• Box art for Halo Wars revealed, in case anyone cares

    Check out other Halo Wars coverage here. Image courtesy of the Gamerscoreblog. Read More

  • Nikon D90 official stats, pics from all angles

    Yes, you’re probably tired of hearing about the D90, what with post after post after post, all by me. And I’m not even a Nikon guy! It’s not our fault the info has been leaking out in fun-size pieces rather than the whole kit and kaboodle. At any rate, this is the last D90 post until — ah, who am I kidding. We’ll probably have another one tonight. Pics from… Read More

  • (Robot) BEAR to the rescue

    This is where it all began. Remember that. When the robot overlords are eating our children and grinding the rest of us into slurry, it will be all because of how robots are treated in the next century. This is nothing new; we all know it is coming. Humans build robots, robots take over, children get eaten. Hell, it’s even in the bible. Look it up. At the recent Taipei International… Read More

  • Tongue Drive System in development; yes, it's SFW

    Control systems for wheelchairs have to accommodate a wide variety of disabilities and capabilities; some people can use a joystick, others are restricted to blowing in a tube in different ways to signify left, right, accelerate, and so on. But one part of the body that is almost always fully intact and functioning is the tongue. Because motor control of the tongue is done through cranial and… Read More

  • VIZIO named the U.S. fastest growing computer and electronic company

    Someone is buying VIZIO HDTVs. They might be mid-tier products. but their generally great prices probably helped rocket the flat-panel maker to the top of Inc. 5000 list. The company reached the peak by having the greatest revenue per employee, with a whopping $1.9 billion total in ’07. VIZIO was also noted #4 for Gross Dollars of Growth and #9 for total revenue.  While I would never… Read More

  • Into the Future With Philips: First Stop, Your Living Room

    Our roving cub reporter Scott Merrill is live in Amsterdam at the Philips Research labs. His first report is on the HomeLab. Watch CrunchGear for the Surface-like Shop Lab interface. The HomeLab at the Philips research center is a model home built to test and monitor real-world response to prototype technology. Thirty cameras and microphones record subjects as they use and interact with… Read More

  • NVISION08: Mirror's Edge for PC hands-on

    I snuck onto the floor at NVISION08 a bit before the doors opened and, while most people were still setting up and not looking to talk, the folks from EA/Dice had just finished setting up the booth for PC version of Mirror’s Edge. Having watched a number of demo videos and developer walk through for Mirror’s Edge, I had always wondered how well the controls would work mapped out… Read More

  • Micro tape gun for tiny eBay'rs

    Selling a lot of small items via the 1998 internet sensation eBay? How about ditching that full-size tape gun and spend $2 bucks for this little guy. It uses Scotch tape refills but works the same way as its monstrous brethren. Still, sending a small box via UPS taped up with just masking tape might not be the best shipping technique. Anyways, the Micro Tape Gun is $2 and available at… Read More

  • NVISION08: Tricia Helfer talks Battlestar Galactica movie

    Anybody sittin’ on their edge of their seats for the very-recently confirmed Battlestar Galactica prequel just had a few more weeks tacked on to their wait. During the NVISION08 Conference keynote here in San Jose, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang welcomed ol’ Number Six (Tricia Helfer) on stage, and she let slip a bit of bad news. After showing off various visual trickery used in the… Read More

  • Heads up; ESPN U HD launches this week

    Announced last year, ESPN U’s inaugural high-def broadcast is this Thursday with a Vanderbilt and Miami of Ohio football game. Now of course your availability depends on your carrier but hopefully fans will have the channel by the 7:30 start. This station marks ESPN’s fourth high-def channel launching after ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNNews. HD owners have came to expect high-def… Read More

  • 4 Years Later, Google Suggest Finally Goes Primetime

    Over the next week, Google will finally be implementing Google Suggest, its auto-complete for searches, on its homepage at Google.com. The service allows users to see the most commonly searched phrases after entering only a few letters, helping users cut back on typing time and check for spelling errors. If you’d like to try the service out now (it isn’t currently activated… Read More

  • IFA preview: iriver P20 media player

    IFA is quickly coming up and in standard trade show fashion, some gadgets leak out early. The iriver P20 first made headlines during CES ’08 and that was only a prototype. We’re hoping for some real hands-on action once the PMP launches in Germany. Thankfully, iriver has kept the 4.1-inch touchscreen and is still capable of doing the whole music, DMB TV, Flash games, and video… Read More

  • Hands on with the Peak Guitar Hero guitar

    We talked about the Peak controller last month and now it’s making the rounds. We were lucky enough to get a thorough hands on and I’m happy to report that if you don’t like strum games like Guitar Hero the Peak could help you change your mind. The guitar is styled on a full-sized electric with wooden neck and a nice strap. There are higher and lower buttons along with a… Read More

  • Best of Games Convention winners announced

    Still bummed that I wasn’t able to attend GC this year since a handful of games that weren’t available for viewing at E3 were being showcased at GC, but you can’t win em all. Read More

  • When NASA explodes, people listen

    Poor NASA. They never get any play until they blow something up. Last week they did it again. On Friday safety officials said a suborbital rocket had to be destroyed because it deviated from its flight path. There were a couple of experiments on board that will have to wait for another day. NASA said: The Alliant Techsystems rocket was carrying two NASA hypersonic experiments. The… Read More

  • Lexar bumps capacity of JumpDrive Secure II Plus up to 16GB

    Last week, Lexar updated the tiny Firefly flash drive to 16GB and today the outfit announced the Secure II Plus line availability too. This model forgoes the diminutive size in favor of a 256-bit AES encryption and an external capacity meter. Either way you go, tiny size or government-level security, the two 16 GB options sport the same MSRP: $99.  via PR Read More

  • Kmart ad gives Xbox 360 price cut rumor some legs

    If last week’s RadioShack ad wasn’t convincing enough then maybe this purported Kmart ad will make a believer out of you. Another price cut is imminent, folks, and it couldn’t come at a better time. It’s almost gift giving time! via Joystiq Read More

  • The Fake Follow Becomes A Reality With FriendFeed's New Design

    FriendFeed, the popular social activity aggregator, has written a blog post announcing a new redesign of the site that is currently in public beta. You can check out the site at http://beta.friendfeed.com/. Among the highlights of the new design are Friend Lists, which allow users to separate their friends into discrete groups (much as they would in Facebook’s list feature). Users can… Read More

  • ABC World News, Nightline, 20/20, & Primetime going high-def

    About damn time. ABC is the last major network to make the HD jump but the network is using the Democratic National Convention to premier their nightly news in high definition. Both ABC World News, as well as Nightline, premiers tonight in 720p high definition. Following the DNC, and the Republican Convention after that, World News is going to return to the NY studio which they will, of… Read More

  • Sony's new earbuds are ergonomically Cinnabon-shaped

    I guess Sony got enough complaints about its earbuds that they actually decided to address the design decision at the root of them, namely that the fundamental shape of the earpiece was incompatible with the human ear. The new MDR-EX500SL is designed with a UFO-ish style, almost like a cinnamon roll — a Sonybon, if you will — and is meant to accommodate the folds of the pinna… Read More

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