• Zazzle Launches Custom Embroidered Clothing: Who Knew Stitching Could Be This Cool?

    Zazzle, the site that lets you custom-design and sell everything from T-shirts and hoodies to sneakers and skateboards, has launched a new feature that may well put it leagues ahead of its competitors: embroidery. And while the prospect of having an embroidered shirt may not sound appealing at first (I’ve always associated embroidery with tacky nametags emblazoned on polo shirts)… Read More

  • Samsung showcases 63-inch plasma display with 4,096 x 2,160 pixels

    Samsung is currently exhibiting a 63-inch plasma display with a resolution of 4,096×2,160 pixels, with each pixel measuring just 0.339×0.363mm. The device is being showcased at the FPD International 2008 show in Tokyo. Read More

  • AT&T plays nice, gives BlackBerry users free Wi-Fi, too

    After months of giving and taking back free Wi-Fi to iPhone users, AT&T announced that all BlackBerry users will be privy to the “nation’s largest Wi-Fi network” if you have an unlimited data plan. Other Wi-Fi-enabled devices will receive the same treatment in the future. Free Wi-Fi is also being offered to those with AT&T small business broadband plans, AT&T… Read More

  • Mobile Dead goes live for BlackBerry in NYC

    Its been a few months since we last mentioned Mobile Dead, but this zombie-blastin’ “Mobile Multiplayer Trans-Reality” (MMTR) game has now gone live in New York City. Like other MMTR games, you’re wandering the streets of your own city rather than some made up fantasy land. Your character and other in game objects are superimposed onto a map of your area, with your… Read More

  • FireWire 800 now part of Western Digital My Passport Studio portable hard drive

    That Apple eliminated FireWire 400 from the MacBook Pro wasn’t lost on Western Digital, which just original story titlereleased a FireWire 800 version of the My Passport Studio portable hard drive. The HDD, which tops out at 500GB, is designed for mobile professionals—photographers and videographers—who need to carry large files with them. It weighs less than seven ounces… Read More

  • KillerStartups Gets A Killer Deal On Startups.com

    In a downturn, cash is king. KillerStartups, a blog that covers killer startups (and any other startup that issues a press release, actually) has acquired the domain Startups.com for “mid six figures” in cash, CEO Gonzalo Arzuaga tells me. So let’s call it $500,000. That is within reason for a primo domain name. After all, Business.com was built into a business that sold… Read More

  • Japanese iPhone gets official digital TV WiFi tuner/battery extender

    Softbank Mobile today announced the release of a One-Seg digital TV tuner for the iPhone [JP] for the middle of December. One-Seg is a digital TV system only available in Japan and Brazil and usually stands for great picture and sound quality. The device makes it possible to watch digital TV via WiFi by converting TV signals into IP-based data. Buyers can use the TV tuner (weight: 80… Read More

  • Princess Leia pumpkin idea for last-minute carvers

    Looking for a last-minute pumpkin carving idea? Curbly has a good Princess Leia jack-o-lantern design that doesn’t look all that difficult to pull off. The famous hair buns are actually two mini pumpkins that can be held in place with toothpicks or, if you’re feeling ambitious, two 3-inch pieces of quarter-inch doweling and some pretty straightforward cranial drilling. Slap on… Read More

  • 40-inch OLED biggest possible and not for sale, says Samsung

    Samsung is showing-off a 40-inch OLED screen and a new report indicates that the set is the biggest possible size with current production techniques. Because of this limitation, the set cannot be mass produced and therefore the 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio capable set is not going to be for sale anytime soon.  “Our low temperature poly-Si TFT mass-production line cannot make panels… Read More

  • Video: Election divides Azeroth along faction lines

    Pay close attention to this video, citizens of Azeroth! It shows just how divisive this presidential campaign has been: Human against Dwarf, Tauren against Orc. It’s madness. And this, in a time when all of us should be focused on eliminating the Scourge. But seriously, folks, it’s a fun video that will definitely be appreciated by World of Warcraft fans. That McCain has a stamina… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Refurbished MacBook Air for $1,349

    Once thought to be wildly overpriced (by me, anyway), the MacBook Air almost seems like an okay deal at $1,349. It’s refurbished, yes, so you’ll have to decide if that’s a big deal to you or not. It still has a one year warranty and you can extend it if you like. The $1,349 version is the one with the 1.6GHz Core 2 Duo CPU, 2GB of RAM, and the 80GB hard drive. The 1.8GHz… Read More

  • Tweet the Vote. No, Digg The Vote. No, YouTube the Vote. Oh, . . . Just Vote.

    If you think there is too much noise about the U.S. election now, wait until next week. On Election Day, not only will every media outlet be covering the vote, but so will voters themselves who will have ample opportunity to Tweet, Digg, video, and IM the vote. Most of these “reports” will probably consist of people telling the world that “I’m voting!” or who… Read More

  • Report: The Beatles songs heading to Rock Band

    The Beatles have licensed their songs to MTV Games, meaning we’ll all be doing our best mop-top impression in Rock Band soon enough. The deal, which the Wall Street Journal says will be announced officially later today, marks the first time the Beatles have licensed their music to any online entity. It’s not all wine and roses for MTV and Harmonix, though. The key Beatles demo… Read More

  • BTW: Apple highlights MobileMe updates/improvements that came in September

    In a charming display of hindsight, Apple has described the improvements and updates to MobileMe that rolled out in September 2008. The improvements were mostly tweaks (“Provides a ‘loading’ graphic to indicate that messages are still being loaded instead of a blank page”) although some were potential showstoppers (“Resolves an issue where attempting to add… Read More

  • Burned Out: Obama spent $44K on video game ads this month

    There’s only five days till this insufferable election ends, and one of the more interesting stories as far as we’re concerned (“we” being the tech community) was that “Obama buying Burnout ads” from a few weeks ago. Some people freaked out, others were all, “What’s the big deal? Just drive past the ads,” and others were like… Read More

  • HP's Compaq Mini 700 announced for UK market

    The HP MIni 1000 launched here in the States yesterday, and the Compaq division quietly announced a nearly identical re-branded netbook for the UK market. The Compaq MIni 700 has the same 1.6GHz Intel Atom CPU, along with the same HDD and SDD options, but ships with a 10.2 1,024 x 600 (16:10) display, optional HSDPA radio, and a £299 price. That price happens to be £100 less than the HPs… Read More

  • Xbox 360 Netflix requires HDCP

    HD Netflix streaming just dropped on the Xbox 360 and while the reviews have so far been stellar, a little issue just appeared in the form of copy protection. It seems in order to stream the HD videos, the Xbox 360 must be connected to a HDCP-compatible display, therefore alienating most owners using DVI-equipped screens. The situation doesn’t come as much as a surprise though now… Read More

  • UK Campaign Against Game Piracy Targets Non-Gamers

    The BBC is reporting that a UK campaign aimed to crack down on gaming piracy is targetting completely innocent people. Citing a story in Which? Computing magazine, the BBC reports that Atari had accused an elderly couple from Scotland, Gill and Ken Murdoch, who disputed the claim saying they had never played a video game in their lives. The accusations were apparently based on an analysis of… Read More

  • Google Knol Opens In French, German and Italian (Update: And More)

    Google Knol, which we’ve likened to a monetizable Wikipedia upon launch, has quietly released three international versions today, enabling French, German and Italian speaking experts (or people who like to think they are experts) to contribute so-called ‘units of knowledge’ to the site. The success of Google Knol has been less than stellar (traffic is stagnating). To be… Read More

  • Is Owen Van Natta The New CEO Of Project Playlist? And Further Rumors.

    Project Playlist sure is on our radar lately. The service, which lets users search for music on the web and build embeddable playlists, has 9.3 million unique monthly visitors and a whopping 822 million monthly page views according to Comscore. But the company has been acting very strangely. First, the service has been down since at least Monday along with the message “We are doing… Read More

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