• Intacct Innovates Boring Accounting Using The SaaS Paradigm

    Intacct just launched the Winter 2009 edition of their SaaS based financial accounting system. Major highlights include a Global Consolidations product for real-time financial reports across international boundaries, integration with QuickArrow for managing professional services teams, and a plethora of partnerships with other SaaS providers. In some ways, this isn’t big news–just… Read More

  • Single multi-touch: Why swipe when you can wax on?

    Since Apple is now defending its multi-touch patents with the ferocity of an enraged mother mongoose, developers have one more reason to pursue non-multi-touch solutions for touchable user interfaces. It was always a good idea, since not every touchscreen is capable of, or good at multi-touch (G1 anyone?), and seeing single-input touchscreens get the kind of intuitive interfaces they deserve… Read More

  • Dear Hollywood, please don't make another Tomb Raider movie

    It has come to our attention that creatively bankrupt Hollywood has decided to make another Tomb Raider movie. All of us here at CrunchGear—we stay crunchy, even in milk—think this is just another example of Hollywood admitting that, not only has it run out of ideas, but that it has no problem tarnishing the image of its forebears. (See the upcoming Pink Panther 2 the most… Read More

  • Can Viral Videos Be Repeated?

    The nature of viral videos is that they are usually quirky and come out of nowhere. They somehow capture the zeitgeist of the Web and often involve dancing. But can the success of a viral video be repeated with a sequel? After all, these often don’t have brand-name stars or big marketing budgets. The conventional wisdom is that they are one-shot wonders. However, if a video gets… Read More

  • Islam is the Light: The video game

    Mattel has been accused, again, of supporting Islam in their games and toys. The company stuck some baby gibberish into a doll and a Nintendo DS game that ends with something that sounds like “Islam is the light.” Read More

  • CrunchGear Live Podcast

    We talk about the “cell phone camera noise” law, Linux, secondhand MP3 players full of secret military files, and useless features of point-and-shoot cameras. Plus, Stefan from Nokia calls in and discusses the demise of the N810 WiMAX Edition. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/CrunchGear/2009/01/28/CrunchGear-and-Friends Read More

  • First photos of the new OLPC 2.0 netbook

    Here we have the first image of the new OLPC netbook which may or may not actually ever come to market. Tariq Krim and Michael saw it at Davos today. Read More

  • DTV Transition extension bill DID NOT pass the House

    The House of Representatives shot down the bill that would extend the DTV Transition date to June 12. The bill needed two-thirds vote to pass and extend the date by nearly four months. So as it stands now, televisions stations will switch off their analog broadcasts on February 17, 2009 as originally planed and advertised which will potentially leave millions of procrastinators without television. Read More

  • CEO of NVIDIA talks netbooks

    In an interview with Laptop Magazine, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang talks about the current state of netbooks, his company’s new Ion platform, rumors about Intel’s supposed strong-arming of device manufacturers, and other netbook and MID platforms from AMD, VIA, along with the probability behind netbooks powered by NVIDIA’s own Tegra platform. Read More

  • What's this about a Sidekick LX 2009?

    Well, isn’t this a kick in the pants. As TmoNews was reporting earlier that a 3G Sidekick could be in the works, Ed over at Hiptop3 just sent this our way. One of his readers sent in an image from a survey he/she/it took at QuizPoints and, well, the title pretty much says it all. Of course, we’ll wait to get some more evidence to say a 3G Sidekick is coming, but it certainly… Read More

  • Uh Oh. Now You Can Suggest Stories To Techmeme Via Twitter

    There’s a “new way to get on Techmeme“. It’s called Twitter, have you heard of it? All you need to do is send a message on the micro-sharing service that begins with “Tip @Techmeme” or “Tip @TechmemeFH”. The website, which aggregates news stories from across the web and determines which ones are worth featuring on the site and also detects links… Read More

  • Vintage Paillard Bolex H8 camera gun on eBay

    Attention camera fanatics, ebay has a listing for you. The Paillard Bolex H8 Military Gun was apparently used by a Vietnam war reporter and survived. Wartime details about the equipment isn’t listed but just think of the history this camera might have recorded. The buyer gets a few more lens along the original documentation and a case too. But is it worth the $1,318 Buy It Now price? Read More

  • A glitch in the Matrix: Microsoft removes all mention of Mac

    Whoa. the Microsoft Mac page is gone. No mention of Office 2008 for Mac appears on Microsoft’s website. Interestingly, however, it does still appear on the UK version. Perhaps someone did an rm -rf mac* (or whatever the equivalent is under Windows)? Thanks, Jimmy! Read More

  • Review: iLife '09

    When we heard about iLife ’09 last month, Apple touted the Faces and Places features of the iPhone and image stabilization and precise editing in iMovie. How much does all of this pleasure cost? $79 or nothing if you get it with a new Mac. But is it worth the upgrade? The most prominent additions are Faces and Places. Places uses embedded GPS data to place your photos on a map and you… Read More

  • AOL axing 700 employees

    AOL will cut its work force by 10 percent today, laying off approximately 700 employees, as a result of the struggling economy and a decrease in advertising revenue, we’ve confirmed with the company. AOL has 7,000 employees worldwide. The cuts have been added to our Layoff Tracker. In a company wide memo (reproduced below), AOL CEO Randy Falco said the layoffs will be rolled out over… Read More

  • Yup, there's a new Final Fantasy XIII trailer all right

    Eh-kysa knybrelc! Oac, dra luihdtufh ec ujan yht [Square] ryc ibtydat dra uvveleym [Final Fantasy XIII] Fap ceda fedr y haf dnyeman. Yht ihmega syho secmaytehk jetau kysa dnyemanc draca tyoc, drec uha crufc yldiym kysabmyo. Read More

  • Behind the scenes of the 3D SoBe Super Bowl commercial

    You should know by now that there are going to be 3D Super Bowl Commercials. Right? Anyway, SoBe has produced a behind the scenes look at its commercial. Hopefully the real thing isn’t as craptacular as this clip; it probably will be though. Video after the break and remember, you’ve been warned. Read More

  • How not to waste money on this camera shell

    It’s tremendously snowy outside—not unlike that level in Donkey Kong Country. So the urge to go outside and snap, snap, snap away, taking photos of the lovely scenery, must be palpable. You might want to wrap your camera around in a plastic bag to protect it from the elements (that’s an old trick I learned in a class once), or, to look more middle class, slap this plastic… Read More

  • Motorola bringing QWERTY to its walkie-talkie phones with the i465

    Looks like Motorola will be pairing a keyboard with push-to-talk in the i465, due sometime this year. The immediacy of text messaging is great, yes, overshadowed only by the immediacy of instantly speaking to someone using a nationwide walkie-talkie, so this handset ought to cover all the need-to-talk-ASAP bases. Read More

  • BuzzGain Launches Do-It-Yourself PR Service To The Public

    BuzzGain, a new service that helps users manage their relationships and keep tabs on the public perception of their products, has launched in public beta. The service is meant to help small and medium sized companies analyze how their products are being discussed across the web and through social channels like Twitter, and can identify how online “influencers” are interacting. … Read More

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