific method called “math”, has reduced the price of RAM down to the cost-per-megabyte level, revealing some interesting information. According to their crack squad of investigators, “DDR3-1600 kits triple channel kits offer a lower cost-per-gigabyte than dual-channel kits.” But wait before you rush off to stuff triple channel kits… Read More

  • Behind The A.P.'s Plan To Become The Web's News Cop

    With its news syndication business under direct attack by the growing abundance of other news sources on the Internet, the Associated Press announced today that it will begin to police the Web and “develop a system to track content distributed online to determine if it is being legally used.” The A.P., it appears, wants to become the RIAA of the flailing newspaper… Read More

  • Motorola still working on Moto MOVR

    Motorola has been talking about making a USB device capable of moving your video and other media via WiFI and bluetooth since last year, and they are continuing to talk about it. They aren’t talking about when it will be released or how much it will cost, but they are talking about what it’ll do. Read More

  • Super cheap fisheye camera

    There seems to be a group of photographers out there that enjoy using something other then the most advanced DSLR or large format camera. And by other, I mean almost the complete opposite. These are the kind of people who buy the cheapest cameras they can find, just to see what kind of images they can create. The Demekin pocket fisheye camera is designed for them. Read More

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